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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Saint Paul is in the spotlight as Mayor Coleman takes Education to the National Stage

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Anonymous From city website said...

SAINT PAUL – Saint Paul out-of-school-time programming will find itself under the lens Tuesday as the Mayor’s Institute on Children and Families conference in Chicago examines the Second Shift Initiative as a model for educational programming.

Mayor Chris Coleman will present a case statement to a panel of national leaders in education and government and discuss strategies for ensuring greater access to quality programming for all young people. Because young people spend over 80 percent of their time engaged in activities outside of the classroom, Mayor Coleman is pushing to move beyond pockets of success to creating learning campuses that connect community learning opportunities to schools throughout the city.

“Guaranteeing access to quality out of school time programming is the cornerstone of a strong educational system,” Mayor Coleman said. “We have worked hard to put Saint Paul in the forefront of the national conversation on this issue, and it’s an honor to have the chance to showcase and share our work with my colleagues from around the country. Education does not start and stop at the school doors, and we’ve demonstrated, through the success of our Second Shift initiative, that anything we can do to engage students is the first step on a path to success for every child in our community.”

Now in his second term, Mayor Coleman pushed Saint Paul to be a national leader with his Second Shift Initiative that extends the learning day through quality after-school opportunities in arts, sports and academics. Ensuring every child has equal access to quality education, Coleman launched an early childhood learning scholarship preparing children to enter kindergarten ready to learn as well as expanding public transportation by offering free rides to young people to their after-school programs or other locations that provide learning opportunities.

For his work in out-of-school-time programming, Mayor Coleman has been honored by the Afterschool Alliance and was named to the top leadership post in the National League of Cities’ Institute on Youth, Education and Families earlier this year.

The Mayor’s Institute on Children and Families is a two-day exercise on April 5 and 6 that focuses on problem solving regarding educational issues. The presentations and discussions are designed to offer an exchange of ideas, while challenging assumptions, suggesting strategies and offering examples of successful efforts in other places. Mayors Karl Dean of Nashville, Tenn and Julian Castro of San Antonio, TX will also present on behalf of their cities.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you mean that Coleman will present a case statement of Bull Shit and lies?

1:57 AM  

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