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Monday, June 07, 2010

John Uldrich Gulf Oil Spill Plan Part 2

John Uldrich request...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jungbauer 2010
Serving Minnesota's 39th District

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Senate president Jim Metzen arrested on DWI charge

James Metzen, the president of the Minnesota Senate, faces drunken driving charges after his arrest early Tuesday in South St. Paul just hours after he gaveled the 2007 session to a close.

South St. Paul Police Chief Michael Messerich said Metzen was stopped in his sport-utility vehicle just past 2 a.m. after an officer observed him weaving in his lane. He was given a field sobriety test and was arrested. His blood-alcohol concentration was 0.15 percent, almost twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

"Senator Metzen was given no special treatment nor did he request any special treatment," Messerich said. "He was treated like anyone else."

Metzen, 61, a seven-term DFL senator from South St. Paul, told officers that he had three or four drinks, Messerich said. He was released and his wife picked him up around 4 a.m.

Metzen didn't immediately return a call about the incident. Messages left with a Senate DFL spokesman also produced no immediate response.

The case was being referred to the South St. Paul city attorney, but was expected to be prosecuted by another jurisdiction to avoid a conflict.

Metzen had the final word as the Senate adjourned for the year around midnight. "Let's go home," he told his colleagues. "Good work all."

Metzen has drawn previous attention over alcohol. In 2004, a Twin Cities television station aired a hidden-camera report on drinking at the Capitol. At one point, a DFL House member and lobbyists were captured on film drinking in Metzen's office.

The report never showed Metzen with a drink, but he supplied then-Rep. Scott Wasiluk with some alcohol during a late-night session.

"I came to raid your whisky," Wasiluk said.

"That's what it's there for," Metzen replied.

During last years campaign I had a chance to speak with Metzen in the social hall at St. Peter's church in Mendota. I mentioned to him that I finally realized that I should not drink coffee before I speak, that I am more relaxed with out it, even if I am tired. Jim replied "No, the secret is to drink five whiskey's first."

During the nights events at St. Peter's, Jim sat in the pew behind me with his head hanging low and his tongue hanging out. He apeared to be half asleep. I wish I had a camera!

One thing I noticed about Jim was that he always has Banaca breath spray in his possession.

In addition to serving as the Senate's presiding officer, Metzen is chairman of the Senate Business, Industry and Jobs Committee.

Metzen's legislative career began in 1974 when he was elected to the first of six House terms. He traded up to the Senate in 1986 and has been re-elected to that post six times, most recently in November.

Away from the Legislature, Metzen is a vice president at Key Community Bank in Inver Grove Heights.

Posted by Bill Jungbauer at 5:11 PM

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posted at 9:48 PM

What's your point, do you think Metzen should get out of The Senate, we all see that Metzen is a ringer for W C fields even the noise.

This is common drinking at the capital and the party are made up of mostly drinkers.
How much Senate work can one do after drinking.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous MaryJaneDuchene W.StPaul Mayor said...

Why did Bill Jungbauer drop out of te West Saint Paul Mayoral Race?
leaving John Zanmiller and Mary Jane Duchene Go for it MJ

8:19 AM  

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