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Monday, March 05, 2012

The Christian Science Monitor/ Rush Limbaugh: Rudeness aside, did he have a point?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rush's words were harsh but technically true.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and it would have been equally true to say that insurance companies shouldn't cover pain medications because I object to Rush abbuse of pain medication, and that insurance companies shouldn't cover viagra because I don't want Rush to be able to get his limp dick up.

The only thing that this poor woman was testifying to was that the new national standard for health insurance should have what 35 states have as a standard and that is contraception coverage. Minnesota has had it as a standard for better than 30 years.

States have regulated the health insurance industry for at least 50 years and have set minimum standards for coverage, so that you know when you buy a plan in Minnesota and you go to the hospital with a broken leg and you have health insurance you know that legs are covered, and heart attacks are covered. And that if there is prescription coverage, pain meds are covered and birth controlled is covered. Its a standard.... and if Rush is in the same health plan as I am I pay for all of those pain pills he pops and the viagra to get his limp dick up.


Chuck Repke

11:32 PM  

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