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Friday, December 02, 2011

Saint Paul/ High property taxes has made the city a partner in home ownership..


Blogger Bob said...

This is bad news for renters. Landlords will be forced to raise rents to maintain a profit.

Another form of disparate impact. :)

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley, It's not that easy to pack your bags and move out of your home to escape this form of robbery by local governments. Just try selling your home to escape !!! Your trapped.

It would be cheaper to live in your vehicle on the street.

No rent, no taxes. Oh, so long as you keep your tabs current that's the only tax your paying other than a fuel tax.

Many community government's are raising taxes for schools because our immigration policies are allowing illegals to be educated here and are taxing to death the school system.

We need to look at cutting government funding for waste programs, smaller government, and making banks that own vacant properties start paying their share of the taxes. Currently, I think these banks are exempt from paying taxes on their properties that are not occupied and having to be cleaned up and mowed by the city right Chuck ?

Jeff Matiatos

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I expect camper sales to increase .
Back to the days of Herbert Hoover.
I think people should revolt and move out into their vehicles.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Except Bob, property values have dropped significantly in low and moderate income areas, resulting in lower property taxes.

Pull up some addresses of your friends rental properties and you will see that their taxes have gone down.

And, Jeff this is flat out planned and designed by the outstate Republicans that are taking our tax dollars to spend on services in outstate and suburban areas and leaving cities in the cold.

The above is from the Fargo Forum a good Republican newspaper in North Dakota talking about how the cities in Minnesota have been screwed by the GOP legislators that have wiped out LGA.

LGA was our tax dollars coming back to the cities to make them function... and the GOP has stripped it.


Chuck Repke

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck, it's just a passing the buck sort of thing blame game. Not every republican voted to strip cities of LGA and there were democrats that voted to cut funding.

If you want to talk about St.Paul specifically, it can be easy to point the finger and say that St.Paul has had plenty of money to work with in the past from government welfare and I ask you what did they do with it ? Never saved any for a rainy day and now cities are crying ? They spent LGA money as if they were addicts in a casino. People in general need to save for a rainy day so why shouldn't government ? Whenever the city and state raises your taxes for something it needs, and after the tax has been collected, how come the tax increase stays the same ?

I'll tell you why, because nobody in the legislature has ever really done anything to end it, it takes in more revenue then the tax was ever intended to and they spend spend and spend, then something bigger comes up and they want to raise your taxes again to the point that citizens cannot afford this vicious cycle of tax and spend and so city government has to get creative to raise money.

But destroying the very tax base that you depend on isn't doing any good, and running landlords out of the city is a big mistake. I mean PHA can only house so many poor and low income people. It's easier to control the poor and minority by having all of them in Public Housing ( a form of segregation ).

I say when you discriminatorily remove landlords, you create a signifigant tax base deficit not only through propery taxes, but income tax.

You have light rail coming in, and government around here thinks that when buisnesses are displaced that adding the light rail pays off in the long run ?

Many would argue against it.

St.Paul government under the last few administrations going back to Norm Coleman, have ruled this town with an Iron Fist the way it attacked the tax base with unfair and discriminatory housing code practices. It has made a sad mistake in the way it dealt with landlords and all because St.Paul city government in particular, decided that the way to make the city a more attractive place to be was to come down on the landord and cause displacement of low income and minorities through a discriminatory code enforcement program they started in 2000.

I could not argue with the city here when it displaces those who would are not law abiding and live like pigs. But that just takes me back to the landlords you and Eric say were in buisness just to make a profit off low income tenants.

I believe in the free enterprise system and why shouldn't the landlord make something ? He put's his own money into his property because it's his personal investment and then he get's screwed because a few tenants get out of line and trash the landlords property and when he try's to come down on them they screw him on rent and the landlord get's stuck with the bill in court and out of his pocket.

Landlords provide a service and the service is providing homes to poor people that is a cooperative partnership with the Federal Government and outside of PHA, these people might be homeless and that Chuck, could create even bigger problems for the city.

Jeff Matiatos

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor and lower income tenants are not the kinds of folks landlords can profit off Chuck. The rents landlords charge to lower income and poor tenants must be proportionate to their income or they wouldn't rent from them.

But you really put the squeeze on the landlord when the city comes in like some Blitzkrieg from Nazi Germany and shuts him down because he is having a bit of struggle trying to keep up with some of these tenants that would rent from him, then three months later, they start trashing the place.

PHA does have very strict housing standards and they do inspect each and every unit on an annual basis, and they have pest control for every unit twice a year as well as property managers that are constantly roaming the PHA communities checking on tenant cooperation in maintaining their lawns and doing community services.
But does PHA pay property taxes ?

Google this :

Landlords say housing authority stealing their renters

Jeff Matiatos

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here you will see which cities got how much governent welfare.

Jeff Matiatos

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Jeff, if you read the posts on that article, you will find that most of the posters there are positive about Public Housing and say what the city has been saying.
Slumlords are alive and not doing so well in St.Paul.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, the article says that PHA's are getting the cream of the crop of the lower income folks.
That landlords are stuck with the criminals and slobs.
If that is true, it's not hard to figure that landlords are getting an abundant amount of DSI and police oversight.
What would happen then if the landlord shut his doors and all of the sudden there was no place for the lower rung of thug type renters had no place to go ?

PHA would not take them and cities would be having to deal with them hanging around the outer stretches of the city and selling drugs and hanging around the Human Services Building.

Just drive the landlord into the ground and see what happens Chuck.

Jeff Matiatos

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

City Governments like the one in St.Paul live in a sort of utopia.

They want home ownership in the city for a property tax base and believe that someday, all homes will look and be owned by the same rich folks who own homes on Summit Avenue and in the Grand Avenue Neighborhood.

That's not reality. The Eastside has always been what it always was.

I think you can improve the neighborhood but you should not attempt to destroy the diversity and pride those citizens have by systematically pulling the rug out from underneath them.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Sharon 4Anderson said...

Thanks for posting, can't find Carrie Daklin in phone book in St.Paul would like to assist her in her research. Chuck your WRONG re: LGA was not a Forever Bailout for the Citys.

What with Cossetta's and Macy's Forgivable Loans, CitySt.Paul's Ponzi Taxing Shemes cannot continue.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only partnership St.Paul has is with PHA.

PHA is not paying taxes. Landlords are so what gives ?

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Mr. Coleman run for mayor in 2005, he gave very limited details of his budget plans. We are now seeing the results of his outrageous spending habits.

Back in 2005 Mr. Coleman was very quick to criticize Norm Coleman and Randy Kelly for their 0% increase in property tax budgets, but what Mr. Coleman forgets to tell the people was that he voted for these 0% tax increase budgets when he was on the city council.

Mr. Coleman and the city council knew LGA [state money] was going to level off [state legislation from 2003], but instead of keeping a handle on spending they spent like mad.

To make up for the difference in LGA and to coverup their increased spending they tried to raise their taxing authority in the middle of the night without public comment. Under the encouragement of Mr. Coleman and some senior members of the city council, they enlisted Sen. Mee Moua to introduce this taxing authority.

When this didn’t work Mr. Coleman tried to hijack the special legislative session (2008) after the 35W-bridge collapse. Instead of holding the line on spending they tried to use this horrible event to force an increase in LGA.

8:21 AM  

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