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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saint Paul/Johnny Howard Letter... Dear Mayor Coleman

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Blogger Bob said...

There is copy errors.

The Honorable Chris Coleman
Mayor, City of Saint Paul
390 City Hall
15 West Kellogg Boulevard
St. Paul, MN 55102

Dear Mayor Coleman:

As you know I am as deeply committed to the City of S1. Paul. If no one in City Hall
knows this, I know you do. I have and will continue to work to make St. Paul a wonderful place to live and raise families. This brings me to my reason for writing to you. I
am very concerned with the number of law suits that have been filed against our city by landlords who believe that they have been targeted by the City of St. Paul because of race and income of the individuals they rent to. I did not want to believe this, but now that I have spent nearly a year being disrespected and harassed by DSl, there is no doubt in my
mind that there is something wrong. I have already consulted an attorney and filled a Human Rights Complaint to address my personal concerns.

There is a saying "There's something wrong and somebody ought to do something'" I am not asking you to do anything for me personally. I am begging you to address this issue for our city and in particular, low income and people of color. Here is a brief
picture of what I have been dealing with the past seven to eight months. As you may or
may not know. I own rental property, and like everyone I am required to have code inspections in which I support. What I am against is abuse of the power and unprofessional conduct by DSI personnel.

I am quite sure by now you are asking yourself why doesn't he call or write Robert
Kessler and ask him to address his concerns with DSI. I wrote and called Mr. Kessler
March 20, 2008. I have not received a response from Mr.Kessler as of yet

The Inspector that is assigned to my property is Lisa Martin. It would be interesting to
see how many times her name comes up in the other law suits that the city is facing.

Rather than write you a new letter about my concerns I am forwarding you copy of the letter that sent to Robert Kessler, Mike Urman and Lisa Martin. See (Attachment (A)

I did not receive a response to this letter,so I went ahead and filedmy appeal and was granted a date for my appeal.Shortly after receivmg this date, I did get a call from Mike Urman informing me that I did not have the right to appeal. The next day I received a call from Marsh Moreman canceling my appeal. I then wrote a letter to the City Clerk and copied it to Robert Kessler and John Choi (see Altachment B expressing my concerns.
With the decision to cancel my appeal, no response from Robert Kessler as of yet, but I did get an
IN-DIRECT MESSAGE from Ms.Martin on Thursday May 1, 2008 Ms. Martin called X-Cel Energy and instructed them to:

TURN OFF THE GAS AS WELL AS THE ELECTRICITY BECAUSE THE PROPERTY WAS GOING TO BE CONDEMNED. ON FRIDAY MAY 2 THE PROPERTY WAS CONDEMNED FOR NOT HAVING UTILITIES.(I have the conversation with X-Cel on audio tape)The family living on the property went 14 DAYS without electricity or gas. (WOW)

it is my understanding if the orders change, you should then be granted additional time to appeal.9There was at least 5 changes to the orders that I received. (see attachment C)

Let's take a look at the current orders (Attachment D). When you look at the second page
you'll notice that I was not informed about my right to appeal. It is my understanding that when you receive orders from the city, you should be notified about your right to appeal those orders. Did I mention that this did not make it on at least five of the other
letters that the city sent me. I believe that if you look at chapter 34.23 it will tell you
that I should have been notified of my appeal rights


July 14, 2008

*** **** AVE
ST PAUL MN 55104-1658

Ref. # l03882

Dear Property Representive,

Your building was inspected on July 14, 2008, for the renewal of the Fire Certificate of Occupancy. Since you have failed to comply with the applicable requirements, it has become necessary to revoke the Fire Certificate of Occupancy in accordance with Section 33.05 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code.

A re-inspection will be made on August 14, 2008 at 1 pm. All deficiencies must be in compliance or the building vacated.

The Saint Paul Legislative Code further provides that no building shall be occupied without a Celtificate of Occupancy. Failure to immediately complete the followling deficiency list or the building vacated will result in
enforcement action.


1. Exterior - SPLC 34.08 (5), 34.31 (3) . Repair, replace and maintain all exterior surfaces on fences, sheds, garages and other accessory structures free from holes and deterioration. Provide and maintain exterior unprotected surfaces painted or protected from the elements.Secure loose retaining wall.
2. Interior· SPLC 34.11 (6),34.34 (3) • Provide service of heating facility by a licensed contractor which must include a carbon monoxide test. Submit a completed copy of the Saint Paul Fire Marshal's
Exisiting fuel Burning Equipment Safety Test Report to this office.
3. Interior - SPLC 34.13 (4)
• Provide and maintain an approved escape windov, from each sleeping room. The minimum size must be 5.7 square feet of glazed area with a minimum of 24 inches of Openable
height and 2O inches of openible width. Refer to provide handout
EW-1 for more information.
Repair egress window that is inoperable and provide a second egress window in the basement or imediately discontinue illegal use as a bedroom in the basement and remove all mattresses and bedding.
4. Intenor· SPLC 34.14 (2), 34.34
(5) . Provide an approved electrical service adequate to meet the buildings needs. This work may require a permit(s), call LIEP at (651) 266-9090.
·Hire a licensed St.Paul Electrician to certify all electrical work that had been done without permits including the open
wires under the kitchen sink and basement.
5. Interior - SPLC 34.11 (4),34.34 (1), MPC 47150900 MPC 4715.0220S - Provide and maintain an
approved waste trap. Have a licensed St. Paul plumbing contractor certify all waste vent/water piping throughout the home. (Suspected lead based solder used on water pipes)
6. Interior - MSFC 605.5 - Discontinue use of extension cords used in lieu of permanent wiring.Discontinue use of extension cords throughout the building.
7. Interior· MSFC 605.4 - Discontinue use of an multi-plug adapters.-Discontinue use of multi plug adapters throughout the building.
8. SPLC 39.02(c) - Complete and sign the provided smoke detector affidavit and return it to this office.
If you have any questions, call me at 651-228-6231.

Please help to make Saint Paul a safer place in which to live and work.

Lisa Martin
Fire Inspector
Ref. # 103882

Response to Deficiency List
July 14, 2008
• I need specifics as to what is wrong or not up to code with the fence. I'm referring to chapter 34.21 when I make this request
• There is and never have been a shed on this property
• I will paint the lower four inches of the garage door
• I will also paint the two small spots on the deck that are in the doorway (high traffic area) this is pretty petty
• I am not sure what retaining wall you are referring to that needs to be secured. I
hope that you are not referring to the wall that the contractors were working on when you and the city attorney were at the property.

Specify: to mention or name in a explicit manner

2. I am attaching a report from Snelling Heating and Cooling which they performed March 14, 2008. I
will also write them a letter addressing their employees negligence.
•I will install a new handle on the egress window in the bedroom
• I wi1l not be installing a second window. This area is not being used as a bedroom, without some type of proof, you probably should not say that it is
• You do not have the AUTHORITY to require anything other than hazardous material be removed from my property.
• You will need to be more specific on what electrical work that has been done. I have no knowledge of any. Again I refer to
Chapter 34.21
~ The wires under the sink were never connected
• The address to the St. Paul Pluming Inspectors is 84th Street Suite 200. Their phone number is 651-266-9090. The records indicate that the plumbing at this property is in compliance. You should contact this office if you have
questions or concerns with their work.
• I would like a copy of the report that your plumber provided you so that I can work with my plumber and the city's plumbing inspector to get this issue
• I would also like a copy of the LEAD TEST that you performed.
• If there wasn't a test performed then what credentials do you have that qualified you to look at a pipe and determine the type of solder used?
• St. Paul Regional Water Services tested the bouse for lead and on June 26,2008 determined that the house had no lead if your test differ from theirs you
should contact them at 651 266-1628
• There are no extension cords being used in lieu of permanent wiring
• I informed my tenants that they should only use power strips to help with safety concerns.

There was only one multi-plug adapter being used, and this was in the basement. I unplugged this one in your presence and spoke to the tenants in your presence about the use of it.What is your purpose for adding this to the list?
'I You might want to refer to the International Residential Code (IRC) chapter #38 to help you with questions that you must have when it comes to proper wiring in
residential homes.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Johnny, you won't hear from Kessler. He has a spine with the consistency of a wet noodle!

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, Kessler isn't spinless. He's smart. He knows when to keep his mouth shut. Kessler is the next one to be named in multiple lawsuits.

Their coming for you Bobby Kessler.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on you guys!Eric said the city loves people of color and low income.Chuck says that Dave is the best vote on the council.Get over it.Lisa Martin might be stepping over the line here but she can.They can't fire her.Sge knows way to much like me.See ya suckers!

City Employee

9:50 AM  
Anonymous city f**ked me and I didn't like it said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey City Employee, be a sport and tell us what you know. We won't tell anyone, honest.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This will be interesting, because I have known Johnny for years and he is a stand up guy. For Johnny to be this ticked is something.

Johnny did block club work in Frogtown in the 80's and 90's going after you guys.

Which one of you called his place in?


Chuck Repke

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The city used to invite people to help rebuild and make a better life for themselves and their neighbors. Mr. Howard has done so much in Frogtown, and the city owes him a debt that cannot be repaid.

Now, in gratitude, the city has pissed on him and betrayed his trust. They are taking the fruits of his work and cashing in, in ways that are directly opposed to what he worked for.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They pissed on him cause he's black, and all black got to go to the back with the current agenda in the city. In this case, the "back" is outside the city. White people with money are getting ready to retire and this is the crowd the city wants to attract with their gentrification agenda. Sorry don't want you or your tenants any longer.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dealing with the city is a hard thing to do.

I had a city inspection of my home. I just agreed to what they told me, contractors to do the work, even though it was not needed and got the city to back off. Yes, I paid through the nose, but what choice did I have. If I fought them, they would bring all kinds of crap against me. The city doesn't like to be called out when they are wrong.

Chuck had to pay someone to paint his house, I had to pay some contractors the city provided me on their approved list.

Funny thing was once I corrected the items on their list and had a reinspection, they charged me an excessive consumption fee. I had two inspections. This cost me $50.00. So not only did I do as they said, they also charged me extra.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The city is "sanitizing" the neighborhoods like there's no tomorrow. Good news for the Repkes of the city and bad news for property owners. Politicians get reelected, Repkes build projects, rich whites get cheap subsidized housing and the property owners and renters get fucked. They can live under a bridge or move in with relatives and start all over again, but it all good in the hood right Eric?

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody see Eric?Here we have a stand up black man questioning the citys tactics like the ricomen.Ahh,Eric has been faced with the truth before.Maybe he is just embarassed with the city right now and is at a loss for words.Repke I appreciate your honesty.The city is fucked and needs to be brought to justice in the name of justice!


7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Eric where are you?


11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look folks, the City going after me when you guys called in on "chalking paint" not peeling mind you "chalking" meaning that when you ran your hand over the slate siding you could get paint dust and now the City going after Johnny Howard who made a name for himself for going after ass-holes in Frogtown shows that there is not discrimination. Because if there was, wouldn't the City cut me a break or Johnny a break?

(and 10:34 mine was a licensed approved painter and cost me $10,000.00 thank you very much ass holes)

That is why the cases that you have here are so bogus.

If you are the guy being inspected the City is a pain in the ass! It doesn't matter who you are.


Chuck Repke

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm here.

Couple of things:

I've known Johnny since my political organizing days. He was standing up to slumlords and racist policies then and never has let up. I have turned to him much in the past. He is not one of you. I repeat, Johnny Howard is not one of you.

I sat with him in one of the RICO federal hearings. I told him about the suit and we briefly discussed my view that I can't buy into the RICO suit but certainly can't dismiss that the city has hired some individuals who have issues with race and that should be of concern to anyone in management (as I said on here).

If Johnny says its so, I believe him as he's got credibility for standing up for tenants and minorities when it wasn't beneficial for a suit. He's been involved with some great non-profits (which you all bitch about)that are there for people 24/7.

One thing that stands out in Johnny letter is this:

...I am required to have code inspections in which I support. What I am against is abuse of the power and unprofessional conduct by DSI personnel.

Where in almost two years on here can you find me posting something different?

Before this whole blog became silly,

1.I stated over and over that individuals acting badly is not something I'm defending.
2.Criminal behavior needs a law enforcement intervention not code enforcement.
3.People displaced from rental property need to have options nearby, as well as in other parts of the county.

Individual cases of people loosing their homes are not something you have any ink on me supporting. In other words, like with Johnny, I didn't support the efforts surrounding Nancy O's home etc. I asked why didn't people take the individual DSI rep through the system (report to DSI, Human Rights, US Justice Civil Rights), the response has always been about RICO and dismissive of any action below the federal level. I gave federal phone numbers on here and links to other cities that have been sued over discriminatory housing policy.

At first I was open minded about individuals having bad run-ins with city personnel. No doubt. I have had it and know how frustrating and sometimes helpless you can feel. Today, it would be a different story for me but, I do know how it is for most people.

Where you mistake me supporting the city is my refusal to believe in RICO's evidence of conspiracy. I know too many decision makers to know its wouldn't be in their best interest to do anything they're accused of doing in the RICO suits. You people don't know them so you think its their best interest to put you out of business.

The second thing I'm against is Nancy Lazaryan. I have seen that she is about recognition for herself. She has put that desire above the needs of her family members and internet friends. She will always have a following.

That's it. I'm not 'for' the city but, I'm not blindly against the people who work for the city. Hence my questions of who, when, and where. I have learned that when you pull a bad apple or two out of a group you are able to get the other ones inline pretty easily which is why its important to even report bad behavior if you think nothing will happen. The reports pile up.

I'll continue in a few...


11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric Magner has been complained on 100's of times and all that has happened is he gets promoted.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there already has been damage control done because of earlier publicity, and Lisa Martin's report could have been far harsher.

Now it may get gentle interpretation because of the political issues it brings up.

I don't think a critical thinker like Johnny Howard is going to be impressed by political sweet talk, when he has seen and heard what is happening.

He brings up an important issue about Lisa Martin and others who repeatedly are named in sleaze allegations.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get it Eric? Everthing Johnny has been saying is exactly what has been said here over and over for 2 years. All of a sudden some of this is credible because Johnny said it. I remember you telling us he is a slumlord too.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric said- The second thing I'm against is Nancy Lazaryan. I have seen that she is about recognition for herself. She has put that desire above the needs of her family members and internet friends. She will always have a following.

*I second that!

Chuck and Eric disrobed her intellectually and the sight is unbearable. YUCK!

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop lying you anonymous piece of crap.

When did I call Johnny a slumlord? Johnny was never part of the RICO suits, so IF I would have called the plaintiffs slumlords, it would not included him. Johnny was known to expose and bust slumlords and others who prey on the poor. Difference is Johnny is doing what I thought should have been done almost two years ago. Taking his evidence through the system, naming names, filing complaints, keeping a record of who said what and if it fails, move with a federal claim.

You fail 3:04

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Sharons_Scribd Files said...

Why you run Nancy Lazaryan done, this Woman is a Quasi Public Servant, Today I've been downloading files from 30 yrs ago
for educational purposes the evidence is pervase/fatal for City of St. Paul's Corrupt Conduct
This Blog must do the same

Delete if you want, Get with it Lazaryan will win, as Lazaryan keeps current with Files

5:41 PM  
Anonymous danno the spelling nazi said...

"Why you run Nancy Lazaryan done"

what the hell does that even mean? seriously Sharon, some understandable prose would be nice...

10:16 PM  
Anonymous bill cullen said...


Rico is just one part of the complaint against the city. The rest sound a lot like what Johnny Howard is saying.

Bill Cullen.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johnny Howard said,"I am very concerned with the number of law suits that have been filed against our city by landlords who believe that they have been targeted by the City of St. Paul because of race and income of the individuals they rent to. I did not want to believe this, but now that I have spent nearly a year being disrespected and harassed by DSl, there is no doubt in my
mind that there is something wrong."

Ciani says,"Johnny obviously saw something different then you in the court room that day.He seems to agree with the ricomen.I think maybe your way to far in bed with the city."

For the record Eric every one of the ricomen sat down with Dawkins numerous times before they filed lawsuits.What I've heard is that they got targeted even more after the meeting becuase Dawkins knew he was about to put them out of business.What a great city huh?

Tim Ciani

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm only commenting on the RICO part. I'm not going to stick it out there for people I don't know and I knew very well that discriminatory actions do happen and need to be called out not covered up.

Throwing a blanket over the city as a whole does nothing to solve the problem. Somebody is out there saying or doing something to someone and that;s the information needed to stop that activity. Not some blanket accusations providing the cover for a legal procedures for a frivolous and phony lawsuit.

Tim, we saw the same thing in the court room. A bunch of mumbo jumbo that didn't address the problem that he and some others may have. Fair, equitable code enforcement. But, hey, I don't have to guess because I actually talked with him and can read.

Do me a favor and stop addressing me. You're still a slug.


1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric Tim might be a slug but you a thug.I hope Timmy finds your home and sends code enforcement after you so the city can get rid of one more porch pant sagging thug!


9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Froggy, you're missing your Klan meeting. Grab your robe and go! You don't want the Grand Cyclops pissed at you.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Froggy I'm big enough to respond back to Eric.Please don't speak for me for the fact you are racist.

Eric I won't talk to you due to the fact you can't handle what I have to say.I'll quit when I'm ahead.Have a good night.

Tim Ciani

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Repke said, "If you are the guy being inspected the City is a pain in the ass! It doesn't matter who you are."

Not if you are Dave Thune.

"10:34 mine was a licensed approved painter and cost me $10,000.00 thank you very much ass holes"

I used you as an example, you are a little upset about your paint job as I am about the city and their actions.

You keep crying that you had to get your house painted, but it really needed it, didn't it Repke? The good folks down at city hall are only looking you for your best interest, arn't they Repke.

Repke you sound like your undies are a little to tight. Try boxers.

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:49 actually it doesn't matter who you are if you have a notice from the City to repair your property its a pain in the ass.

Anyone is going to feel that it was unfair and that other people are worse than you and they didn't get writen up. That is the bottem line on these guys suing is that they felt put upon. Damn straight I am pissed that someone from here called in on me and the City wrote me up.

You think it is bad for you it was F'ing embarasing for me to have to deal with the City. Thune's was in the paper and was a campaign issue in the last race of course it was embarasing to him. Nobody wants to be writen up!

I hired a painter to do the work eventhough I could have done it myself (and even Bob here volunteered to help) because I was scared shitless about having my place in front of the City Council. Yup, whoever went after me got me good. So, what? It only proves that the City will go after everyone and blows up the arguements that the RICO suit says about discrimination.


Chuck Repke

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric said, 3:04pm
Stop lying you anonymous piece of crap.

When did I call Johnny a slumlord?

ANON 3:04 says, I'm sorry Eric, I had to look in the archives here to check my failing memory. I was thinking of Robert Campbell another BLACK MAN who makes the same claims Johnny does.

11:20 AM  

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