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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bill Dahn on City Government by Bill Dahn

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Hi Dave
Bill Dahn here, with some of that trash that will come about in the next few mouths election.
As we know how much money goes throw Ramsey Action Program aka "RAP", and "WE" know how much was "Misused" or "Wasted" or did someone like Dale Anderson pay their self to much for doing to little. ! ?
Remember, I was the one that showed the world that Dale Anderson had at least 5 jobs at Ramsey Action Program aka RAP !
I see that EX Mayor Jim Scheibleloses his job with NONPROFIT Ramsey Action Program.

I see how you were using E-D to bad mouth the governor, because the governor kept your money!
What Does the City Of St.Paul Do With TAX Dollars ? KEEP THEM !
Is this all truth or is it really just a way for a "Champagne Smear" You used the word Folks,
And stuff like
the fradulent
no-tax pledge of governor pawlenty which shifted the state's costs back down.

Governor Pawlenty
governor pawlenty


You and other Democrats that run this once fine City of St.Paul, are known now as

Sandy Pappas and her office tried to get RAP to do something about the insulation they installed in my home.
Her worker Ann Cook, came out the same day that I called Sandy Pappas for help,
Ann Came out and seen that there was a smell of formaldehyde, that even bothered her.
Ann saw that the two cat were eating the insulation off the floor, and how bad of health they were in,
Ann had the cats seen Free of Charge at the Highland Pet Hospital, where they were looking better in just the three days they kempt them there.
They at RAP worked with Ann Cook about the Bill Dahn Home.
Ann was told down the way by Sandy Pappas to NIOT HELP MR. DAHN NO MORE !
So Ann "Quit" a good state job, and came and worked with me on solving the problem with my home at 256 W. Morton St. in St.Paul.
That was cause by RAP's work.
She stayed with me, and made me quite happier by her helping me.
Ann Cook was one of the people that Jesse and Dean said they would give jobs for in the system when he was Elected.
Bill Dahn, Video with Jessie Ventura, 1998-The Bribe
So that beautiful Woman, Ann Cook that was sent to my home, by Sandy Pappas office was helpful in many ways.
But way did Ann "Quit" a state job working with Sandy Pappas ?
Sandy Pappas told Ann to quit helping Mr.Dahn with his home.
Then Sandy lost one good worker to the person Sandy Did Not want to Help Bill Dahn for some reason.
Ann worked with Dean Barkley about the insulation that RAP installed for FREE.
By You knowing how the St.Paul " CODE COPS" work and by My home to even has SEWER GAS coming threw my "Furnace" that was installed by RAP -- it was FREE they said.
Read this and see how this fine city of DEM-O = "RATS" help cover up for Ramsey Action Program aka RAP. Bill Dahn, Homestead Rip Off By "RAP" !
Why was this you ask ?
Money FLOWS threw St.Paul from DOE in Washington DC and the State of Minnesota,
for helping the poor and elderly pay Electric and Gas bill's, and to help fix up their home so they are more energy efficient.
When there are government tax $$$$$$$$ dollars being wasted by a
NON PROFIT COMPANY, that is being paid for by ALL TAX PAYERS.
So in the end, these non-profit companies are Stealing from the TAX PAYERS.
Why are the Democrats abusing the oath of office and neglecting the people that Voted them in ?

PS. please post this on E-Democracy !
as a responds to your posting

Bill Dahn
For Senate Seat 65
651 - 453 - 1992
West Side and Still Alive !


Blogger Bob said...

I'm happy Bill feels free to express himself here.

When Bill was suspended from that other forum and came to our town hall discussion, we gained and they lost.

Agree with him or not there is a certain spice to his communication ability and from time to time I sure have gotten a smile and a laugh out of some of his public comments.Learned something too.

After all he is a brother in the struggle to maintain fairness within our government. He lost his home too!

Think about this, if Bill and Sharon were elected wouldn't that be a good thing? Do you think they would forget about the ones who helped get them there and the struggle we all share in.

You got my vote Bill!

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Bob,
Bill is supportive of everyones rights. Bill was there to support me when when E-Democracy Clics were trying to put me down to nothing. At this point Bill has nothing to gain, he is just watching out for everyone elses rights. Bill is a very devoted man to the publics best interest. We all should feel priviledged to know him and have him on our side.

Nancy (formerly of St.Paul)

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Demo-Rat said...

Hey, Bill! DEMO-RAT here. I'm a democrat and I believe in most of the opinions here.

Voted for Jesse too! Why should I vote for you?

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Bill was also at the protests that were down at city hall when Kelly was running for reelection. He gets around!

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Bill Dahn said...

News Flash
By Bill Dahn
Candidate for Senate Seat # 65

The Day went down in History !
We Here in America and around the World, will remember that tragic day that the Twin Towers seen its end.
3000 People lost their lives, and all that were injured in the
catastrophe on 9 - 11 - 2001

Here in St.Paul,Minnesota I -- Bill Dahn --
Bill Dahn, 9/11 - Memorial for Bill Dahn's loss ---was thrown out on the street 9-11-2001 at 9 am, Tuesday Primary Election Day that I was a Candidate for Mayor of St. Paul and I had to be in Court at 1 PM for the restraining by Jesse Vantura.
Bill Dahn, Video with Jessie Ventura, 1998-The Bribe
I phoned Dean Barkley's office to ask if He would like a copy of the video that He was the cameraman.
While Jesse and Dean Barkley was at Bill Dahn home on
July-19-1998 when they were conspiring to have me change political parties.
This movie was of Jesse Ventura and His Campaign Manager
Dean Barkley, Bill Dahn, James Kane.
Jesse said over and over again, We would take you down and change you's to become Re-Publicans.
We registered on the Re-Form Party on July-14-1998.
On July 21, 1998 Dean paid for Me to Change to Re-pulican.
Here is the movie that they put restraining orders on me to shut me up about the movie.

Bill Dahn, Homestead Rip Off By "RAP" !
I fought the Government and Ramsey Action Program ----------- aka -- RAP, about the condition they left my home and
the formaldehyde soaked insulation that they installed in my home in 9 - 1995
But to get back to how on 9 -11 - 2001 ten Ramsey County
Sheriff Deputies sowed up at my door at 9 am to make sure I Would Not try to get some frame out of losing my home do to Bad Government cover-up about the Democrats Covering up for the misuse of federal money supplied by Department of Energy Washington, DC.
So Between RAP and the illegal Sheriff Sale on my home by--Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy Lori Kratzke read this about how She stole money from the sales of homes in Ramsey County while She was working as a Deputy.
She blamed it on "Gambling Addiction".
I was stolen from By the Dirty Crooks in Our City-County-State and federal Government, once I found out that "RAP"
installed the insulation in some 200,000 other homes in Minnesota.
My Lawyer Dean Barkley worked with "RAP" and He submitted two estimate's for me on my home -- they were between 70 and 80 thousand dollars and received many letters about my home from RAP.

Because I pointed out that Jesse and Dean "Bribed" me,
they thought they could just make me lose my home and it would be over.
Do Not Estimate the Power of a Disabled person,
like Bill Dahn.

We will show how Sandy Pappas worked against me on the RAP issue.
I became a Tile 31 Whistle Blower
I Don't point the index finger at any Government People.
We The People Of The United States,
will not be lead around like sheep.
When we pay taxes, we are the Government !
United We Stand, And Divided We Fall.
This Country of the United States of America, is based on one for all and all for one.
And for the people who apposed me over the years, thank you all for making it possible to bring a suit against all

/S/ Bill Dahn
VOTE "Bill Dahn" Senate # 65
St. Paul, MN. 55107
42USC Fair Housing
Bill Dahn, Political Races
Bill Dahn, Homestead Rip Off 1
2nd City of Saint Paul RICO Lawsuit - Watchdog News

9:07 PM  

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