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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saint Paul/ Magner v. Gallagher’ has nation wide impact!

Town Hall host opinion-
For 6 long years many of us here at the town hall warned the city and public this lawsuit was something to be taken seriously. We spoke of the city's rogue housing policy that exceeded state housing codes. We said the rogue policy was having a negative impact on affordable housing within the city. We spoke of deceit by city official and offered evidence of this deceit. I and many others here drew a line in the sand and sided with the landlords and "the truth". I pray for justice and the only way justice will be served in this case is if the plaintiffs are awarded a jury settlement that is shocking. This is the only way to send a message to the nation that institutional racism is not acceptable.

I understand clearly the difference between Disparate Impact & Disparate Treatment. I am just an average Joe but after 6 years of reading legal briefs and attending court hearings I have a good understanding of the facts. Why Disparate Treatment is not a part of this case bewilders many of us who are aware of the facts. Many of you have read the affidavits of the victims here. Property investors and home owners have lost their homes to the city's rogue housing policies. In the wake of the city's rogue housing policy is broken families and ruined business's.

Supreme Court to hear fair housing case that could impact mortgage industry

Magner v Gallagher & Disparate Impact Under the Fair Housing Act


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bureaucrats in St. Paul have been playing God in determining who shall stay and who shall go. They don't have the judgment, and have shown their lack of scruples. Negatives beget negatives, and the city is headed for a crash one way or the other.

Bob G.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love reading your comment, after six years and everyone of those charges being thrown out by the courts you still write as if those charges were real and as if the supreme court was going to make some kind of a ruling on any of those false charges.

Again what is left and what is in front of the supreme court is the question of if Saint Paul or any City can be charged under the FHA for a disparate impact violation of the FHA when they were acting in the best interest of the poor and minority residents?

The facts in front of the Supreme Court are that the City is attempting to protect residents in bad housing from landlords that refuse to repair their property. When they do that some residents will lose their housing and many of those will be minority residents. That may be disparate impact. If so that makes protecting poor residents from bad landlords impossible. So, the question for the court is can you have disparate impact in FHA cases? Because if the City did not inspect houses because minority residents lived in them that would clearly be a violation of FHA (for failing to protect) how can protecting them be a disparate impact violation?


Chuck Repke

10:32 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Chuck, I think I made myself clear on this issue. So Disparate Treatment was thrown out for lack of evidence, it doesn't mean it didn't happen. I believe it happened and so do most people close to this issue. Rational people believe O'Jay and Foster are guilty. Like O'Jay and Foster the city did a good job of covering their malicious behavior.

I am hearing stories from renters claiming that the F.O.R.C.E. unit is lying to citizens to gain entry to their homes. Some of the lies include trumped up 911 calls and reports of gunshots to name a couple.

My advice is, If they don't have a warrant, DON'T let them in! One renter told the police they couldn't come in and the police sat down on the porch claiming they weren't leaving until they gained access to the inside of the home. The renter called me and told me what the police had said to them and I informed the renter to tell the police they were going to file complaints with Internal Affairs, Human Rights and the Civil Rights Commission. Upon hearing this the police left. So the game of deceit to condemn homes continues on.

If you are a renter and you fear the police are attempting to circumvent your rights and search your home without a warrant, call 911 to begin to establish documentation of events. If you have a video camera start filming the police through a window or from a safe distance. Dirty cops fear video cameras like thieves fear lighted areas.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What the cdity is doing is real. In some cases the courts have not gotten it right. While the courts work passably well in many cases, they can be manipulated by money and political influence. I think you just sugar over everything you like, and that is not the truth.

Bob G.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG - the police "TRICK" people!!! WOW Bob, no shit???!!!

I don't think anyone would ever be arrested for almost anything if the cops didn't at least to try to get people to give more information than they have to give. Its the nature of the beast Bob.

What was shown in all of the court cases that were combined into this case is that all of the properties had violations and the City had the responsibility to write them up for code issues.

The strongest argument that these guys have is that once they have gotten written up by the city, the city never lets go and in that sense they feel put upon on singled out. But, that isn't a civil rights violation Bob, and it isn't against the law to continue to enforse the law against a regular law breaker.

You can not inspect ever house in the City every day. Consequently, anyone who is inspected today can complain that the guy down the block wasn't inspected.

Life isn't fair.

I got caught speeding twice... it doesn't mean that the cops were out to get me.

Grow up.


Chuck Repke

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck did the city also have the responsibilitiy to come out and make up violations that do not exist so they can concemn and then require illegal code compliance? I never hear you talk about this when it's brought up. Why is that?

12:10 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Chuck, nothing you say surprises me. In your world it is acceptable
for government officials to violate a citizens rights, just as long as it is "those people" people deemed undesirable. To hell with due process and equal treatment under the law.

In my world the "United States of America" it is unacceptable for any government official to violate
or attempt to violate a citizens rights. Obviously you are offended I encourage citizens to stand up for their "rights". I am patriot!

"Those people" empowered in city government don't care if you are a woman, child, elderly or handicap, if you have been deemed undesirable by your neighbors for what ever reason the city will condemn you out of your home. I have posted countless stories here over the years of women, children, elderly and handi-cap being condemned to the street by the city.

The police and code enforcement officers talk a lot of smack to those they condemn to the streets, jeering and taunting them. In a demented way they experience joy in condemning those they deem undesirable out of their homes. However, the story they give to the public is cast in a different light. The city claims they condemn people to the street for their own safet as if they done a favor to those they threw out into the street. How is living on the street safer than living in a warm dry home?

About 8 weeks ago I took my lady and her girlfriend out to eat at Old Country Buffet in West Saint Paul. I over heard two women in the booth next to us talking about Judge Micheal Davis and the difiant Somoli woman. They couldn't remember his name But I knew they were talking about Judge Davis so I interrupted and provided them with his name.

This struck up a conversation about the fair housing lawsuits and community issues. This woman proudly boosted that Councilman Lee Helgen had gotten rid of the blacks living next door to her.

This womans biggest issue, she complained that her black neighbors played vile rap music on Sunday morning when she like to work in her garden. She also suspected they sold drugs. Most white bigots think if blacks have company over hanging out they must be selling drugs.

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two points Bob.

First, I have been fighting for civil rights my entire life. No one has any less tolerance for bigots than I do. As you know that is why I have been willing to buck my party and oppose IRV because I know that it disenfranchises minority voters. I call my good left wing friends out on it and have called it the "Jim Crow" law that it is. I do this even though many African American law makers in my party misguidedly support this threat to voters' rights. So, I am as out there on civil rights issues as I can be.

I am out there enough that if I was sitting next to you when that woman said that I would call her the racist bitch that she is... it makes me not very popular at parties.

Second, Housing code enforcement should be about unsafe housing and police work should be about police work. There are reasons why at times they get mixed. If, the police are doing a bust and find that a housing unit is unsafe for the children in the house they have a responsibility to report it. As you know Bob meth labs are not safe places. Parents who are addicts often live in conditions that are not healthy for children. All of us have a responsibility to protect children and at that point Bob their rights are the priority.

I agree with you that there are a lot of ass holes out their that try to use code enforcement as a way of getting their neighbors that they don't like for whatever reasons and some of them are racists.

I know when I worked at City Hall when I would suspect that shit, I would call them out on it and would not tolerate it. I know that was the policy of the Ward 2 office and I would hope it was the policy of all of the council.


Chuck Repke

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you think you are for civil rights Repke you are full of shit. You have been here numerous times going to bat for the behavior of the city and trying to make it look like the landlords are at fault just because they had some code violations. You refuse to address the fact that the city had an agenda and they used their code enforcement program to carry it out through false violations (in addition to legitimate ones) serious enough to condemn properties and then require code compliances that they had no legal right to require. How come you are not for the civil rights of all the people who have been hurt by this?

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I think the city is going to win. After seeing firsthand how the city operates and the good old boy system, I can see how city leaders are sop cocky about winning. They will win.

3:57 AM  

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