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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Property Rights Defender Passed Away

I just read at Saint Paul Issues and Forums that Brian Bates has passed away. Brian had great courage in defending property rights during our discussion of 14 E. Jessamine. I linked SPIF member Jeanne Weigum's annoucement of Brians passing in the title.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian had a good heart and always stood up for the causes he believed in. I worked with him on the billboard issue in Saint Paul and liked to consider him a friend.

I believed he most recently was representing a home owner on Cliff Street fighting the City's condemnation orders.

He was a good man and will be missed.

Chuck Repke

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope this one was it 332 St Clair

06 241687 EXC 00 RW 332 ST CLAIR AVE GOPHER# 60641556 EMERGENCY RP BRKN WTR MN PW Right of Way Permit
Type: Excavation
Work Type: Utility
Entered on: 10/09/2006
Closed on: 10/30/2006 Finaled
10/26/2004: New Category 2 - Duplex
04/28/2005: Changed from Category 2 to Category 3
05/26/2005: LIEP Code Compliance Inspection Fee Paid
06/02/2005: LIEP Code Compliance Inspection Report Completed on 06/02/2005
06/29/2005: Performance Deposit: Cash Received
08/24/2005: VB FEE PAID. PERMITS OK THRU 05/26/2006
09/08/2005: CE VB Proceed w/Demo Ltr
06/14/2006: VB FEE PAID. PERMITS OK THRU 06/14/2007

11/07/2007: CE VB Proceed w/Demo Ltr Inspected
04 180299 VAC 00 CS 332 ST CLAIR AVE VACANT BUILDING MONITORING 8/30/06: 1/2 way painted, only partial fence still standing - property was condemned but has a for rent sign on it Complaint Date: 10/26/2004
Initial Inspection: 10/25/2004
VB Category 3 - Duplex
Next Inspection on or after: 04/03/2008
Inspector: 357

Inspection Results (most recent first):

03/07/2008: Maintenance - Exterior (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

11/05/2007: Maintenance - Exterior (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

08/30/2007: Maintenance - Exterior (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

08/29/2007: Maintenance - Exterior (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

07/28/2007: Maintenance - Exterior (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

07/17/2007: Maintenance - Exterior (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

07/05/2007: Maintenance - Exterior (Recheck)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

06/19/2007: Grass/Weeds (Abated)
Maintenance - Exterior (Recheck)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

06/13/2007: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
Maintenance - Exterior (Work Order)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

05/17/2007: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
Maintenance - Exterior (Summary Abatement)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

05/09/2007: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

02/12/2007: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

01/02/2007: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

12/01/2006: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

10/30/2006: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

10/06/2006: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

09/13/2006: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

08/21/2006: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

07/17/2006: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

06/22/2006: Grass/Weeds (Unaddressed)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

06/09/2006: Grass/Weeds (Summary Abatement)
VB Monitoring (Recheck)

05/24/2006: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

05/04/2006: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

03/30/2006: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

02/07/2006: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

01/31/2006: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

01/17/2006: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

01/03/2006: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

12/12/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

11/09/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

10/19/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

10/12/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

09/26/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

09/14/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

09/13/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

09/06/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

08/31/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

08/10/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

08/02/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

07/20/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

06/30/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

06/14/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

06/08/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

05/05/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

04/27/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

04/18/2005: VB Monitoring (Appointment Scheduled)

03/15/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

02/23/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

01/26/2005: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

12/15/2004: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

11/17/2004: VB Monitoring (Recheck)

10/25/2004: VB Monitoring (Recheck)
Under Review
04 170709 RPR 00 B 332 ST CLAIR AVE 02/07/2007: Automatically closed by system due to no activity in one year. Building Permit
Type: 2-Family/Duplex Repair
Issued Date: 10/19/2004
Final Date: 02/07/2007
Contractor: Aurelia L Tessmer
State Valuation: $2,000.00

Activity (most recent first):
Architectural (R) Review: 10/19/2004: Approved
10/18/2004: Preliminary Plan Check

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian was very concerned about the crazyness in inspections, it's a real loss.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I respect Brian a lot for his willingness to go against the grain. His loss will leave a much needed empty spot that most people will not want to step into.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian was admonished by his peers in the DFL party for taking a stand against civil rights violation.

11:12 PM  

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