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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Future Of Saint Paul

Please click onto TITLE for the video.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Big A - Democracy for keeping us informed of what is happening in St.Paul

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the video. I am not quite sure how the Saint Paul City Council is responsible for the national forcloser situation, which is what the video illistrates, but it is great film.

Wasn't Nancy going to go through all of the new vacant building listings and prove that I was wrong. I said months ago that most of these buildings that have been listed as vacant occured because the water was shut off not by any direct action of DSI.

I stand by that.


Chuck Repke

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Water shut off? Give me a break Chuck are you for real? Its what you call code compliance that has left families homeless, and how many others let their property be foreclosed on rather then deal with the DSI knowing they couldn't afford to comply the new home code demands?

The Saint Paul City Council is responsible for the mess they have allowed and help create in Saint Paul open up that tunnel vision Chuck!

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a sad situation, and it could happen to anyone. It is the work of the dead bureaucrats.

Chuck, I am just sick of your spin control. Join the human race.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Sharon Anderson said...

Sharons WATER SHUT OFF appealed to 8th Cir.
FEDERAL COMPLAINTS relative to the 7 video's the evidence is conclusive
The Same Employees/Police who
SHUT OFF OUR WATER: are the 1st to covertly condemn our propertys CHUCK REPKE YOUR DEAD WRONG THIS TIME, tooooo many injured persons ie: Betty Speaker,
Sharon legally drag & drop from that non profit Eric's Statement today 5Nov07

In Minnesota it is indeed illegal to place robocalls, except to persons with whom you have a pre-existing relationship. I use a robocall once a month to remind members of my local union of our member meetings. The DFL or Republican Parties can use robocalls of people who have signed up with them and voluntarily given them information, such as when one signs in at a precinct caucus.

Someone who apparently knows much more about the law than I do states in a comment at City Pages that it does not matter if the calls are generated from out of state. That person wrote: "In Van Bergen v. Minnesota, 59 F.3d 1541 (8th Cir. 1995), the Eighth Circuit affirmed the decision of the district court in determining that Minnesota's Automatic Dialing Announcing Devices Act (Minn Stat 325E.27) was constitutional. The court found that the statute was not preempted by federal law, and that the restriction was content neutral. Further, the time, place, and manner restrictions of the statute were as reasonable as they could be to further the legitimate interest of protecting the privacy of the citizenry. The politician who brought the suit was denied the injunction he sought, and the law was upheld." If there are any attorneys out there who want to challenge that interpretation, have at it. I hope the Attorney General does look into it. It is my
understanding the Minnesota statute that forbids these calls imposes some pretty hefty fines -- per call made. That will be some use for that $50,000 the Police Federation PAC has!

Eric Mitchell is absolutely wrong when he states that robocalls are usually made by DFLers and that somehow people are seeking to change the rules of the game here because it's being done by the Police Federation for conservative candidates. In my experience, it is true that DFLers and national Democrats have used robocalls as Get-Out-the-Vote reminders. But that is done to DFLers from DFL lists (legal), not to the whole voter file (illegal). And at any rate GOTV is only one use for robocalls They are also used more perniciously as voter suppression. In 2004, Democrats in several states reported districts being showered with robocalls giving false voting information. In the 2000 Republican, John McCain was the victim of vicious robocalls in South Carolina spreading innuendo about his family life, part of an effective campaign to suppress his turnout in that state's primary.

We are extremely strict with the use of automated calls coming from our union (SEIU), and I would hope that all would abide by the same laws.

I've learned from personal experience of using an automated dialer for union work what robocalls are good for and what they are not. They do well as reminders to attend a meeting or to get out to vote and best when the person answering the phone understands the relationship they have to the caller. (That's also why the MN law makes sense, I think). They are not effective as persuasion, in my opinion, unless what you are trying to do is suppress turnout either through spreading false information or by annoying voters with a barrage of calls. I know from people who received the police federation calls that these were message calls, ie, attempts to persuade voters to vote for Haas, Montgomery, and Bostrom. Apparently the recording even mentions the Bridges of St. Paul -- odd when you think that these are coming from the Police Federation, not so odd when you realize that it is not police oficers who are actually paying for the calls, it's a developer.

Javier Morillo-Alicea

West Side. Still the Best Side.

From: Eric Mitchell
To: Eric Pusey St. Paul Issues Forum <
Sent: Sunday, November 4, 2007 8:13:06 AM
Subject: Re: [SPIF] Police Federation robocalls

Its legal.
Another tactic I have been a part of in the past working on behalf of Democrats. If the company is out of state or the recipients have signed up for information or contact, they are fine.

You know who uses robo-calls the vast majority of times? DFLers/Democrats! You know why? Because our people tend to win when the turnout is high. Republican get a shot when the turnout is low (hence their questionable tactics around voting). Most of the GOTV efforts are to our hard to vote crowd, the disenfranchised and overwhelmingly minority. A bad ruling on this, or the precedence you're setting (or whomever you're shilling for) will absolutely affect next year when the big prizes are up for grabs and we have a chance to dump Norm Coleman and turnover are all eight congressional seats to the DFL (seeing the only ones in play are the GOP held seats).

I didn't see anyone running to the AG from the DFL when their were calls coming in from our sitting members of the DFL Congressional Delegation, Bill Clinton and Rob Reiner to name a few over the last two cycles.

Here's what's disturbing about this. Suddenly the rules that we've all played by for years are not good enough anymore. I've watched rules that were in place and were OK with all us for years, until someone beats us at our own game. Instead bringing it back to them and kicking their tail with the same stick, we are now whining about the rules and trying to figure out how to specifically change them to avoid a specific outcome. That's weak and DFLers do not need to proceed in that direction. We know how to play the game and win.

Lantry, Thune and Harris (the other endorsees of the St Paul Police Fed) do not have an opponent worth any effort from an Independent Expenditure from any union. Their own campaign funds will be enough to deliver their wins. The other three happen to be in the tightest races in the city.

No doubt the SPPF wants to see the candidates who are friendly to their issue win their race. Two of three they're spending money on are ex-cops so its not a shock to see them working with Montgomery and Bostrom. The challenger they're spending money on is running against an incumbent who has not been strong on their issue, in their opinion. So, as I stated over and over and as all bargaining units do, its their job to support candidates who support their members.

There was nary a peep about the our Federation when they were supporting Patty Wetterling and Mike Hatchlast year (unlike the Minneapolis Police Federation who are supporters of the GOP cause from top to bottom). They did catch hell for their support of Randy Kelly. That support came after they ran his man goods through a ringer. Same thing the other unions tried to do. Exactly what you're supposed to be doing. As a bargaining unit, if your politics of Left vs Right interfere with who's best for your membership, then you'd might as well disband. The firefighters and our local AFSCME members know this well and play it just right, yet they're acceptable.

You've got two and a half days (exactly) to get out there and do what you can do best for your candidate, and that's actually campaign for them. I've door knocked side by side with you for Ellison so I know you know what it takes Eric. I just don't get what all of this is about. Its not setting good precedence for the long term health of our efforts.

For the record for the off-liners. I have never worked against an endorsed DFLer after an endorsement. Never. That's much more than a couple of these recent holier-than-thou posters can say.

Eric Mitchell
Payne Phalen

Eric Pusey wrote: Hey!

The St. Paul Police Federation are making robocalls to residents in Wards 1, 5 & 6. They're calling on behalf of their endorsed candidates. A complaint has been filed with the MN Attorney General. What I'm wondering is has anyone write down the what the Police Federation were saying on the robocalls?


Eric Pusey

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West Side, Saint Paul
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11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:50 and 10:41 there is no way that DSI went out and placcarded that many houses and had them all go through the appeals process at City Hall. There are now over a thousand vacant buildings in Saint Paul. The vast majority of houses on the registard vacant lists are houses that have gone into forecloser because of bad loans or unable to sell. Once the water is shut off then DSI puts it on the list.

That is just the facts.

Sharon - I agree with you on Robo calls - all I said was that the Police Federation believes they can make those calls from outstate and not be in violation of the law.


Chuck Repke

11:38 AM  
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

I AM going through the vacant building files...and Chuck, you are WRONG.

What I have found is evidence of pure RICO, and I have already contacted and spoken with the
"appropriate authorities" to handle prosecution of the CRIMINAL actions taken by the St. of Paul against the Citizens.

Be assured, when I have finished my task, there will be a multitude of "job openings" in the St. Paul offices...and overcrowding in the jail.

Nancy Lazaryan

12:13 PM  
Anonymous City Hall Scoop said...

click above for more on robocalls.

Goodbye Helgen!

The Leslie Davis Show airs tomarrow on top of all this Lee. You don't have a chance.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch the
Leslie Davis Show.
Tuesday at 7:00 PM on cable CH.15

Leslie's guest is A-Democracy's
Bob Johnson, they will be discussing the corruption in St.Paul's City Government and the RICO Law suit against the city by some landlords that were victimized by code inspectors.

The list of days, times, and channels for the show.
Just go in to Leslie's web site.


9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does having your water shut off have to do with ordering a complete code complaince on the house? Are these people crazy or what?

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well well well Repke.....tonights a special night for all of us. Don't knpw if you know it or CHuck, but there's an election getting ready to start up in town and starting at 9 tomorrow morning, the voters gonna have their say......for once! And just the thought of that.....welll.....that brings us to you Rpeke. Yup.....right to your front door! Ua know why Repke? Cause your all washed upp you crazy fool. The voter putting you out tomorrow. No more non profit more fancy coktail parties. Ya hear me Repke? Your about to get demoted to the "c list" on the party circuit. I offered to get you a job fryin burgers at Mickeys CHuck, but no woyu wouldn't have that......know what you gonna do? With no non profit money,l that mean no paycheck and ya know what that means Repke? It means you'll probably be selling that shack of your to that Ciani guy and moving oin out to harriet island where the overhead is a bit lower. I'm headin out to the bar now Repke, but I;ll be back.....I'm not doen with you yety.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy, there would need to be nearly 100 hearings a month to come up with the number of vacant properties we have and that just hasn't occurred.

The VAST (as in well beyond most) majority of the vacant buildings in Saint Paul are simple foreclosers that have gone back to the bank without ever have gotten a significant code violation besides tall weeds and grass. They aren't appealed to the council, the mortgage company does nothing with them and puts them on the market "as is."

That is the real world.


Chuck Repke

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leslie Davis is at it again.
On his TV Show he is pointing out the corrupt St.Paul City Government and how they use there city code compliance to take homes from the elderly, the poor, middle class, minorities. Chris Coleman was discussed with Bob Johnson, and how Chris Coleman is keeping a tight lip about it all.
One thing they talked about was the RICO Law Suit against St.Paul, and there employees that run the city code office.
Here is Bob Johnson on Leslie's show talking about the same stuff that he was stanchion for at
"e"--de "moc" racy.
Bob started his own blog for one reason,
"FREE SPEECH" for all.
Not just the "Democraps" at "e"--de "moc" racy
Stay in tune with
"A" Democracy, the peoples blog.
Tune in next week for a new Leslie Davis Show.

8:47 PM  

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