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Friday, September 01, 2006

City officials with Code violations. LIST HERE

Months ago there was pictures of a number of City officials homes in various stages of neglect.

One home that is a concern to me is City Attorney John Choai (please someone correct me if I spelled the last name wrong).

Anyway his car port has a severely damaged post at one corner holding the roof up.This structure should be removed or repaired. It's been months since there was pictures of this damage posted on the Internet and it still sits in a dangerous condition.

Is this anyway for a man who represents the City in code enforcement issues to maintain his home?

The car port is a danger to all who wander beneath it. A child playing in the alley could be injured or killed by this hazard."MR.CHOAI citizens of St.Paul have deemed your car port a harzard and a danger to the community, please repair or REMOVE with in 30 days".

Please feel free to post descriptions of neglect concerning City officials homes you are aware of. PLEASE, do not post addresses,I feel real strongly about that and it would upset me.There is some mentally disturbed people in this world and we need to provide these officials a layer of protection that they hadn't considered to those who have been victimized by the code enforcement policies.

I thought I better add this after reading some of the comments.I was hoping we could keep this list related to City officials who have an affiliation with code enforcement. Let's exclude private citizens who have been in opposition to our veiw. I understand the reasoning for wanting to post information like that. Some of you would like to see these "uninformed know it alls" get a taste of what they are defending.

I promised not to moderate or censor, and I won't, it's your call. I only felt the need to express my opinion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll post this here also so Andrew Hine can read it here also.I suspect it was him playing games on this blog site.

Hey Andrew Hine I think its time for you to do some unexpected repairs to your house.I have a list of code violations right here.Anybody on this site want to here the long list.Hine I can tell just by the looks of you that you're a smart ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well smart ass its time for you to get your work boots on.St.Paul will be getting a complaint of your violations.And I'll will keep everybody posted to see if Mr.Hine is in with these good old boys.

What you thought your house was perfect,well lets see.


8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Chuck Repke? He can't be as perfect as he proclaims to be? There must be peeling paint or a torn screen somewhere at his place.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

I'm not going to tell you guys what to do. Although, I was hoping we would only post repairs needed of City officials homes related to code enforcement.

Andy and Chuck are private citizens. I was hoping we wouldn't tread that line.

Besides I seen Andys house on a Watchdog delivery. He has a nice house. Well kept yard.Chuck just spent a fortune to have his home gone through.

I have noticed that nobody has been able to dispute the NIMBY REPORT. If they try we can always throw the City's report on the homeless done by Wilder Foundation into the mix. It has supporting information to the NIMBY REPORT.

I'm happy so many were able to express themselves today.

We really don't need SPIFers to read here. We already have the attention of anyone that counts.

And as far as the citizens of St. Paul. They'll be getting 100,000 invitations to this site soon.

After all none of this will go away until we elect officials who will represent ALL the citizens of St. Paul. To include, low income families, minorities, and the good people who provide a shelter for them.These are the people of no concern to this City. They've been classified a burden to the economy.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob I think you might forget it is the average citizen,business person,or less fortunate citizen that the city preys on.And Repke and Hine are the ones who stand up for these practices.

I know their has been tons of money stuck into properties the City still targeted.My point is theres not many houses in St.Paul thats could escape the vague code enforcement procedures if done equally.Yeah Repkes and Hines may look alright to you as you throw a paper down on his porch but if you take a good St.Paul housing enforcement officer look at it you'll find violations.Bob you also have common sense unlike these city employees.Jessamine looked good from the outside and even from the inside.But that still got tore down.

So if Hine wants to come on this site like he did and act like a smart ass and not try to debate this issue then I'll give him a little taste of the medicine he supports.CODE ENFORCEMENT!!!Will see if he likes it.And Bob will see if his house is as important as you say.This will be a good test.


9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meants to say from message7:44:And Bob we will see if his house is as perfect as you say.This will be a good test.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This doesn't belong in this topic, but over in Minneapolis, I'm sure everyone has seen this on the news, a politician was going door ringing and was jumped and beaten by a group of teenagers.

Below is some of the mindless garbage that is endlessly being brainwashed in our society and you wonder where all the violence of our youth is coming from. People really don't care and will shut their eyes to it.

This is from the mad hatters post and on Tim's Affordable Housing thread:

"So what if there were kids there. They could go to a shelter or relatives.Where ever they went was better than staying in that house with all those crack dealing thugs.
I moved before anything ever came of the house and I don't know what become of it. I hope they tore it down and put something there that was to expensive for some low life to move into"

So we can't prevent some of this by simply providing low-cost, fear-free affordable housing to families now. And if they have problems, let's send in the cops, kick them out, close up the house so another low income family can't move in, then when that member of the family posts bail, the family is even now worse off than before. And don't tell me social services will step in and make things better! We can spend hundreds of billions on schools, but we can't prevent the students from turning to crime and they can't promise a base for a secondary-education for most.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your response to "our" humourous posts yesterday show what is wrong with anonymity.

You say you respect anonymity, yet you try to figure out who is posting and then threaten them.

"Our" posts were intended to point out a problem in a humorous way. "We" are not Andrew Hine, but "we" think he is one of the funniest SPIF posters "we" have read, so thank you for thinking "our" own attempt at humor is as good as his!

Signed: Skeptic,Doubtful,Panther and Suspicious.

Huey, Dewie and Louie were unable to come to the meeting to compose this note. Moe and Curly decided just to stay out of it, Sleepy is not awake yet, Grumpy is too upset and Sneezy is at the allergist.

You can just call me
- Legion

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Legion you playing games will have Andy busy on his home.He has you to thank.Oh and don't you think I recieved threats on the Edem site.Repke threatened to rip off my head and shit down my neck.

Legion nothing is wrong with anonymous if you lay out facts and truth.I have never lied.Papers and news use anonymous information all the time and it doesn't discredit the content.Anonymous is a very good tool to use if you're going to recieve payback for what you expose.Look at what the city did to Krenke.

I don't care if you ever know who I am.All I'm trying to do is expose,educate and give alittle taste of this corrupt code enforcement to some of you non-believers.The fact is most of you edem fans won't ever face this enforcement.Not because your houses aren't in disrepair but because of the class of people you are.The people who are affected by this enforcement are property owners supplying affordable housing,elderly,behavior issue citizens,lower class citzens,etc. And that is why the city gets away with it.No one in these groups really votes.Its you(the edem)type.

So if the city and you edem types want houses to be painted,roofs to be reshingled,and minor deficiencies to be attended to, I'll help.


11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me thinks you protestseth too much. I think it's great that you come here with all your childish posts. You post nothing that makes sense but breeds hate at the low-income of the city.

You are proving that you would like nothing better than to stifle voices such as the voice that is now here. You will never be able to shut us up!

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Chief Finneys visions of the city of St. Paul? If I recall his goals and visions for the city was community policing; community policing means the community and the police work together as one. It does not mean chase out the low income or the families that are having legal issues, it means deal with it! Deal with it means maybe treatment, social services, a place to call home, problem solving and working together for crime prevention. That doesn't mean move the problem it means work it out, sometimes it includes going to jail. I don't think anywhere in the former Chief s vision for the city will you find him to go along with chasing people out of St.Paul because they have a problem, Finney was here to help people of the lower income and work as a community. That is what the city really needs is someone that actually cares about everyone not just the people with money.
Nancy (formerly of St.Paul)

11:23 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

All Andy has to do is tell the inspector he is connected, a "made man". He can offer up SPIF archives as evidence.

Then he can smoosh the officer with comments like> I like what your doing in bringing up property values for all us good citizens, and ridding the city of it's undesirables.

His house will not be condemened. He won't get tons of work orders.

He don't rent to undesirables who some believe belong in Helltown.`

So what is there to be accomplished in trying to bring code enforcement down on him?

The average Joe isn't written up like a property investor who rents to minorities or low income people.

There is that US & THEM mentality with these people.

Now if Andy was a rental property owner who rents to the labeled undesirables, you could raise havoc on him.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are 2 kinds of cops in all police depertments:

Type 1 are judgemental, they have already taken sides, usually have political aspirations and believe wholeheartedly in community policing.

Type 2 are the ones who have not been hijacked by the politicians, just want to enforce the law and get bad guys off the street and feel they made a difference for people. They will also tell you that community policing is a joke. It is a way to abrogate their responsibility and duty to someone else and wind up doing nothing.

They have used community policing for 10 years now.

Has it worked? Do you feel safer now because of it or did you feel safer when the law enforcement focus was on the criminal rather than buildings and their owners?

Did you feel safer with a real cop that had a gun in someones face or these new style college boys who want to address every law enforcement issue with the social worker approach of finding some reason for crime and then assessing blame to someone else other then the perpetrator.

Has community policing cleaned up the neighborhoods and the housing stock?

Don't listen to these lying government type people, take a drive through the lower east side or frogtown and see for yourself.

What year do you ever remember the crime rate going down in the city?

When is the last time you felt safe enough to go for a walk after dark on Payne Ave or University Ave?

Community policing is a farce and I am interested in other people thoughts on this, but please please please don't beat up on me too bad OK?

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You prospective on community policing is incorrect, the focus of the police department is still to make arrests of the offenders. But with the help and the trust of the community it helps enable the police to do just that. When a person has trust in the police they will come forward and speak up on crime they witness which inreturn the police can investigate. The original plan for the neighborhood block meetings was to control crime and report concerns of crime in the area, it has now gotten out of control along with the inspectors to focus on tearing homes down. If yoou have a neighbor that doesn't like you they can get together and make your life miserable. Community policing is not a farce if it is handled in the way it was meant to be, that means all officers should be subject to continued education on better policing and leadership. There should be an ongoing process in pursuit of new methods to meet new needs. Crime is not going to end, its not going to go down the, population is is not going to down as population increases so will crime. What a community can do is work with the situation along with law enforcement to make the community safer. No I would not walk down either avenue alone or with others after dark, but guess what St.Paul has not been practicing community policing in quite some time now,they may claim to be but look around it is obvious that St. Paul has taken on other means to rid the city of the undesirables, instead of helping people with issues they want them to move to a different city and let the other cities take responsibility for what St.Paul should be doing for themselves.
Nancy(formerly of St.Paul)

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tornado's V. St.Paul inspectors, if you compare the two they are very much two of the same. I think St.Paul inspectors are in the lead in the destruction they have caused. I really feel for the victims of tornado's they have lost everything they own,I have had the same experiance except it wasn't mother nature, it was St.Paul's corrupt inspectors. Inspectors in St.Paul have made more families homeless in a summer then mother nature!
Nancy (formerly of St.Paul)

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Dahn Here to say ?
St.Paul CODE Inspector's and their Bosses covered up about
Bill Dahn's home at, "256 W. Morton St". in St.Paul,MN.
That home caused more trouble and pay offs then almost anything, except
the "Water Gate Affair".
My Home Had Sewer Gases in it, and the city let me stay in a unsafe home.
Why ?
Again Why the cover-up about the BAD insulation work that Ramsey Action Program aka RAP did on mine and 200,000 homes in Minnesota, To Much Formaldehyde on it.
Dale Anderson and Jim Scheibel lost their JOBS at RAP because of my investigation of the Money Flow out of The Department of Energy --Washington DC. to RAP !
So-all of U out there that think this is only ---Bull Shit, look at my
web site

7:25 AM  

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