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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lakeville/ Violating the Fourth Amendment

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Blogger Bob said...

Lakeville police surprise sleeping man with 3 a.m. reminder to lock his doors
Lakeville police surprise sleeping dad with 3 a.m. reminder to lock his doors
By Maricella Miranda
Article Launched: 06/20/2008 12:01:00 AM CDT

Troy Molde awoke at 3 a.m. Thursday to police flashlights shining in his face. Two uniformed Lakeville officers were in his bedroom, knocking on the wall to wake him up.

They were there, they said, to warn him to keep his doors closed and locked.

Their surprise visit was part of a public service campaign. Officers had fanned out across the city, leaving notices on doors to remind residents how to prevent thefts by keeping garage doors closed, not leaving valuables in cars and locking windows or doors.

But at Molde's house, they went further.

His two sons, ages 5 and 7, and 5-year-old twin nephews were having a sleepover in the living room. They awoke to find the officers in the house.

"I was violated, but ... I wasn't physically damaged," Molde said of what he considers an invasion of privacy.

The officers told Molde his garage door was open, the TV was on, keys to his truck were left in the ignition and the door to his house was ajar.

Police said the intrusion was justified because the officers' initial door knocks went unanswered. Police went inside to check if anything was wrong, Sgt. Jim Puncochar said.

He said the kids were afraid to wake their dad, so the officers went upstairs.

"It really was suspicious," Puncochar said.

But Molde, 34, said he went upstairs to bed at midnight. Molde didn't shut the garage door, and he remembers leaving the doors to his house closed — but unlocked. The kids fell asleep watching TV.

Three hours later, he had police in his bedroom. He immediately thought something was wrong.
"I was just dazed," said the 34-year-old dad. "It's not a safe way of (police) protection."

Puncochar said officers left pamphlets Thursday at eight other houses as a friendly reminder of ways residents can avoid becoming victims of crimes, such as burglary.

"We went there to determine that everyone was safe," Puncochar said.

Officers also leave the messages when checking on a home security alarm or to warn of a law violation they see at the residence. The department began using door hangers a year ago to tackle a rise in burglaries in 2006, Chief Tom Vonhof said at the time.

Police say many crimes originate with open garage doors.

Last month, a 52-year-old Burnsville man was stabbed and left to die in his burning town house after two assailants entered his home at 4:30 a.m. by way of an open garage door.

The suspects, who stole the man's car to escape, entered the garage and home through unlocked doors. Police have not found the assailants.

Leaving a door hanger for residents is a method used by other police departments nationally, Vonhof said. It can help create a police presence.

Lakeville police gave Molde a reminder he won't forget anytime soon.

"I haven't figured out what I should do with it yet," Molde said.

Maricella Miranda can be reached at 651-228-5421.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

more on this story

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This doesn't suprise me a bit. Government just makes up whatever BS they have to after the fact so they can cover their ass. I'm so sick of lying and corrupt Goevernments I could just scream.

11:01 PM  
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ricomen, Bob Johnson Nancy and Jeff Maitios are the only ones with balls that I've seen.

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They were way out of line, and I agree that many times law enforcement piss on the Fourth Amendment in order to enforce or protect. It sticks, its bullshit and I've been speaking out against it since the phony war on drugs and the bs laws that allows cops to act act on suspicion to search your vehicle after pulling you over for something else.

This has led to the President of the United States signing orders which directly violate our Constitutional rights yet, we're ok with all of it because we're promised safety- which we haven't been getting either.

Its not about balls but about people not knowing their rights or respecting the importance of protecting them- even if it doesn't immediately affect them.


8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric 8:18 AM

Thank You Eric.
Sometimes we get walked on by not knowing the constitution, but you just said

people not knowing their rights or respecting the importance of protecting them- even if it doesn't immediately affect them.

That is right, but if they were the one getting brow beaten, it would be different.
Bill Dahn

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am with you kind of but...

There is a bit of in for a penny in for a pound as to what happened with the cops.

They are out there putting notes on doors of people's houses to remind them to close their garage doors to reduce thefts. Nothing wrong there correct? Right? Nothing wrong with a public safety campaign to reduce crime by getting people to close their garage doors?

So, they see this garage wide open and head up the drive way towards the door to post the note on the door and as they walk up they see the keys are in the truck. OK, now what do they do? They are out there on a reduce crime campaign and they see a garage wide open and as the walk up the driveway they see the keys in the truck... they decide the responsible thing to do is to knock on the door. Are you still with me? Wouldn't you want your paper boy to knock on the door if he saw your keys in the truck so it didn't get stolen? So, don't you think the cops think they should knock on the door to tell you?

So, they knock on the door and they notice it is open (or it comes open when they knock, or they try it... we will never know). Anyway, they get their head in the door, wake the kids in the process, but the kids won't get the parent. Now, they are fucked. They got themselves in there and the kids are scared and they don't think they can leave, so they go upstairs and wake up the owner.

I don't know, some people would have been happy that they told them about the car, some people would sue. Six of one half a dozen of the other. Hard to compare this with the loss of civil liberties coming from the Bush administration.


Chuck Repke

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


They could have backed off of the property, called into the station and had dispatch or whomever sits at the phone call the house to inform the owner of what they saw AND that the cops are in the front if there is need for help.

It would have taken less time for them to do that than it did for me to type this.

They should have NEVER entered the property like that, its not even procedural.


11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, I agree. I just don't know that if falls into the catagory of violating the Fourth Amendment, search and seasure and/or entering without a warrent.

They may very well be trespassing, but it is hard to see where they were entering without a warrent since they weren't there to arrest him or to search the house.

They made the determination that "keys in the truck" was more like a fire than anything else and went into the house to assist him in securing his truck that "could be stolen."

It was dumb and there were better ways to handle it (how about putting one of those tire boots on so it couldn't be driven and wait for him to call you?) but hard to see where you can say that they were violating the 4th amendment when no judge would have given them a warrent because they weren't there for him or to search his house.


Chuck Repke

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The city of St.Paul code inspectors enter tenants and landlords housing all the time in the name of saftey. And if they don't allow a inside inspection they threaten with condemnation or the revocation of your C of O.

Chuck ask your buddy Thune how many search warrents code enforcement has gotten in the last 8 years.Betcha 0! And you be fools to think all inside inspections were allowed without threats.

Same thing folks.The government has been violating or rights for sometime now. Government is not the solution, Government is the problem. We need less!

Tim Ciani

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck the police don't have a right to even be in the garage to put the boot on. Do I have a right to walk on you property and enter your house if the doors open? No. Think about it Chuck-What would you do if I was on your property looking in your windows of your car and house?

Tim Ciani

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck said, "Hard to compare this with the loss of civil liberties coming from the Bush administration."

The only bush that I control is mine.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck Repke 8:56 AM

Now we have to lock our selves in, has freedom became prison.
Then we must keep the front door closed and locked, and the windows closed and locked.
Next put bars on the windows and be afraid to come out.
The system will say you are paranoid, and put you in Anoka or St. Peter and throw away the key.
Leave you front door unlocked, and the cops will walk in and say it wasn't locked.
It would still be illegal entry.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Disability Legal Rights

What Rights Do Disabled People Have?

Disability rights for disabled people have greatly increased over the last few years when the disability discrimination act came into force in 1995. The aim of the act when introduced was to put an end to discrimination that was being faced by disabled people.
But this country takes our rights away from us, by using unfair tactic.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know Tim, you or your friends come on my property all of the time it appears...

Read what I wrote again. They saw the garage open and then went to leave a note on the front door. There is nothing wrong with that. It makes perfect sense for a small town to have a public safety program where it trys to stimulate people to shut their garages.

I listen to you guys bitch that the cops should go bust the bad guys. Well one of the things they do is to try to get residents to do simple things to reduce crime... So, in this town they have the cops while on patrol swing by and leave a note to urge you to shut the garge door and not leave yourself open to theft.

So, while they are walking to the door they notice the keys in the truck. They thought that the civil thing to do was to warn the guy that he left the keys in the truck. If the truck was stolen after they had been on the sight and seen the keys in the truck we'd be reading a story about how the fucking cops were so damn lazy they didn't even knock on the door after they saw the keys in the ignition.

So, like I said they had no right to go into the guys house, but I don't see where it is a violation of the 4th amendment because they weren't going there to search the house or arrest the guy. They viewed it that they were helping him, they should of let his truck be stolen.


Chuck Repke

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


A person's property is their property, protected by the US Constituation.

I can leave my house unlocked, the keys in my car all I want to. If it is stolen then it is stolen.

That does NOT give the cops any right to enter my house just because they find my door unlocked. Repke, we all kept our homes unlocked in St. Paul without worry of the cops coming into the house.

Repke, are you saying the issue of a police officer being able to enter a house at will without a warrent is based on an officer's mind set?

If that is the case then why have the US Constitution at all when it is not followed anyway.

The "World According to Repke" is an interesting place to be. Let me know when you come back into the real world.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

Under Minnesota law, police may execute a search warrant between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Had Troy had drugs or something illegal in the home during the entry, the police would not have been able to use it.

Though police were not executing a search warrant, the question seems to be whether an open garage door is probable cause to enter the home ?

The police said they knocked and we have only the polices word that they did.

Would the police have secured the home if nobody was home ?

Can they issue a citation for your leaving your garage door open ?

Can police enter an unlocked vehicle ?

Can polic enter a vehicle if the windows are open at night ?

What does police procedure say in these circumstances if the officers entry under these circumstances are not clear in the statutes or local codes ?

Can we compare this to illegal code enforcements entry into buildings and homes ?

See Minnesota Court of appeals case CX-02-905.

Minnesota Statute 629.34

Jeff Matiatos

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No I am not saying that they had any right to be in the house. I think they were trespassing.

They were not there to give him a citation. They knocked on the door to let him know he left his keys in the truck. They were trying to do him a favor.

I am not saying they had any right to enter other than they were concerned about what was up, keys in the truck, door open.

He will in all likelihood either be able to get some guy fired or demoted for being stupid enough to go into the house.... but if this family had been in there slaughered, I am sure you all would stand up for the cops not going in, when all they had to concern them were keys in the truck and the door open.


Chuck Repke

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Law Enforcement 101.

There were NO sign that a crime was committed, just the guy left the garage open and the keys in his truck. The cops saw that the children were ok, but they were caught in the guy's house without probable cause or warrent.

The sad thing this happens all the time (more than is reported in the papers) all in the name of public safety.

What happened in Lakeville is sort of like the public being protected from themselves. Just like the St. Paul city council banning smoking in bars and enacting code compliance regulations that is enforced upon some and not others.

Just My Opinion and Only My Opinion

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

I would think that the police had their hands on their guns when they went in.

Didnt the police get fired on while conducting a warrant on the wrong home about 6 weeks ago ?

If the family Chuck refers to was slaughtered, I would question the police on their crime prevention.

If I leave my riding lawn mower out in my yard after dark, and its gone the next morning, oh well, its nobodys fault but my own.

Police will say that this kind of campain is legal, such as the stepped up D.W.I. enforcement campain checks around New Years and Christmas Eve.

Someone in the Lakeville Police Department must have cleared this campain with the city attorney there because it infringes on the rights of citizens, then the city attorney needs to be called out there.

Jeff Matiatos

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bu they were not slaughtered Chuck, and even if they had been, SO WHAT? Do you think the dead would acre if someone found them at 3 A.M. or 6 P.M.? Your mindset is just what's making this country so fucked up. The Government tries to make everyone thing they need the Government for everything, and they always use the same old lame excuse of "public safety." I for one am sick and tired of it. Public saftey this and public saftey that and we can't do a god damn thing any more cause these shit suckin politicians like your Kathy Lantry thinks she need to control every little issue that she makes a public saftey thing out of. You call the cops for anything and they can't ever do anything but pass the buck and blame landlords and talk about how section 8 and people feom Chicogo are the fault of everything. Take your elitest Government attitude and go fuck yourslef with it you jerk. Your part of the problem not the solution.

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like I said in an earlier post they did the same thing that a neighbor or a friend would have done. Saw the keys in the ignition, knocked on the door, didn't get an answer, saw the door was open, thought something might be wrong and went in.

They shouldn't have.

But they weren't there to give the guy a citation for anything. So, they weren't violating the fourth amendment, they were thinking they were helping someone out.

So, your right, I think they will be able to sue them and maybe successful, but I don't see where it was a rights issue violated.


Chuck Repke

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell are they looking in the car for in the first place, They are already in the garage illegaly and now they are looking into a car which could be construed as a search. I'd have to defer to Nancy the legal expert on this, but lets go on a little. What if they see something that might look like dope. Now they go in the house and maybe they see a hunting rifle in the corner. Now they have probable cause, but they got it illegaly. If anyone has any doubt whatsoever that they wouldn't go out and find one of their dirty snitches to give them a tip, your nuts. They probably wouldn't even use the snitch, they'd just say they had one since no judge will make them give the snitch identity up. Suspected drugs, guns and children and now the guy has a huge problem......will probably go bankrupt defending himself, maybe lose his house, probably his job, maybe a girlfriend, and most certainly the mother of the kids would make sure they were never over there again. The Police job IS NOT to protect people from themselves, it's to protect you from criminals like your city council buddies Repke and that doesn't include making house calls at 3 in the morning with their bulllshit community policing crap. Got it? They shouldn't ahve done what they did and I hope the get sued to high heaven for it. That seems to be the only thing Government will listen to is when someone gets a huge judgement against them. trying to talk sure doesn't so the trick.

1:31 AM  
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That right Nancy.
But a cop, judge, city council, mayor, Ramsey County Attoney,Governor and the hole chain of who ever think they are above the LAW!
They get away with it.

7:13 AM  
Blogger Sharon 4Anderson said...

Nancy have Troy Molde post here,
Invasion by the ;police is another covert mthod to enter propertys for alleged Code Violations
Anniversary Kelo Decision, Thanks to Bob for posting Alice Krengel

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So... if there is a fire the government should not go into the house without the owners permission and it better be in writing and noterized...? Because it could be Nancy's house and it might be a ritual that she is doing to clense the house...

It is pretty easy to spin this thing as the evil government going into his house without a warrent but police and fire do that all of the time in rescue situations. I agree that these cops made a mistake to cross the threshold of the house, BUT they were not crossing the threshold to arrest anyone or to investigate a crime. They could not have used any information that they saw once they were in the house as evidence of anything because of the way they were in the house.

They saw a garage open and went on the property to leave a note. That is legal. It is not against the law for someone to walk up to your front door. As they went up to the door they noticed the keys in the ignition of the truck. They decided to knock on the door and wake the person to assist them in making sure their truck wasn't stolen. THE SAME THING ANY GOOD NEIGHBOR OR YOUR PAPER BOY WOULD DO!!! They noticed the door was open and heard the TV on inside they became concerned and went in (that was the wrong choice, but not an illeagal search because they aren't searching!). They woke the kids, the kids wouldn't get Dad and the rest is history.

Because you are paranoid the government is always out to get you. I'm sorry but once the cops had made the mistake of going in the house and woke up the kids, I don't know how they could have left without waking up the owner. I am sure they scared the shit out of those little kids.


Chuck Repke

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll post again since Chuck and Eric didn't addres.Did you know the city has been violating peoples rights?

The city of St.Paul code inspectors enter tenants and landlords housing all the time in the name of saftey. And if they don't allow a inside inspection they threaten with condemnation or the revocation of your C of O.

Chuck ask your buddy Thune how many search warrents code enforcement has gotten in the last 8 years.Betcha 0! And you be fools to think all inside inspections were allowed without threats.

Same thing folks.The government has been violating or rights for sometime now. Government is not the solution, Government is the problem. We need less!

Tim Ciani

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim - you or one of your friends just had them do that to my house!

There was a note posted on this list to me saying, how would I like it if the inspectors went through my place and within a few weeks an inspector shows up at my tennents door and tells the teenage daughter they need to go through the house because of over crowding! Amazing how that happened!

So, you are correct they don't need a search warrent if you let them in.

Happens all the time.


Chuck Repke

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this happens in St Paul then you are right. Until then, you are only making blanket accusations. I noticed in Lakeville, there is a specific example, that has been admitted to. We don't have that in St Paul and what we have is a vague "city" that violates rights.

I said it on my first post here a year and a half ago, give me one example where you have proof and I'm with you from now on. You haven't. I've even said that, like in Lakeville, there is individual cases of racism and folks over-stepping their authority for sure. Let's get their names, dates of violation and run them through ringer. But, NOOOOO. You want to paint the entire city's elected officials, political party members, county staff and judges as corrupt and try to lump them into a RICO suit. Now, in all of this time you could have done some good by knocking off the nefarious employees but, instead nothing has happened because you want bigger headlines and a pay day, thus the RICO suit. Notice that Lakeville is about an individual incident and it could set off an investigation. You and the RICO men had that opportunity and choose to go big.

This is what happened to Nancy's daughter. Instead of focusing on the issue at hand with the dumpster, she wanted to tie it in with her personal crusade. Ask her how its worked out for her.

So Tim, who in the 'city' is violating rights. Put up the individual incident with the time and names of those doing the violating. Let's handle that. Then the next one. It only takes a couple to show a pattern which will get a lot more solved than your RICO suits has.

Who and when Tim?


11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution:
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
The cops listed a set of reasons that gave them suspicion to enter and search the home (the garage is attached and therefore part of the home). However, when the question of 'reasonableness' is up, the first measure lies within 'probable cause'.

Was there 'probable cause', to enter and search the residence? No. An open garage door, is not probable cause to search the property which is what they did.

After seeing the open door, the cops should have called dispatch to inform the owner that his door was open and the cops would like to talk with him in the front about their new safety program. That would have been the safest thing for both. If this was Swiftee's or Mitch's house(or mine), I'm thinking that being awakened at 3am with a flashlight in your face, knowing that there were four young children somewhere in the house, would have warranted a bullet in the face of the intruder.

I can't fathom how anyone can conclude this was OK. This is how it always starts. It's how they condition us for the continuing erosion of our rights. They say "It's A Public Service" or "A Courtesy" or "Its for your safety, because we are concerned for you and your family."

At first it sounds so reasonable and harmless. After all, it's so innocuous, what harm could come of it?

At first...


12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"So Tim, who in the 'city' is violating rights. Put up the individual incident with the time and names of those doing the violating."

How about the Affidavits signed by various people including witnesses Eric about the city official who was trying to shake people sown for their property. There was enough in those Affidavits to get a criminal indictment and the city did nothing,

It's my understanding that several tenants testified in Depositions that they did not want the city Inspecotrs and Police in their apartment, but were forced to allow access.

I also understand that Dawkins testified that the people ordering landlords to do code compliances were doing so without his knowlege or permission.

There is also testimony that city officals met privately with the court to chose the "right" Judges so they could have a positive outcome on cases brought against landlords. Police and City Attornies then participated in "training" those judges Eric.

That's just the start and theres more poeple than one can count taking actions to influence an illegal they had no bsuienss persuing in the first place. If that doesn't make conspiracy, what does in your mind?

I had a very long talk with one of those rico guys, and you have no idea of what they have on the city for evidence. The things that have said here so far (in the last year) don't even scratch the surface. And to top that off, some of your beloived City Council members are going to get their hat handed to them when this ordeal finsihes up. Your really on the worng side of this Eric and at the end your going to look like a fool.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're completely right 12:48. Every one of these thing they come up with in the name of public saftey is used to make precedent to go after people for thing never intended by the original law. Remember when they were siezing the homes of parents because the kids had maraijana? Remember when they were throwing elderly out of their high rise apartments because the grandson had pot down in the parking lot? Remember when they said felons could not have guns and then started applying it to people convicted of things like tax crimes which ahve nothing to do with public saftey? The Government is taking our rights away at an alarming rate and no one seems to care as long as they are not the immediate target. I'm troubled by someone as smart as you that you can see what's going on, but yet you doubt the validity of the rico suits and seem to think there just cannot be any corruption in a time when corruption is so wide spread within the Government (GOP & DFL) that most people would be suprised to hear someone there is no corruption. Are you living under a rock?

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most people will not write complaints through the St. Paul processes. The city has no credibility with people who have been pushed around and beaten up in many ways.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:26- Why don't you just carry on with your case stop worrying about what you think I'm going to look like? I've got nothing at stake in this. If I wrong, the facts will bear it out.

However, in your post you tend to interchange testimony and hearsay pretty frequently which disables any credibility you try to put forth.

How about you re-post with just the information we know as fact? Leave out the 'I hear' and 'its my understanding..' stuff for the people who just want to get fired up over anything.

Oh yeah, you said that there was an affidavit signed by several citizens alleging criminal activity by a city employee.
-When was this signed and turned in?
-Who was the employee?
-Who informed them that nothing would happen?

I would ask about the secret meetings you mentioned but, I'll be merciful with you this time and ask you only post answers the the above questions.

Sometimes I think some of you prefer stupidity over enlightenment. You post:
"I'm troubled by someone as smart as you that you can see what's going on, but yet you doubt the validity of the rico suits and seem to think there just cannot be any corruption in Government."

When in the last post I remind you and others that for a year and a half I have been asking for proof of:

1. A city-county Conspiracy to go after landlords who rent to blacks.
2. Dates, names and times.

All that's been shown here is very weak circumstantial and hearsay. I don't think you realize that what you are accusing the city AND county of doing would rock the foundations of the nation. NOTHING like this has been uncovered since the end of Jim Crow. You're accusing the city, county and political activist of colluding to rid the city of a group of minorities. IT would be the BIGGEST case in the history of discrimination lawsuits.

Yet, you have few minorities in the suit? Hmmmmm. Yet, you have few organizations that are reputable exposing this- even if its for their own camera time. Yet, you have not one iota of proof of this direct or through demographic statistics.

What I think is that you're so stupid that you have no idea of how big this would be and if you did, you're so selfish that you rather have the money for landlords out of this instead legal measures that would ensure this doesn't happen again. You're bastards that make me sick for that. Poverty Pimps. I wonder how much Marshall made on Brown vs Bd of Ed of Topeka, KS?

As I wrote above, the process works for those who want to right the wrongs but, for those who just want to get a buck it can be a bit hairy.


4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are lucky that our city, county, and state funds are still there.
If each employee of theirs stole as much as the meter-made that got cult stealing from parking meters.
and then multiply by the number of employees in the three parts of government.
How about the judge that stole the retarded girls $400,000 trust fund, Judge Amundson.

The Daily Judge

"Don't Steal"!
You might get cault.


9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is 2:57

Never have I experienced anything so dirty. It was done with complete support from the higher-ups. I firmly believe the only thing I'd get is retribution if I tried to use the system.

Eric, you come across to me as a hired mouth, defending anything that comes along.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"2:26- Why don't you just carry on with your case stop worrying about what you think I'm going to look like? I've got nothing at stake in this. If I wrong, the facts will bear it out.

However, in your post you tend to interchange testimony and hearsay pretty frequently which disables any credibility you try to put forth."

It's not my case Eric so there's nothing for me personally to carry on with. As for you not having anything to lose, you sure talk as though there is something to lose with the way you support the city wrongd doings.

Heardsay? Maybe. I talked to one of these guys suing the city and he told me what they had and what the tesimony in some of the Depositiions. It may be hearsay from me to you , but I doubt that sworn testimony under oath will be recieved that way by the jury.

As far as the Affidavits....they were posted here a while back. I think you just like to argue for the sake of arguing Eric. For some reason you have a beef with these landlords.....probably envy. What should they want other than mo9ney Eric? You make it sound so evil becaus they want to be made whole again after city officials illegaly destroyed their bussinesses and means of livihood. Is "I'm sorry" supposed to be enough? Because one of your phony organiztions isn't interested in it makes it something less than what it is in your mind?

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perfect response from someone who knows nothing but bumping their gums.

You don't really know what this is about it, do you?

I don't defend the city, I just don't follow fools.

By the way, how about some names and not just, 'city' 'judges' 'lawyers' 'cops'? This is a small city, surely you know these people who are committing a systematic discrimination on the biggest scale since Jim Crow.

I'm not envious of landlords, I just what they do and how they leave their property and treat their tenants when they think their dealing with someone who is less than they are.

So, is this lawsuit about the landlords or the tenants?

Tenants=system change

Since all of this was posted and there is so much evidence that the lawyers couldn't prove, you tell me- who did what and when? names and dates.


2:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tenants=system change

"So, is this lawsuit about the landlords or the tenants?"

It's about justice Eric. It's about what Government shoud not be able to do to not only landlords, but tenants and even you Eric.

"Since all of this was posted and there is so much evidence that the lawyers couldn't prove, you tell me- who did what and when? names and dates."

Stop playing games you piece of can search the site just as well as anyone else and fd the stuff that was mentioned.

"I'm not envious of landlords, I just what they do and how they leave their property and treat their tenants when they think their dealing with someone who is less than they are."

How they leave their property? How about how your charming tenants leave the property? Do you think it's the landlords over there braking their own windows because they want to start a social life with housing inspectors?

For someone who professes to know so much and have all the answers like you do my friend, I don't think I've ever ran accross anyone so stupid. You're the only one "bumping gums" here!

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric knows the score, hell half the city does! He's just singing the party song like all good politicos do.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric His name is Ron Lyden he lives on James Street in St.Paul.He's 78 years old.I could have Bob post the story again if you didn't read it.Eric I'm not a ricoman and these lawsuits are not mine.I'm a individual who is taking it to the city a different way.I've been investigating and colllecting evidence against the City for 3years now in the under cover.Its easier to fight the city when they don't know who you are.Someday soon I will be coming public and lay this whole thing out.

Tim Ciani

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See this is where this crap gets crazy. Lyden wasn't a landlord. It was a single family residence.

What does that have to do with the world wide international conspiracy to defraud Saint Paul Landlords by the City of Saint Paul?

What you guys do is take every story from every person with the absolute worst spin that can be imaginable and make the determination that somehow they are related in some kind of hostile assault by the City.

The word on the street is that Lyden's neighbors were concerned that he was no longer able to care for himself. Upkeep of the house had become impossible for this gentleman and they were concerned about the conditions he might be living in.

Of course in Johnson/Ciani land that is the evil state assaulting senior citizens as a part of an international terrorist scheme headquartered in DSI.


Chuck Repke

10:20 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Chuck, leave me out of this or I will embarrass you with the facts.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck you are just a tool for the city.

Chuck "The Tool" Repke

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, it is in your archives somewhere. All I know is what I read here...

There was a senior citizen who was having a hard time taking care of himself and his neighbors did an intervention to help him get into senior living.

Or, as I recall from the list, the evil government assaulted this gentleman and put him into a concentration camp.

One of the two.


Chuck Repke

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC (was there a topic?)

I saw this on SPIF today:

"Years back, a lot of the housing down in Irvine Park was in very bad condition.
If I recall, the city took over many of the distressed houses and then sold
them to investor/residents for $1 and an agreement to make minimum
rehabilitation expenditures, that ran into the $X0,000."

Now this explains how Bucky got his hands on a house in the first place, but it left me wondering..

How much was the minimum rehab he agreed to and did he meet the minimum?

I ask because Bucky's house is a shit hole standing in a field of roses.

It's obvious that whatever the minimum agreed investment was, most of the residents of Irvine Park must have exceeded it by many hundreds of thousands...most, but not Bucky.

Any of you sleuths up to the challenge of answering those questions?

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thune's place is a "work in progress" Swiftee. He'll complete some minor repairs this year as all responsible property owners do and then next year there'll be more to do. Cut him some slck will ya?

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck said,"There was a senior citizen who was having a hard time taking care of himself and his neighbors did an intervention to help him get into senior living."

Ciani says,"Chuck where did you get this info?I never stated anything about neighbors.All I know is Betty Moran another neighborhood busy body didn't like the look of his house.Chuck the city has had an all out assault on the weak and landlords in this city that don't fit into their master plan."

If the city would have been concerned about Ron they would have gave him time to put his house on the market and time to liquidate his belonging he found valuable. Ron was a older gentleman but not nursing home old.Its a sad story and it told me alittle more about you Chuck.You an asshole with a cause. You think government is the answer.Their here to save us from ourselves.Thune should wear a cape.
Chuck I hope your father and mother experience the same treatment you little worm!

Eric theres the proof-Where did ya go big dog? Now show me proof the city is helping this city.

Tim Ciani

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Swiftee theres only so many months in the construction season.Geesh don't be so hard on Repkes butt boy!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bucky bought the house in the 70's I believe. He's had decades to make the improvements and the investments required by the agreement.

I'm interested because although Bucky *loves* to have his private property subsidized by taxpayers, his track record of making good on the requirements is piss poor.

vis. his STAR loan to rehab the building housing an "art studio" that sells nothing was not repaid until the Pioneer Press discovered he was in default.

If he entered into an agreement with the city that enabled him to get his clammy little paws on a house in Irvine Park, I wouldn't be surprised in the least to discover he is in default of that agreement as well.

"Support me, give me"'s the way a lazy, lefty POS like Bucky rolls.

Maybe the city can get his fat, worthless ass off of that property and sell it to someone else who would properly maintain it.

I know his neighbors would be *thrilled*.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

July 21 Lakeville will be having a city cousel meeting, we will see if they give a public hearing.

10:20 PM  

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