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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today, Monday, December 12, a committee of the Minneapolis City Council will hear an appeal by landlord Ron Folger of a proposal to revoke the rental licenses of 17 properties that he owned because the licenses on two of them have already been revoked. This will result in the forced eviction of numerous innocent tenants. (See Star Tribune “Whistleblower” column by Randy Furst, Sunday, Dec. 4, p. B2)
In a city whose police sometimes cannot control street crime, the Minneapolis city council has decided to hold landlords strictly accountable for drug possession in any of their properties. The landlords receive a warning letter from the police. License revocation occurs after three such letters have been issued. Then it becomes illegal to place tenants in the affected buildings. Although the inspections department is the agent of punishment, the infractions may have little to do with the condition of the building. Politics is the driving force. Read for a more detailed account of Ron Folger’s particular experience.
Ten years ago, Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee was instrumental in ousting Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton and Council President Jackie Cherryhomes by protesting the city’s inspections practices through a cable-television show and direct action. Several sign-carrying persons from this group will be joining Folger in tomorrow’s event as will a number of his tenants who stand to lose their housing just in time for Christmas.
An assortment of persons protesting the mass license revocations will attend the City Council hearing in room 317 of the Minneapolis City Hall starting at 1:30 p.m., Monday, December 12, 2011. If the committee members sustain the revocation, this group plans to visit the inspections offices at at 250 S. 4th Street and ask to speak with the Inspections supervisor, Janine Atchinson, who spearheaded this move against Folger. Then it plans to return to City Hall and demand to see the responsible City Council members as well as Mayor Rybak. Finally, the group may hold a rally near the Humphrey statue outside City Hall where speakers will denounce the city’s heartless inspections policies and perhaps set the stage for yet another change in administrations.

Bill McGaughey


Blogger Bob said...


Ron Folger 651-779-7751
Bill McGaughey 612-374-5916

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are drug's in Public Housing.
Are the Public Housing Agency's in Minneapolis and St.Paul also threatened with loss of the right to rent ?

I see a double standard here.

Jeff Matiatos

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would ask the court for an injunction against enforcement of any resolution by the council to enforce it's decision based in part on the fact that the council is arbitrarily
using it's powers to punish private landlords and not Public Housing.
peaceful protests and court action should be employed here.

Jeff Matiatos

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Bill Dahn said...

Thank You for your superior knowledge on these issues, I'm sure that the cities government don't appreciate you as we do here at >>> A Democracy.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill. I just hope that the City of Minneapolis overseeing this issue would wake up and smell the coffee on this because a mans way of making a living and the tenants that would be expelled are at risk.
Is this going to cost the tax payers of Minneapolis thousands of dollars in a legal fight in the midsts of great budget deficits ?

Jeff Matiatos

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Folger_MplsCouncil__90DayAppeal said...

Folger now has 90 days to appeal Good Luck

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Johnson_Republican Barden said...

You persons do not check out who your dealing with. ie: Jeff Johnson Pres. Mpls Council Lawyer and former Campaign Manager for Barden 4 AG

2:06 AM  

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