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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Bob- For anyone that is a new comer to the blog. "Score Keeper" is addressing a commenter who goes by the name Mad Hatter. Mad Hatter is a citizen of St. Paul that is a firm believer in NIMBYism (NOT IN MY BACK YARD). I will add Mr. Hatter isn't shy about his discriminatory beliefs.Please read the post proceeding this one titled "Tim Ciani on affordable Housing" for Mr. Hatters comments.

Score Keeper-I have some news for you Mad Hattie or whatever you call yourself, if you think the current tactics that are going on in the city are OK, then YOU are the one who belongs in jail, not some schmo who's just out taking photos.

I find your attitude and what you are willing to accept appalling. We don't do "end runs" around the Constitution in this country just to get at a class of people we do not care for.

You're statement about tearing down homes and replacing them with others that are so expensive certain types of people cannot afford to live there is very telling about your inner person and your value system. You do not need to read any reports or anything , you just know it all right buddy?

I would like to see how you would bounce back if I were to come over to your house and put you out on the street with no notice. Couple this with the fact that you have next to nothing for any kind of support system, no money and nowhere to go. For people of your limited intelligence Hatter that means no place to store your belongings also, so now you lose all of your personal property also because the landlord put them all in the garbage or sold them.

Have you any idea the emotional devastation and turmoil that person would be in?

Now imagine that it all happened because the code inspector condemned the house for conditions that did not exist, but because someone in the city be it city officals, neighbors or whoever had some sick agenda they were persuing.


And in anticipation of your response to that statement let me assure you that I believe that statement does reflect the majority view here toward you and your twisted thoughts.

Our country was founded on the notion that people get a second chance (and sometimes a third and fourth), and that they have a fundamental right to expect an honest Government and a fair shake from the people who work within it.

Who in the hell do you think you are to come here and make accusations against all of us with your twisted and predijuced mindset?

You make remarks about people not fixing their houses, but I don't hear you saying anything about how those houses got into the condition they are in.

I have not herd anyone complaining because they do not want to fix their house. If I am correct, the thing they are complaining about is the Government using the house reapirs as a scapegoat for their failed policy or their unwillingness to apply law enforcement strategies to a crime problem. It is not about repairing the house. If the person that lived in the house wanted it fixed, he would call the landlord, but they do not do that in most (not all) casesbecause fixing the house is not the issue. They call the city code guys or some advocate because they cannot (or don't want to) pay the rent, or as a way to retaliate aginst the landord because he is over there trying to make the renter abide by the lease agreement with tespect to some of the issues of trash, tenants behavior, etc., or in some cases the landlord had started Court Action to remove the tenant for lease violations. Then all the Government resources come out to create all kinds of documentation for repairs (usually caused by the tenant themselves)for the renter to use in court to show why they should not have to pay the rent.

Now if the neighbors or the city happen to not like this particular renter because they have had the Police to their house too many times, they are of the wrong ethnic variety, or the Police suspect them of crimes that cannot be proven, then the city gives them a little extra attention to make sure they are removed from the neighborhood. I don't need to bore you with these details though because you have seen this before in your own neighborhood right Mr. Hatter? Remember?.....the place where they raided the "crack dealing gang banging rental on the east side"? Was there a conviction in that action Mr. Hatter or was it just another "move the problem to someone else's neighborhood" type sham to make it look like the city is doing something about crime?

When our Policemen are shot down in cold on YOUR east side streets Mr. Hatter, what was the response to it? Was it to crack down on your "crack dealing gang banging" whatever it was you called them? HELL NO....that would make too much sense and cost too much money. The response was for the city to have the Polce and Fire Departments out looking for tall grass and torn screens!

And let me inquire about this if you will: what did you and your neighbors do to make the neighborhood better when you lived there Mr. Hatter? I would venture to say that this problem happened over time and that it did not just spring up one morning out of the blue when you were out for your morning walk. You and your neighbors hide like the cowards you are behind your locked doors and just hoped it would get better. Perhaps you thought someone else would take care of the unpleasentries that you are either too lazy or to cowardice to address. Then when things really get bad you probably had some city bureaucrat come out to one of your neighborhood meetings to pass the blame off on someone else.....most likely the property owner. Since non of us are responsible for anything any of our own problems anymore and we all like to blame others for our problems, this probably made sense to you, and since non of us want our property taxes raised this was also a cheaper way to deal with it rather than assume the cost of Police, Courts, Incarceration, Social Workers, and heaven forbid the city leaders would have to deal with accusations of racism, etc. The results were also much more immediate.

When none of those things worked out and the problems got so out of control that it was unbearable, you sold your house and ran for safe ground, and now from the saftey of your new home and your elitist attitude as crutch, you have now figured it all out. Bob is a weirdo, you do not have to read any reports that were researched by people with more facts and resouces than you, all the facts and trends abut homeslessness are already known to you, property owners just naturally do not want to fix their property, you know for a fact that none of the other City Coucnil people have the same code violations that they sit in judgement of others for, and your crystal ball tells you that all the victimized children of the displaced people will be OK wherever they happen to wind up, I must tell you that I think you have a lot of nerve to come and take shots at people.

You and your type are part of the problem not the soloution.

The city is busy chasing the the veteran landlords out of business, they have ignored the unintended consequences that may happen as a result of their actions.

There is a new breed of landlords comming to the city Hatter. Most of the new ones comming in do not have the expierience or the resources to operate these rental housing safely and efficiently. Their days are numbered.

Then there is another bunch who are far more dangerous and we are all going to pay for it. They are the "Mortgage Frauders". A high percentage of the rental housing being sold now are being sold to people who take out $50,000.00 to $75,000.00 on the day of closing and NEVER EVER go back to the property. Not even to collect the rent from the people currently living there! Foreclosures are going to explode in these marginal areas, and who do you think is going to pay? We all are!! We will pay through the nose with higher mortgage insurance, higher interest rates, decreased property values, lost tax base from demolitions, higher taxes as a result of all all the "free loading" TIF projects that replace all the once tax paying houses that were demolished,and ya know what Hatter? When the property values are all depressed, then the same guys they chased out of town today will be back buying the same properties again for pennies on the dollar, so tell me , what did we really gain with these failed policys and civil rights violations that you think (from the saftey of your new digs) are OK.

I'll be waiting as I am sure others will too for your answer Hatter.

In case you are not as well versed in this area as you are in acepting civil rights violations, perhaps you could talk to Rick Mons. He is another SPIFer know it all who happens to be a Realtor. I am sure he could tell you all about the Mortgage Fraud that is running rampant in the city.


Posted by SCORE KEEPER to ademocracy at 9/02/2006 01:01:30 PM DeleteReplyForward


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask Score Keeper about this: "When the property values are all depressed, then the same guys they chased out of town today will be back buying the same properties again for pennies on the dollar,"

Why don't you tell everyone what kind of rents will be the going rates then at that time and how it will effect everyone who rents and owns rental property and also who will be renting these now exremely affordable housing units. I think it will be a big 360 degree devestation.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Mad Hatter said...

Mad Hatter here- Cry me a RIVER Score Keeper. I still like the Hell Town development concept.

You people have so much concern for these people you can be their landlord at Hell Town.

Our neighborhoods will be safer for your efforts. And our city will have more money in the form of higher tax revenues to spend on Ice skating arenas, parks, education, and so much more.

I suppose the first order of business for Hell Town will be a Police Force & jail. A big one!

Of coarse you will need a hospital for the shootings and assaults.

You will need some kind of funding for all those illegitimate children to feed and cloth them.

A large building to house and treat chemical dependants.

WoW! come to think of it Hell Town doesn't look very profitable.

I don't suppose there would be any high paying jobs there. Bunch of Minimum wage stuff.

How would Hell Town generate revenue to take care of it's infer structure?

Good news in all of this. St. Paul would be a better place!

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a response! Is this person human? Does anyone know anything about him? I hope he can get some help.

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All we know is what he or she told us. IT, use to live on the east side across from an alleged drug dealing house.

And IT, claims IT and his neighbors were happy the police raided the house and put the residence out on the street. Kids and all!

I guess IT lives in the West 7th street area now.

I hope IT isn't on a neighborhood committee.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They must have run out of "real conversation" over at the "E" demo site. Anyone who names their site democracy and then spews their hatred for the low income and "down and outers" as they are infamously now referred to, needs to think about a name change.

Then these opponents of free speech and human rights come here and try to choke the life out of the ideas and virtues which represent this site.

Let them, all it is doing is bringing up everything immoral that is going on in the city and the fact that some support and cheer them on in the name of safety.

Debates, information, score keeping and pictures as there are here will triumph over shams, cover-ups, lies and false documentations of those that peek in and attempt to sabotage.

It is back firing on them. They call attention to the mentality that they and the city happily possess.

I don't hear anything resembling a "good case" in causing homeless families, condemned housing, code enforcement and city intervention in the criminal process.

The "IT", who posts the current scum, resorts to imaginary towns and situations that I'm sure Hitler envisioned too.

Bob, you should be please as all the stench is being brought to the light and exposed!

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are a lot of dark corners in St. Paul that need some light shined into them. I am happy to see this blog and find myself checking it every couple of hours for updates.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if Chuck Repke has kind of job, or something, because he uses "we" as if he is employed by Ramsey County as in this thread's discussion of the recent death of an inmate at the workhouse in Maplewood.

Posted 04 Sep 2006 18:09 by Chuck Repke

And to remind folks the Sheriff has nothing to do with the Ramsey County
Corrections Facility. We doesn't run it, they are run by Ramsey County


7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to get an assumed ballot that will be used this election day and would also like to see a thread started that has comments about the candidates. I think it is something that can be carried on again for next Spring and into the elections come next November.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what's stopping you? sign up and start the thread yourself, it would be a good idea.

12:43 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

For now, email me a title and comment and I will post it for you.

Also, I am trying to learn this Team Blog stuff. So if anyone is interested in becoming a Team member which would allow you to post a title and comment at will, send me your email address and a name you wish to go by and we'll see if I can figure this stuff out.

1:04 AM  

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