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Thursday, November 11, 2010

From Barack's classmate........

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Anonymous WAYNE ALLYN ROOT said...

Overwhelm the system

Barrack Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. To the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he's doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos -- thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within.

Barack Obama is my college classmate ( Columbia University , class of '83). As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven, two professors at Columbia University . They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands. Add up the clues below. Taken individually they're alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs government for survival ... and can be counted on to always vote for bigger government. Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it.

-- Universal health care. The health care bill had very little to do with health care. It had everything to do with unionizing millions of hospital and health care workers, as well as adding 15,000 to 20,000 new IRS agents (who will join government employee unions). Obama doesn't care that giving free health care to 30 million Americans will add trillions to the national debt. What he does care about is that it cements the dependence of those 30 million voters to Democrats and big government. Who but a socialist revolutionary would pass this reckless spending bill in the middle of a depression?

-- Cap and trade. Like health care legislation having nothing to do with health care, cap and trade has nothing to do with global warming. It has everything to do with redistribution of income, government control of the economy and a criminal payoff to Obama's biggest contributors. Those powerful and wealthy unions and contributors (like GE, which owns NBC, MSNBC and CNBC) can then be counted on to support everything Obama wants. They will kickback hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to Obama and the Democratic Party to keep them in power. The bonus is that all the new taxes on Americans with bigger cars, bigger homes and businesses helps Obama "spread the wealth around."

7:51 AM  
Anonymous story continued said...

-- Make Puerto Rico a state. Why? Who's asking for a 51st state? Who's asking for millions of new welfare recipients and government entitlement addicts in the middle of a depression? Certainly not American taxpayers. But this has been Obama's plan all along. His goal is to add two new Democrat senators, five Democrat congressman and a million loyal Democratic voters who are dependent on big government.

-- Legalize 12 million illegal immigrants. Just giving these 12 million potential new citizens free health care alone could overwhelm the system and bankrupt America . But it adds 12 million reliable new Democrat voters who can be counted on to support big government. Add another few trillion dollars in welfare, aid to dependent children, food stamps, free medical, education, tax credits for the poor, and eventually Social Security.

-- Stimulus and bailouts. Where did all that money go? It went to Democrat contributors, organizations (ACORN), and unions -- including billions of dollars to save or create jobs of government employees across the country. It went to save GM and Chrysler so that their employees could keep paying union dues. It went to AIG so that Goldman Sachs could be bailed out (after giving Obama almost $1 million in contributions). A staggering $125 billion went to teachers (thereby protecting their union dues). All those public employees will vote loyally Democrat to protect their bloated salaries and pensions that are bankrupting America . The country goes broke, future generations face a bleak future, but Obama, the Democrat Party, government, and the unions grow more powerful. The ends justify the means.

-- Raise taxes on small business owners, high-income earners, and job creators. Put the entire burden on only the top 20 percent of taxpayers, redistribute the income, punish success, and reward those who did nothing to deserve it (except vote for Obama). Reagan wanted to dramatically cut taxes in order to starve the government. Obama wants to dramatically raise taxes to starve his political opposition.

With the acts outlined above, Obama and his regime have created a vast and rapidly expanding constituency of voters dependent on big government; a vast privileged class of public employees who work for big government; and a government dedicated to destroying capitalism and installing themselves as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system.

Add it up and you've got the perfect Marxist scheme -- all devised by my Columbia University college classmate Barack Obama using the Cloward and Piven Plan.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Chuck and Eric, interesting isn't it.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Savior_Indgxxxsue the Media said...

Candidate's fighting Back the best way they know how Pro Se

Congratulations to Bill Dahn to have the tenancity to Fight Back 4 Consumer Protection as a Candidate

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When and what year is dooms day.
2011 with Obama and his tactics to break the United States.


9:12 AM  
Blogger smplcv said...

Oh! wonderful way to read the story from not a friend of Obama, as he a friend of all Americans..Thanks for the story..tell Obama to concentrate of school children ..if you meet him.

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12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well looks like the liberal republican president has done it again.

Offering to give 5.75 BILLION DOLLARS of your money to Isreal to buy fighter jets.

In a time of unheard of un-employment and Federal deficit, this is who was elected as your president and congress.

Folks, if we can give this amount of money to Isreal alone, and pay for a healthcare socialistic plan, then I am sorry to report but we Americans are buying the bullshit !!

No wonder the likes of Eric and Chuck have disappeared.

There are no economic problems in this country when we can spend like this in such a reported time of economic crisis.

These Washington politicians are selling us a line of shit !!!!!

Jeff Matiatos

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Eric, turns out our Government had been giving safe haven to Nazis after the war, about 10'000 of them they say ?

Turns out that NASA has honored Author Ruldolf, the Nazi who ran the munitions factorys that made ordanance that killed many thousands of our u.s. soldiers in WWII .

You come on here and bitch about racist's and biggotry when your own Government are perhalps the biggest biggots of all.

Our own president is talking out of his ass and mouth at the same time when he openly says he supports gays and lesbians in the military but then openly supports " Don't ask Don't tell ".

Doeas he support gays and lesbians just for votes like the democrats do with hispanics and illegals ?

This Government that controls you has really got you by the balls doesn't they !!!!

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is chuck and eric and why not responding?

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:00 PM,

Jeff Obama is no republican.

I am highly insulted by your comment.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well he sure is acting like one now isn't he ?

I know obama claims to be a democrat but if you know anything about how he operates and his policies from the wars in iraq and Afganistan, he seems to be siding with republicans.

By the way, good news as the city has lost their plea for en-banc hearing !!

The landlords have notched a big one and I expect the city will be considering settling .

Sure Bob will post the official news very shortly.

Jeff Matiatos

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:25 PM


Are you NUTS?

Did you see what happened on Election Day? The public rejected the policies of Democrats like Democrat Obama and elected Republicans in large numbers.

Obama is no Republican. He is acting like a socialist liberal and that is not the definition of any Republican I know. You really don't know what Republicans stand for and you display your lack of knowledge by your statements.

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:29 a.m. your just a nameless faceless dolt who can't think of anything better to do than jump on anybody who even slightly deviates from the way you see things. I mean can't you see that having Robert Gates as your Secretary of Defence ( Gates was involved in a covert effort to see that Carter lost the election in 1980 so reagen and Bush could get in ) So why the hell would you reward him with such a position by making him Defence Secretary ?

Problem is 4:29, your so brainwashed into just thinking about the definition and difference between a democrat vs. republican you can't see through it and see how Obama is playing the Americans from both sides of the coin and our president is a fraud.

You have taken this opprotunity to come down on me when in fact your ass was handed to you Eric LoL ;)

Jeff Matiatos

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to laugh at the friends of Glen Beck who think that proposing a health care proposal that was origanally proposed by the GOP in 1992 as an alternative to "Hillary care" is some how "socialism" is absolute insanity.

The history of National Health Insurance proposals in the US has been National Health insurance proposed, Medicare developed as a first step alternative in 1965. It is National Health Insurance for the elderly.

Then in 1972 National Health insurance was proposed by Ted Kennedy for every American. And DICK NIXON proposed mandated private insurance (what passed this year). (Kennedy wouldn't settle)

In 1976 Kennedy again proposed National Health Insurance and Jimmy Carter proposed mandated private insurance with a public option. (Kennedy wouldn't settle)

In 1992 Clinton proposed national health insurance with a private option, the GOP proposed mandated private insurance with a public option (the Carter plan) (Kennedy and Clinton wouldn't settle - nothing passed)

Last year Obama proposed what the GOP proposed in 1992 and settled for what Dick Nixon proposed in 1972 and somehow he is a socialist???

What a joke.


Chuck Repke

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck, you tell me the constitutionbal authority the president and congress has to impose it's will to force me to purchase private health insurance and I'll gladly pick it apart. Bit by Bit.

Jeff Matiatos

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff try this:

1. The government can tax you.
2. The government can give you a tax credit if you have spent money on something it wants to give you a tax credit for.

You make $xx,xxx a year and are charged $x,xxx in taxes. You fill in on line ZZ that you paid $XXX in health insurance and you get a $XXX tax credit.

Just like when I got a Tax credit for buying my new car Jeff.

If you didn't buy a new car last year you didn't get the credit.

Same thing.

A mandate that we all must have health insurance is easiestly enforced by giving those who comply a tax credit and then the rest of you who continue to get your emergency medical coverage by showing up at the hospital and my taxes paying for you will pay a little more on your taxes.


Chuck Repke

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck, the poor and the sick hardly pay enough taxes to reap the benefit of a tax credit
anyways let alone being able to afford a private health care plan which the Government seeks and will force upon them.

Now, you start adding fines to the equation, the sick and poor have to work even harder and longer to not only pay fines but keep pace with the premiums.

Anyhow, the real issue is the constitutionality of the Governments mandate.

Attorneys Generals from 13 states including Minnesota have opposed the Governments mandate on various Constitutional claims.

I for one, believe that it would be theft by our Government to take anything more than the taxes allowed by the constitution from it's citizens paychecks.

It's the failures of Government to regulate doctor services and the insurance companys who pay the doctors.

It's like the well and strong paying a majority of social security and medicare taxes to maintain the wellness of those in nursing homes who can't work and for the poor in general.

If the Government can regulate prices elsewhere, surely they can reign in the cost of medical care but refuse to because it get enormous amounts of tax revenue from the likes of hospitals and drug companys that charge over inflated prices for medications and services.

Jeff Matiatos

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction :

The poor and sick hardly make enough nor have any rightoff capability to reap any benefit to a tax credit so how is that helping those that are already on the lowest end of the wage scale ?

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can the Government, in a historicaly capitalistic society, create a mandate that intereferes with the very spirit of that capitalism for which this nation was built ?
This Government seeks to control every aspect of it in violation of the constitution for which out nation was founded .
We have the democrats forcing their tax and spend agendas and both parties bankrupting this country by continuing these expensive wasteful wars.
Who will bring an inditment against these politicians for the way they destroy this nation ?
When you have only two parties that monopolize the running of this country.
You have politicians like Rangle serving 20 terms in office.
It makes me sick I tell you !!!!

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK - lets start at the beginning, our system for the last 80 years.

Private Health Insurance is Socialistic.

You and me and 500,000 people I have never met all send our payments to Blue Cross Blue Shield and when I get sick all of my fellow Blue Cross insured people pay my medical bills.

Its Socialism.

They don't keep my money separate. They use your money to pay my bills.

Socialism (voluntary... but socialism)

All of the poor who have no money and end up at a hospital, if they have no money to pay, the counties are required to pick up the bill. My tax dollars pay for their care.

Socialism. My tax money pays their bill.

So, the current system has been socialistic for the last 80 years.

Now, you can object to that and pretend that it was something else but that is what it is. The only difference between what we have had and what is to be is that the government is trying to find a way to reduce the huge costs that have fallen on the counties to deal with the sick and poor that get their medical care by damn near dying and showing up at the hospital.

What is coming and will come sooner or later is Universal Health Insurance. Everyone in the country be covered by some plan; either through a private company or by having public insurance.

The reason why the government wants the poor to have insurance is so that the government saves money by paying less when the poor go to a clinic instead of paying a fortune when they show up at a hospital.

The only serious objection to all of this comes from the health insurance companies. Their concern of course is that they get to keep 15% (on average) of the monies that I pay health insurance as profit. They already have their own "death panels" that determine what treatments they will let me have. And, they know that some day the public will wise up and realize that it would be cheaper if the government did all of the insurance themselves.


Chuck Repke

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama will not be come through with his campaign promises to close gitmo and get us out of the wars.

Those were pretty big campaign promises NOT KEPT !!!!

Typical I say and the Republicans will gain the presidency if the Democrats can't come up with an alternative viable presidential candidate. Obama will be roasted if he runs for re-election.

You agree Chuck ?

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:58 - As a liberal Democrat, Obama has been a great disappointment. I have been absolutely stunned at how easily he has been pushed around by the Republican minority and how easily he compromises and flat our adopts Republican positions as his own.

I admit to having been a H. Clinton supporter and having said that Obama was the only Democrat in the race that was weak on health reform, but I can not believe that he accepted a mandate for health care coverage without a public option. Hell, he could have had at least pushed to have lowered the age on medicare to 55 as a start but totally gutless on real health care reform.

All we have is a place to start once a true liberal gets elected...

As to Gitmo, Iraq and Afghanistan, have you noticed any difference from Bush's policies? Any? Someone? Any?

The terrorists have won.

We waste billions of dollars a years chasing tribal war lords in the mountain tops that are armed with weapons Reagan bought for them in the 80's.

We have cheerfully given up are personal civil liberties as we are strip searched in airports.

And, we have become willing torcherers under Bush and have now accepted that as legal by Obama's failure to even lift a finger to investigate a prosecute Bush and Rumsfeld as the war criminals they are.

Our wars have driven us to the point of bankruptcy, which has now given us 15% real unemployment, we now strip search our citizens, will soon have national ID cards, we torcher our enemies....

What more could Bin Laden have asked for?

And, the right wing demands that we give up more of our honor and decency and our humanity...


Chuck Repke

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now Chuck, if your responce at 9:26 wasn't a consession speach it sure looks like your waiving a white flag of surrender.

Obama should have went to the college of "HOW TO LEAD A NATION"

This president of ours can't do anything right , and most of it was well calculated to coincide with his alternative agenda incase the democrats got their asses kicked which they did.

You see that the Giant oil spill in the Gulf has been quickly hushed out of the media.

This is not a president that can be trusted and he is running a close second to the former Bush administration who's presidencys all the way back to reagen were nothing but covert administrations hell bent on planning this showdown in the middle east in a race to control the resources of other nations.

Obama keeps Robert Gates ( A Republican spy ) on as defence secretary . Gates was the man that leaked classified information about former President Carters plans to get the hostages released to the Reagan's and Bushes of the world back in 1980 to affect the re-election bid for carter.

Plus, Obama's administration announcing that we will not be getting out of the wars until at least 2014 ( 3 more years ), and after a magor election cycle reaks of a well timed lie to the American people.

This president should be impeached and I can't even say on here what else could be done to the S.O.B.

Now, his party is Rushing to get a treaty done with the Soviets just so they can have something to throw at the American people in 2012 and say they did good.

This nuclear treaty should not be rushed just because the new congress is coming in, in January, but this is what Obama is doing.

Jeff Matiatos

9:52 AM  

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