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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My furry friends!



Blogger Bob said...

Last September I lost one of my closes friends. My rottweiler Pappy, aka Boo Bear.

Boo Bear was part of my family for 13 years 2 months. In those years Boo prevented our home from being burglarized twice.

I lived in the country when I got my rotty Boo. One night after we went to bed Boo a 3 month old puppy at the time was frantically growling and barking in the darkness of our home. My ole lady and I thought he was barking at an animal outside we were telling him to shut up. He persisted with his aggressive behavior Cinnamon got up and let him outside. We heard his barking and growling getting further and further away from the house. We thought he was chasing a deer or some other wild animal. In the morning when I went outside, I discovered a ladder that had been put up to a second floor window. The back door of the house that was secured beyond need was wide open. It was apparent Boo chased away a burglar who entered our home during the night while we were sleeping.

The second attempted burglary Boo was stabbed in the nose and bleached in the eyes and the burglar still didn't gain access to my home.

Then there was the time 5 wanna be dope dealing gangsters pissed off at me for telling them where the bear shit in the buckwheat rushed my house attempting to gain entry when I wasn't home, scared the crap out of my ole lady. Boo defending my significant other Cinnamon went after the intruders chasing all of them away. Boo was a smart dog that never bite anyone that didn't have it coming.

When I got my rotty as a puppy there was those who tried to convince me if I treated him badly he would be a better guard dog. I always had the same answer for those with this philosophy, love your dog and he will protect you unconditionally with his life.

Boo got sick 3 months before he died. He had hip dysplasia and could no longer walk. My ole lady and I carried him in and out of the house so he could relieve himself. We had talked about putting him to sleep but just couldn't do it. Even after he couldn't walk anymore he still enjoyed life. He played with us from a stationary position and enjoyed going for walks with a make shift wheel chair I made for him. I loved this dog like one of my kids, it was very painful when he passed. I vowed I would never get another dog because they just don't live long enough and I didn't want to go through the pain of losing a soul I came to love.

I changed my mind when I laid eyes on my dog Bubba.

Bubba is 10 months now and 185 lbs.. Bubba doesn't have a mean bone in his body. The other day I heard Bubba trying to get tough with something in the bathroom. I thought is Bubba getting bolder now he is maturing. I couldn't believe the sound of aggressive growls coming from the bathroom. I rushed to see what he was concerned about and there he was facing down a bottle cap on the floor.

Bubba has more friends in my neighborhood than I do. Neighbors have came over and asked to walk him. The other day I looked out the window and there was Bubba getting hugs and kisses from 3 attractive women. Lucky dog! If I was single I'd want to look like a Saint Bernard. :)

He gets hugs from neighbors almost every time I put him out or walk him. Kids think he is Beethoven. The mailman has a fond spot for Bubba too. I seen the mailman hugging him then he went on to his next delivery, then he came back and hugged Bubba again.

I pray Bubba out lives his life expectancy like Boo Bear did.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should get many more years of affection and protection from your dog friend.

Jeff Matiatos

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see why Bubba is loved. Just look at that face.

6:06 PM  

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