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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Minnesota's Fascist PIGS arresting citizens for debt

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Anonymous LINK TO STORY HERE said...

In jail for being in debt
You committed no crime, but an officer is knocking on your door. More Minnesotans are surprised to find themselves being locked up over debts.

By CHRIS SERRES and GLENN HOWATT , Star Tribune staff writers

Last update: June 9, 2010 - 7:58 AM

8:18 AM  
Anonymous TRIBUNE said...

Top five companies using debt arrest warrants
Last update: June 9, 2010 - 7:40 AM


Companies that buy bad debts frequently seek warrants to arrest Minnesota debtors. More than 1,600 other creditors also used the process, in most cases just once.*

Warrant cases

Firm Location Type of firm 2005-2009

Unifund CCR Partners Cincinnati Debt buyer 247

Portfolio Recovery Assoc. Norfolk, Va. Debt buyer 130

Debt Equities LLC Golden Valley Debt buyer 92

Capital One Bank McLean, Va. Credit card issuer 53

Lakes Gas Co. Forest Lake Propane supplier 41

* The Star Tribune has used warrants to collect four debts since 2005.

Source: Minnesota Judicial Branch data, analysis by Star Tribune

8:36 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Hi All,

I sent out a note to all these facist letting them know what I think of them.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty disturbing, isn't it?

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to a dfl controled area.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This arresting bullshit went into effect was upheld during the Bush and Pawlenty administrations. Just more advantages for those who don't produce anything but paper (like wall street traders that destroyed the economy).

Those consumer protection agencies and attorneys being interviewed are what most would call liberals.

Twist your logic any way you want, Republicans do not support debtors over creditors. Ever.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twist your logic any way you want, Republicans do not support debtors over creditors. Ever.

11:13 AM

Ya da ya da ya da da Eric. What's with the anonymous post?


11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like someone plans to do something about this!

1:50 AM  

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