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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Train!

Topic requested...LINK TO STORY HERE


Blogger Bob said...

As any native to Saint Paul knows, on weekends hot rods cruise University (aka the strip) and have done so for many years. What effect will THE TRAIN have on cruising hot rods on University? Will U turns become a thing of the past?

The hot rodders bring significant money to businesses up and down University and are a big attraction for spectators from all over the metro. The hot rodders bring excitement and a sense of vibrant city life to the strip.

Leave the exciting attraction of University hot rods on week ends and drive downtown Saint Paul and you might get the impression the city is abandoned.

Downtown Minneapolis has a vibrant entertaining city life, something Saint Paul hasn't seen in years. I'd sure hate to see the last unorganized social event we have in Saint Paul become a thing of the past.

Chuck, do you have an answer for this one? Will the train end one of the last unorganized social events many of us have shared in since we were kids?

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Summit Avenue strip. Plenty of parking, nice scenery.

Charlie Swope wouldn't mind the finely tuned exhaust notes.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It shouldn't make a big difference other than you will only be able to turn and U turn on streets that have left turn lanes and arrows.

So, should be no problem at Vandalia, Prior, Fairview, Snelling, Hamline, Lexington, Dale, Rice....

Side streets won't have holes to cut through... you can't there from here...


Chuck Repke

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Bewildered said...

from the story- Property owners along St. Paul's portion of the proposed Central Corridor light-rail line will have to pay for a portion of street improvements, but they'll be able to wait until 2014, or when the trains are rolling.

That's somewhat of a victory for property owners and business operators downtown and along University Avenue, where the train will run on its 11-mile course to Minneapolis. <--- victory for who, the city?

minneapolis compensated business owners for loss of profits in the area of the 35 bridge when it collapsed.

Bewildered link

10:18 AM  

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