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Friday, September 09, 2011

HUD: Wisconsin landlady refused to rent to single mom because she didn't have a man to shovel snow


Anonymous RankVoting_RussianRoulette said...

So Whats new

St.PaulChamber didnot endorseWard2
Thune maybeintrouble

RankVoting is RussianRoulatte

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Sharon, the Saint Paul Chamber has never endorsed Thune. Ever... in 8 runs for the council. So, that would be normal. What I thought was more interesting was that the Chamber didn't endorse someone else. Which it had done in two other occations.


Chuck Repke

1:26 PM  
Anonymous CitySt.Paul_Feudal Landlord said...

Thanks4Response Chuck CitySt.Paul is out of control becoming Fuedal(sp) Landlords, House at 3xxMaria just sold for 14 thous thats right Fourteen Thousand

Final action:
Title: Resolution Authorizing Entering into a Development Agreement, Obligate NSP Funds and Approve Sale and Conveyance of Land to Marpe Development, LLC for Parcels Located in Fourth Street Preservation ISP/NSP Area as follows: 1. Parcel 314 Bates Avenue, Dayton’s Bluff District 4 2. Parcel 336 Maple Street, Dayton’s Bluff District 4 3. Parcel 868 Fremont Street, Dayton’s Bluff District 4
Sponsors: Kathy Lantry
Attachments: 4th St Land Sale Board Report, Attachment A - 314 Bates, Attachment A - 336 Maple, Attachment A - 868 Fremont, Attachment B - 4th Street Property, Attachment C - Project Summary, Attachment D - Sources and Uses, Attachment E - Public Purpose, Attachment F - D4 Profile

8:42 AM  

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