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Thursday, June 25, 2009

St. Paul police ramp up scrutiny of rival gangs in wake of shooting death, stabbing

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Blogger Bob said...

Police intensify scrutiny of rival gangs
By Mara H. Gottfried
Updated: 06/24/2009 11:38:42 PM CDT

An 18-year-old shot to death.

A 15-year-old near death from a stabbing.

In both gang-related cases, a small act of perceived dis-respect led to their attackers' massive retaliation.

Charges were filed Wednesday in the stabbing that occurred Monday near St. Paul's Arlington High School. The victim reportedly insulted the gang that two girls were affiliated with and one phoned a friend, who summoned people to fight the boy.

On Tuesday, prosecutors charged a man with murder in the Friday night death of Dionte Ramone Montantes in St. Paul's Summit-University neighborhood. A witness said Montantes flashed a rival gang sign.

The violence has police and others concerned.

"In the end, on the basis of these really minor slights, young people are ending up seriously hurt, dead or in prison," said Sgt. Paul Schnell, police spokesman.

After the homicide, Police Chief John Harrington directed his department's gang unit "to mount increased pressure on these active rival gang members and their associates with the hope that it will quell escalating violence," he said in a statement. That pressure is continuing, Schnell said Wednesday.

Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner called it "sad and stupid that kids this young are doing this to each other."

Different gangs were involved in the two recent cases, but a "dis" that leads to violence "is a very common theme in gang cases and has been for a long time," Gaertner said.

"I think there's a perception
sometimes that gang violence is rational, that it's part of the business enterprise of the gang," she said. "The fact is, more often than not, this kind of violence results from insults, words exchanged, bad feelings."
The most recent incident occurred Monday when a 15-year-old boy was stabbed.

The Ramsey County attorney's office charged Israel Flores, 19, of St. Paul, on Wednesday with first-degree assault and crime committed for the benefit of a gang.

The complaint gives this account:

At 2:32 p.m. Monday, police were called to the area of Nebraska Avenue and Woodbridge Street and found staff from nearby Arlington High School tending to the wounded 15-year-old and giving him first aid. The boy, identified as E.A.G., was not a student there, police have said.

Before he was taken to Regions Hospital, E.A.G. told an officer a Sureno 13 member he knew had stabbed him. E.A.G. said he was in the 18th Street gang.

E.A.G. had numerous wounds to the torso. He was in critical condition and near death when he was admitted to the hospital.

A witness told police a girl or girls might have arranged a fight between E.A.G. and the suspect.

A female said she and a friend were on school break when E.A.G. walked by.

E.A.G. knew they were affiliated with a Sureno gang subset and started insulting the gang, the female said. Her friend phoned another girl to have her Sureno friends come fight E.A.G.

About 20 minutes later, a vehicle pulled up with two Sureno members, "Flaco" and "Shadow," inside. Shadow got out, approached E.A.G. and stabbed him several times with a knife, the complaint said.

A witness said he saw a man get out of a white SUV "and thrust a knife at a man who was on his butt and attempting to scoot backwards to get away from the other man," the complaint said. The witness took down the SUV's license number and gave it to police.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous the rest of the story. said...

Police investigators familiar with Sureno 13 believed Shadow to be Flores. E.A.G. picked Flores out of a photo lineup.

Police arrested Flores on Tuesday. He told police he got a call from his "home girl" about "some 'fake teens,' a term they used to describe 18th Street gang members," the complaint said.

Flores said he went to the area of Arlington High School and saw eight "fake teens." He said he pulled a folding pocketknife "when the guy started to come towards the truck," the complaint said. "Flores intimated that he acted in self-defense."

Police believed Flaco was Roberto Cortes, 19. Cortes was arrested but not charged, and the county attorney's office is considering the case.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

What makes a wanna be gang dangerous?

Both these gangs are "wanna be" gang bangers, they have a reputation on the street for being soft. They don't like that reputation. Their peers telling them they ain't shit.

The word on the street is, they are out to prove they are BAD! They want folks to tremble in their shoes when they hear their name.

I know most these guys in the Sureno 13 gang. Many of them were from my old neighborhood at the end of West 7th. st. My son shares in some of the responsibility of giving them a soft image, beating up on a number of them for spraying graffiti on our friends and neighbors property.

Oddly as that may sound, my son gets along with this group now. My son is even friends with one of these guys who is no longer affiliated with the group.

I will get these guys together and talk to them.

If you are reading here and have a job for one of these guys who may not have work, please contact me. My e mail address is at the top of the page. You have nothing to fear, I know most of these kids. They are good at heart. Like a lot of us when we were young they've done some dumb things. However, opportunity brings hope for a brighter future.

Let's see how well the grape vine works! To the Saint Paul police officer who has a gig cleaning out vacant homes. I hear you are looking for a crew. I have a work crew for you. Please contact me. If you will hire some of these kids you can save lives and provide oppurtunity and hope.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If you are reading here and have a job for one of these guys who may not have work, please contact me"

Do they prefer bank hiests or Liqour stores? Can you foreward thier jackets....I mean resumes so we can see what they may qualify for? Also, will they be providing their own ammo or will the employers be picking that up?

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sureno 13 is one of the most violent gangs in America. Its no joke or 'wannabe' gang.
After these 'wannabe' bangers prove-up, they have a nationwide network.

I think it does a disservice to downplay the danger. That kind of dismissal is what led to the rise in gang activity in the early 90's.

I thought we were bankrolling a gang task force for the last the 12 years to get ahead of this?


1:14 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

12:08, we give them jobs in hopes that they will keep the employment.
OUR safety depends on it. We do it for all of us.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Bob said...


Most these kids are home grown wannabes. I know of one who is from California. I am sure they do not have a network through out the country. Will the violence get them connected with the real Sureno 13 I haven't a clue.

It is obvious they are becoming dangerous, I am not down playing this issue. I have read my first comment several times and I can not see why you think I am down playing this.

I'm sure the readers of the Pioneer Press article are scared to death. To me these are the kids down the street who have little education and little hope for the future. They didn't excel in school and fell behind their peers. With that comes lack of self esteem. They seek comfort with like minded people.

I know there is those of you who think just lock them up. Well the down side of that is they have to commit a crime to be locked up. How many crimes will they get away with before being caught? How many citizens will they hurt in some way?

I am for preventive crime measures.
As tax payers we spend about $100 a day to imprison someone. Or about $35,000 a year. Take some of this cash we spend imprisoning folks and create counseling, over sight programs and employment opportunities. I know this sounds radical and leftest to many of you. The rewards of a program like this would never be known due to the fact the crime that was deterred and lives saved is impossible to measure. But we can believe this is the only common sense approach to criminally inclined citizens. To me crime is a mental illness.

The program we talked about here a few mouths back to give the most dangerous criminals in the city jobs, was well intended but it was a failure for the most part. These guys given these union jobs had to go to school full time to learn the trade. Most of them could not afford to support themselves and go to school full time. So what was a good offer turned quickly into a pipe dream for many.

When programs are set up to get these guys off the street, all aspects of their circumstances must be considered.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Hi All,

Some good news! I know you regulars remember the story "The not so neighborly neighbors, Larry, Lenny and Frank".

Lenny and Larry are in the foreclosure clean out business. Insured and Bonded. I contacted them and Lenny tells me he has enough work for his crew. But, if he can get more work he will hire as many of these kids as I can send him.

The City of Saint Paul has purchased a number of these vacant homes, how bout it city council and Mayor, can we put these wannabe criminals to work?

Any advice Chuck and Eric, you guys know how to make this happen.

To anyone who reads here, may you be an investor or a banker, a clean out service who is willing to hire these guys, if you can help, please consider getting involved. It is for the safety and tranquility of our city.

If you think you have some work for "Lenny's cleaning for the haul of it" their number is...651-325-9366

Lenny wanted me to add... These guys will not be put to work at occupied homes. Vacant clean outs only.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great......absolutely fantastic! I am running a clean out service but we are not interested in vacant homes, only occupied please! Do your people have their own get away vehicles?.....I mean trucks or personal vehicles would be a better way to say it.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous froggy said...

Lock them up! Maybe the next person they violate will blow their brains out.

"It's hoppin in Frogtown"!

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Great......absolutely fantastic! I am running a clean out service but we are not interested in vacant homes, only occupied please! Do your people have their own get away vehicles?.....I mean trucks or personal vehicles would be a better way to say it.

6:36 PM


8:50 PM  

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