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Thursday, March 11, 2010


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Anonymous Watchdog News said...

The epidemic of street-side drug dealing has the St. Paul politicians blaming the usual suspects, the property owners and the landlords.

Having just gone through an intense
experience of dealing with the arrival of Wisconsin squatters who just broke into a property on lower Burr Street, I was very aware of the rampant drug dealing on the 800 block of Burr Street. It was everywhere, both sides of the little store at Case and Burr. Teenage blacks were out in force approaching people and cars. It was truly an open-air drug market.

So when I went to a meeting at the
Eastside precinct sponsored by
Councilman Lee Helgren on crime in the community, I knew the situation, and I had a pretty good idea of the usual cookie cutter approach that government likes to use. Itʼs the same from community to community, city to city: have the property owners brought in to a meeting, have a safe cop, or in St. Paul a force cop,

10:27 PM  
Anonymous story continued said...

along with some city officials from the Fire Department and Inspection Department lecture the owners on the need to screen tenants better and do more community policing - or would that
be vigilanteism? The force officer went into the high-tech ways which the police have to track police calls and how this fit
into some science.

Hearing this, and having spent a day on Burr Street watching the numerous drug dealers, most who did not live on the block but came there like one would go to the trading floor of the New York
Board of Trades, I suggested that we didnʼt need a computer to find the crime—all we needed were our eyes. My past experiences with delinquent youths (yes, I spent six years as a juvenile officer
at the old HCJC guiding the confused, limiting the strong and protecting the weak), so I suggested to the Force
Officer that we should forget this trickledown approach to crime and start having officers I D these suspicious individuals

10:29 PM  
Anonymous story conclusion said...

who usually had outstanding warrants or could be arrested for lying to the police, he informed me that he was only a lowly officer and something like this would have to go to the councilman or the commander.

Unfortunately, Lee Helgren was
not there, due to a death in the family,but righteous indignation is a start.

Jim Swartwood

10:31 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

And it's a good thing Lee Helgen (aka Clark Kent) wasn't there Jim, he would have attempted to throw you out! He doesn't like folks armed with the truth. Truth doesn't fit Helgens political agenda.

Folk's, I will post a couple more stories from the Watchdog here over the next few days so we can talk about the issues.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The brass in the Ploice department is just as political as the city council. These people do not want to stop crime. The more the better for them. They are just proliferating their jobs by criminalizing law abiding people like landlords for the acts of renters. It's not ever going to change. It's about politics and control and not anything to do with crime fighting.

3:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Detroit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and then BLAME Kathy Lantry and Chris Coleman

7:37 AM  

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