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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tim Ciani On Affordable Housing

This comment was under the Ademocracy Objectives post.
I know Tim Ciani stirs emotions when his name comes up so I thought it would be thought provoking to put this comment under a post.

Tim Ciani wrote-

It was I who wrote, "Lets face it most tenants have blemishes and behavior problems and thats why they rent.Everybody has a right to have a roof over their head and its the police and courts decision whether its a jail or regular housing.Meaning if someone is doing something illegal PUT THEM IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!" The city tries to adress crime through code enforcement and coming down on landlords who have tenants with behavior problems because its cheaper then hiring more cops.Think about it whats cheaper 10 code enforcement officers or 10 cops?If you take their housing away the city believes that these types a tenants will vacate the city and take their crime with them.But their wrong these tenants don't have much and sometimes family is all they got.So when we take their housing away from one we disrupt the whole family!Put it this way, you have a mom with a behavior problem with 4 kids. The city expects the landlord to evict the behavior problem---But wait how about the 4 kids, its their house too.So whose the victim?So in a nut shell if the city was so concerned about how a house or property looked they would have came down on Thune and others close to the city a lot harder.They aren't concerned with the structure but whats in it!When you tackle a problem indirectly they (THE CITY)will lose every time.YOU FIGHT CRIME WITH COPS AND COURTS NOT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS TRYING TO DO BUSINESS.Last time I checked it wasn't illegal to rent to a person with a behavior problem.Should the city start going after real estate agents that sell houses to people with behavior problems.Wait they might allready!!!!!!!!Property is like gun control it seems like to St.Paul.Guns and properties running around killing people.

Good day,signed with my name.


7:39 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, Any pics for us?

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ciani, what you did to Dave Thune was very sad. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Homes aren't being condemned and tore down in Daves District. I know I live here.

I'd like to see pictures of your home.

NIMBY report. NOT IN MY BACK YARD! Thats how I feel sorry!

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope! what the city does/has done to many of it's residence is shameful. Some people just don't get it. I understand that this poster is a fan of Mr. Thunes, I assume any way, but really a picture says it all. Truth is what we want, we need the truth. Unless you've been tormented, literally, by the city and all it's allies and associates giving the nod for their behavior, then you will have some inkling of what this is all about here!

Tim Ciani, thank you for all you do in your fight for justice and the truth. I will be praying for you.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After examining the 2:52 PM poster they are saying that you shouldnt blame the building for what the owner/tenant does. Bingo!!!

Being in the spot light on the other end of the crappy end of the stick is an embarassment aint it?

Now let's go inspect the homes of the vocal civil rights activates, by what they (legally) do, say, post, think. Does this sound familiar at all?

How bout the kids who are kicked out of their homes, how do they feel?

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you think anyone feels being kicked out of what they call home? Not everybody can afford a expensive home, but isn't evrybody entitled to a roof over their head! Look around at theses city so called officials that are condemning these houses; their job DOES NOT REQUIRE EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND TO BE A BUILDING INSPECTOR!
Yet the city of St.Paul allows them to write up all these violations that they are not even quilified with the knowledge to what codes actually are. Look at the 720 vacant buildings as you will notice they are grouped together in area's, (maybe they have better plans for the lots after they demolish the homes of these families). I have sympathy for all displaced families, how a city can feel justified by taking homes so they can rid the city of low income should be a crime of its own.The federal government needs to step in protect families and their constitutional rights. If a person commits a crime, arrest them, if their a drug addict, help them with treatment (it is a illness, so treat it like one). Its time for the love thy neighbor not hate thy neighbor days!

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First I'd like to thank Bob for allowing me to have a voice without fear of payback from this St.Paul government.Don't some of you get it?I'm not affraid of the regular St.Paul citizen.I'm not affraid to show you pictures of my house or what ever.Its the people that are employed by all of our tax dollars that I fear.I've seen what this City does to people who disagree with them.

I'd also like for you Bob to invite anybody from the Edem. site for me.Since I've been banned from their group and I'd like to go over some issues here!!!!!!!!So if any of them have the guts,bring it on.

And to 2:52 could you atleast use a nickname so I know when I'm talking to the same person.Thanks.What I did to Thune was well needed so the common folk in this City can see the un equal playing field the average or below average person is on.WHATS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER!!!!!!!!!Excuse me,do pictures lie?A picture can say a 1,000 words.Did the Pioneer Press and the Star Trib do a very sad thing?No because its news the average citizen should know.So let me get this straight posting pictures of ones home is a very sad thing.Well then whats kicking someone to the street or tearing someones house down called?Pictures are peanuts my friend.

You say houses aren't being condemned in Thunes district.Well you better check again.And even if they weren't shouldn't he protect all citizens of this City from this overzealous inspection team as he did with the city wide smoking ban?It goes further than his district.

You want propety owners to crack down on behavior problems and crime but when a citizen cracks down on a a city figure with properties in shambles its aweful.When a inspector condemns a house or writes it up for code violations their great.But when I bring a councilmans wreck front and center thats sad.Smell the coffee.

I'd put 75% of rental properties up against Thunes and they'd win every time.You may disagree but evenless than that is to many.Dave should be ashamed and so should you living in his district!!!!!!!!Daves house should be a model to the whole City on what property should look like---What would happen if everybodies places looked like Thunes?

NIMC!!!!!!!!!!NOT IN MY CITY-Thats how I feel.


8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it so sad what has been done to poooor Mr.Thune? His house is still standing, isn't it? He must have pull somewhere with the inspectors, bet he didn't have his house wrote up for every minor detail and then extra violatioins that were complete lies! You should feel sad for the ones that have had their lives and dreams of a home destroyed by the city!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous MAD HATTER said...

2:52 here. Call me MAD HATTER.

First off Ciani you picked Thunes house because it was the one in most need of repairs. He was working on it himself for God sake.

Lets talk about all the counsel peoples houses you couldn't use because they didn't need repairs.

Benenav, Bostrom, Montgomery, Helgen, do I need to name everyone?

I lived across the street years ago from a crack dealing gang banging rental on the east side.

When they raided that house and put everyone out us neighbors were happy!"NOT IN MY BACK YARD"!

So what if there were kids there. They could go to a shelter or relatives.Where ever they went was better than staying in that house with all those crack dealing thugs.

I moved before anything ever came of the house and I don't know what become of it. I hope they tore it down and put something there that was to expensive for some low life to move into.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can call me the SCORE Keeper, and you are going to be hearing a lot from me in the future.

I don't like crooked Governments, and I am here to do something about it.

I know people who have victimized by these crooked inspectors, so I know that the allegations in these so called bogus lawsuits are true.

I also happened to have retired last month and have a lot of free time on my hands, so watch out City Council. I am going to be in your wards all the time from now until the next election in '07, and I am going to be telling your taxpayers about how you have knowingly looked the other way while city employees have violated people's Civil Rights. I will also be telling them how they did it and showing them some of the evidence against you.

Perhaps I will even have some time to visit with some of your campaign contributors to see if they appprove of the way you are really running the City.

I am looking foreward to running into you on the campaign trail folks. I have many questions to ask of you that I think the city's residents are going to want answers to.

I'm the SCORE KEEPER. You are going to remember me after the elections in '07.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Score Keeper! lol Do you wear a cape and googles too?

Thats the silliest name I ever heard.The City counsel has found a way to fight crime better than the police.

Our communities are safer and more tax revenues are coming in which provide better services for us working class people. Fund contributors-They'll laugh your butt out of their office.

Your a bunch of whiners. You should have fixed the properties up and charged higher rents and rented to people who have good credit and show civic responsibility. Respect their neighbors.

NO instead you rent to a group of people who have caused trouble in the community. When your informed of the problem you do nothing about it.

Signed Mad Hatter

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr.Mad Hatter your type of thinking is the reason St.Paul is being ran the way it is.First of all you name"Benenav, Bostrom, Montgomery, Helgen, do I need to name everyone?"Don't forget Lantry the Coleman and Kelly ,Dawkins,etc.The Mayor was just out not long ago painting a way at rotten wood mansion.Everyone of these council people,Kelly and Coleman have code violations that the city agressively attacks.My point is the city only attacks the properties based on who lives in the house or who owns it.

Mr.Hatter you said,"When they raided that house and put everyone out us neighbors were happy!"NOT IN MY BACK YARD"!Did they put the crack dealers in jail or just chase them to another neighborhood.I never said I was for illegal activity.I have said put them in jail if a crime has been committed.Don't leave it up to a landlord to chase them to another side of towm.Put your thinking cap on Mr.Hatter.

You said,"So what if there were kids there. They could go to a shelter or relatives.Where ever they went was better than staying in that house with all those crack dealing thugs."I care and all of St.Paul should care .If you don't yors and the cities attitudes breeds more poverty for our future and our kids to pay for.So we should care if there are kids involved.

You said,"I moved before anything ever came of the house and I don't know what become of it. I hope they tore it down and put something there that was to expensive for some low life to move into." Yeah thats right,anybody less fortunate then you doesn't deserve housing.We don't live in a perfect world and the people in it aren't either but I expect my(our)St.Paul government to be close to perfect-atleast honest!!!!!!!!!!

Your type of ideology belongs with this group of governments mind frame.Maybe we should take your housing away because of the way you walk,talk,act and who you associate with.Whats the difference?

Good night to all!!!!!!!!!

just using my GOD given common sense

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another thing I love about this blog is the fact you can post more then 2 times in a day--This is 3 today.

Come on Edemocracy I'm waiting for your comments.I challenge your ideology.


just using my God given common sense

11:52 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Sometime ago I wrote a post at SPIF titled "Hell Town".

The plot of the story is a developer buys a 500 acre parcel of land outside the City limits and builds a concrete gated community where all the undesirables would live because they are shunned by a society over income or social prejudice.

Unfortunately there is a lot of people like Mr. Hatter. Their members of neighborhood committees. Their voices stand in judgement of others without due process in most instances.

Rumours from a predjudicial neighbor can destroy peoples lives.

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SCORE KEEPER here, and I have some news for you Hatter. Your not going to thik things are so silly when I finish my work here.

And just to set the record straight, I am not a landlord and do not own any rental property anywhere, so take your inuendos and shove em up your ass you punk.

The City Council has not found a better way to fight crime, they just found a way to keep spreading it around and infecting new neighborhoods with it while they shirk thier responsibility of taking a real stand against the real crime.

My daughter lost her place to live because of this housing code BS, and I'm gonna do what I can within the law to see that it doesn't happen any more.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With Tim Ciani on the job, I feel well served. Thank you for exposing the corruption scam regarding Councilman Thune's property a few months back.

It's about time someone takes these idiots by the horns and exposes them for what they are.

How about a photo update like the one before?

I would be very interested in what has been done so far with his repair problems.

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Jim B. said...

Dave Thune should not be picked on? He is a public official who makes decisions that will affect thousands for years. He at the very least should have to keep the properties he owns up to par. Dave Thune is a B/S expert! He plays stupid when confronted about issues @ his commercial location on west 7th St(Mad Hatters Tea). This place is still a wreck. Tom Riddering and the rest of the Gang @ LIEP just continue to allow the behavior of public officials to be below what should be expected!!
Poor Mr Thune!! I am sure after Thune is done with his shameful term with the city council, he will take a job with one of his many "buddies" in the private sector who he has given special treatment to in the past. (MA Mortenson)--HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

West 7th St Resident For Over 40 Years.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kinda like this anonymous thing.It brings out the real truths and beliefs of people like Mad Hatter.Mad Hatter we do what we do because we know how you feel and how you want to address the problem.But your ideas become a problem when you affect law abiding citizens and property owners.PUT THEM IN JAIL!!!!!!!!if they are breaking the law and if their not leave them alone they need to live somewhere.Property owners aren't social workers my friend!!!!!!!!!!

just using my God given common sense

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim C is right. Should we just put all people with behavior problems in concrete fenced in compounds?? Is this what the City of St Paul wants. You can't get rid of all problem residents in St Paul--or in any city. Should we ship all the residents with behavioral issues to an island in the middle of nowhere, where we can be sure they won't bother Dave Thune or Chris Coleman? Come on Dave, get you pompass head out of your pompass ass!!

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great, I love this. All these postings against the postings of civil/property rights are pretty lightweight in their defense of the system and powers that be.
Anonymous said...
Score Keeper! lol Do you wear a cape and googles too?
Thats the silliest name I ever heard.The City counsel has found a way to fight crime better than the police.

Name calling now, how pathetic!!! Of course the city council has found a better way to fight crime it is called passing it on to the patsy property owner.

Mad Hatter, or mad hater, which ever you prefer, Did you see Alice when you fell through that looking glass. Go ask Alice, she'll know the truth. Try turning the looking glass around, turn off the nepitism and actually look at these people who you admire and defend, all their dirty misdeeds around you. Maybe you need a mangifying glass if you are so blind!

Maybe you are afraid that your gravey train will end. All I can see is that you are very afraid of something being uncovered, something ending that makes your life comfortable.

We are here to make you uncomfortable!!!

Signed, Princess

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Mad Hatter said...

Score Keeper-is your langage representive of the rest of the Anti City Code Crew.

Your mouth is exactly what they say will happen at SPIF without rules. Keep up the good work you look real inteligent calling me names.

Why don't you people get together and spend your money wisely.

Build "Hell Town" and do yourselves and all of us a favor.

I bet you would even get public support on that one. Propbably Even some TIF's.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some questions, please respond:

In going over Dave Thune's correction notice, how are his repairs going?

I'm wondering why LEIP wasn't involved if it looks that ratty on the outside then what about the inside, anyone?

What about Dawkins, how's his place looking these days? Any consumption charges there? Are his tenants out of the backyard shower yet?

I'd love updates!! Yup, we need updates, if we are given the responsibility of cops, social workers and jailer, then we should be involved, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI Mr. Hatter, my langauage represents me and me alone, and I am not part of whatever "anti code crew" that you speak of. They're punks just like you Hatter. All you guys are all mouth and no substance, no character, no values. You're all content to just let anyone and everyone else carry the water for your own self serving interests, and as long as it is not you getting screwed, you really don't give a damn.

That is why the landlords in this town are in the position they are in. They never stood their ground when all the rules and regulations were getting shoved down their throats (or shoved up their ass if you prefer Mr. Hatter). They abrogated their responsibilities to their various landlord groups who the city used as a patsy.

For the educated people of your ilk Mr. Hatter that like to put a smiling face on thier bad deeds, a "Patsy" means "easily manipulated or victimized". For us more common folks the word "Patsy" means a "FUCKING SUCKER".

There---now see how nice I can be Mr. Hatter? I saved you a trip to the Dictionary

I on the other hand am a "Professional" and have some class. I know how to get things done, and I intend to educate the people in this city about how dishonest, deceptive, and slimy thier leaders are.

My beef has nothing to do with your code issues, it has to do with what my daughter went through because of their trumped up code crap.

Finally, just to be sure we know where we stand with each other Hatter, I thought I was trying to be nice to you in my last post and your percieved arrogance towrd me makes me feel hurt. My language and demenor gets a whole lot worse, so why don't you spend your time ribbing someone else, as I don't want to waste my time on you because there's so much to do and such little time left before the '07 elections.


3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing I notice about this anonymous blog is that lots of the posters use the same kind of language structure, similar misspellings, similar us of CAPS AND !!!'s

Did you all go to the same school?

Perhaps many of you are actually not different people at all, but the same person trying to make it seem like the blog has lots of traffic!

Call me skeptic....

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think skeptic is onto something. Anonymous might sound good, but one person could be posting all these comments and pretending to be different people.

Way to go skeptic!

You can call me Doubtful...

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You Skeptic and Doubtful!

I agree that a lot of these posts look like they were written by the same person.

What an amazing coincidence that so many people are feeling the same way as me! It is great to get this issue into the open.

Just call me

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just have to say the disdain I have for the City of St. Paul. The corruption from the officials is contemptible.


5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my yes Skooter, I couldn't agree more. The City is actually quite pretentious and haughty.


5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes Kitty dear, you are so observant. Very insightful on your part and I hear that we have some participants to this remarkable site that feel they are being mislead. Oh, dear tsk, tsk, whatever will we do. They seem to be a little more than disconcerted and rather distraught. Well, it was nice to see you both on this site and I will also see you later.

Sweat Pea

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am confused reading these last comments. Is this a house of mirrors or what!

My head is spinning! This is all too deep!


5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I cannot believe it, my fine friends here altogether. Did all of you hear the great news! We are going to slam dunk all those pompous political figure who claim they work for the citizens of St. Paul. Well I better get to store now and try to get the biggest box from the bin that I can get my hands on. Oh, did I tell you all I'm adding on to my place! Well you know since my house was swindled right out from under me, I was staying under the bridge. Well, I just found this great place near the river. So now I also have a view too!


5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Panther, have you ever heard of a ruse? It's what tricky people use when they try to scam, confuse and sometimes just out and out call you a sucker, patsy and or a fool.

It must be some democrat trying to control things again.

And down will come the city, back hoe and all. The bigger they are, the harder they will fall!

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this is funny, Bob. What do ya think, he's peeked, right, come on, I know he has.

Andy> Good luck with the Blog. I'm putting yours on my list of "Blogs To
When I No Longer Have Anything Meaningful To Do With My Life." Currently
it is number 3,437.

Bob> If I'm reading this right your going to be a regular!! :-)

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see if I sold ice cream cones and my business was dwindeling, I would go see what the competition is doing that I'm not. If I had a lot of business, I wouldn't be able to get out the front door and would have to mind the business completely.

Hey Edemocracy, your ice cream is melting.

Spumoni face

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew Hine I think its time for you to do some unexpected repairs to your house.I have a list of code violations right here.Anybody on this site want to here the long list.Hine I can tell just by the looks of you that you're a smart ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well smart ass its time for you to get your work boots on.St.Paul will be getting a complaint of your violations.And I'll will keep everybody posted to see if Mr.Hine is in with these good old boys.

What you thought your house was perfect,well lets see.


8:11 PM  
Anonymous Shari said...

I took a look for myself at Andrew Hines home in the west 7th area, You should be the last person opening your big mouth about code enforcement! Your a slob, just like you buddy Dave Thune. If anyone wants to take a look, look for his house on

8:25 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

You bet Andy peeked!

Please don't snoop around Andys house. Chuck either. Their private citizens.

I know they've given a lot of us hell. So what, their insignificant in our objectives.

I think the first order of the day is to get 100,000 invitations out to the residents of St. Paul plugging our blog here and the Watchdog News web site.

I'll focus my efforts on this objective.

I said this in another comment under a different topic. "I'm happy so many were able to vent today." It's healthy to vent when ever possible.

I want everyone to know that behind the scenes there is those of us with the Watchdog and others
who are working diligently to seek change.

We're not going away! We fear no one! And we will be a royal pain in the you know what until we have met our objectives.


10:00 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

One last note. Where is the opposition to the validity of the NIMBY REPORT?

I'd like to hear some substance from those who commented in opposition.So far I haven't heard anyone prove my research is wrong!

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you just not thinking or what? they are not going to queston the validiity of something they know has been going for years.

I think it is interesting that the toher side sees patterns in our speech and mis-spelling. I have also noticed a pattern that shows the same stupidity of them, kinda like they were all cast from the same mold. Anyone else notice this?

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When one has to attack the spelling and questions the schooling of some, you know they are reaching. They've nothing to stand on. There, oops I mean their, well has run dry.

Don't anyone here think for one minute that they are better than you are. They can spell, big deal! They were the kid in school whose rear end was so uptight that you couldn't get a stick up it. They have no clue, sense, charisma or charm to them, at least none that I've noticed.

Now, you know I'd like to see pics of Dawkins business? rental? what was it anyway? The one with the makeshift shower in the back. Don't you find it rather ironic that there was the man who told others to close down, kick out, or bring your houses up to code and here he is with ooooh "criminal behavior" in his own backyard!

And don't for a minute think that Coleman is any better than 'ole Randy, he is just picking up the scepter and continuing on with the "plan". They're exterminating the city so the haves can move in.

The Emperor has no clothes!! AND a big log in his eye!!!!!!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, you are right we shouldn't give them any ammo to use to shoot us in the foot. They SHOULD find out though what living in total hell, with everything that you've worked your ass of for, and with no help from any outside source, destroyed by a few out of control, power hungry people feels like and made to stew in it for a year or two.

But I wouldn't wish that on anybody.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Mad Hatter said...

MAD HATTER here, I looked at that the homeless report by the City of St. Paul.

I'm not reading a 658 page report. I tried, it's boring as hell. Bob must be some weirdo for even reading it.I don't have to read some report of that length to know these homeless people put themselves in that situation.

Almost everybody finds a way out of a homeless condition. And the ones that don't are asking for it.

Just like you people were asking for trouble when you didn't fix up your homes and you rented to trouble makers. Then you go on to blame the police and code enforcement.

GET a life! Or should I say get a new life.

I didn't know Dave Thune owned a coffee shop named the Mad Hatter.So don't get the impression I'm Dave. I'm not as nice as Dave. I'd have you in jail for snooping around my house!

I've been called the Mad Hatter for years.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your ignorance must be blissful and your arrogance a blessing to your conscience.

What you can't read? What school did you go to?

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mad Hatter its not against the law to take pictures of ones house---remember the pioneer press and star trib did it too.I can drive by Daves house and yours for that matter all day without breaking any laws.Mad Hatter how would you feel if an inspector walked on your property to write up violations without a complaint?Because thats what they have done and still do.

Did anyone know that an inspector can write up a citizen complaint on the job.That means if they get a list of the properties you own and don't like you or the people you rent to,they can write up violations up for all and enter them as a citizen complaint.Then the can say a neighbor called in.Oh what a system.

Mr.Hatter its not the fact of fixing the properties.I think we all know its all about the tenants in the property that cause the code enforcement.So if you are a known property owner who provides housing to these types of tenants it doesn't matter how many repairs you make-you'll never be able to keep up.Thunes house was an example of this.Just think if Thune didn't own it and a tenant with a behavior issue lived in the property.Don't think I'll tell you that the house would either have been condemned or put on the vacant list to rid the tenant and punish the owner enough to force him out of business.

just using my God given common sense

10:37 AM  
Blogger SCORE KEEPER said...

I have some news for you Mad Hattie or whatever you call yourself, if you think the current tactics that are going on in the city are OK, then YOU are the one who belongs in jail, not some schmo who's just out taking photos.

I find your attitude and what you are willing to accept apalling. We don't do "end runs" around the Constitution in this country just to get at a class of people we do not care for.

You're statement about tearing down homes and replacing them with others that are so expensive certain types of people cannot afford to live there is very telling about your inner person and your value system. You do not need to read any reports or anything , you just know it all right buddy?

I wouold like to see how you would bounce back if I were to come over to your house and put you out on the street with no notice. Couple this with the fact that you have next to nothing for any kind of support system, no money and nowhere to go. For people of your limited intelligence Hatter that means no place to store your belongings also, so now you lose all of your personal property also because the landlord put them all in the garbage or sold them.

Have you any idea the emotional devastation and turmoil that person would be in?

Now imagine that it all happened because the code inspector condemned the house for conditions that did not exist, but because someone in the city be it city officals, neighbors or whoever had some sick agenda they were persuing.


And in anticipation of your response to that statement let me assure you that I believe that statement does reflect the majority view here toward you and your twisted thoughts.

Our country was founded on the notion that people get a second chance (and sometimes a third and fourth), and that they have a fundamental right to expect an honest Government and a fair shake from the people who work within it.

Who in the hell do you think you are to come here and make accusations against all of us with your twisted and predijuced mindset?

You make remarks about people not fixing their houses, but I don't hear you saying anything about how those houses got into the condition they are in.

I have not herd anyone complaining because they do not want to fix their house. If I am correct, the thing they are complaining about is the Government using the house reapirs as a scapegoat for their failed policy or their unwillingness to apply law enforcement strategies to a crime problem. It is not about repairing the house. If the person that lived in the house wanted it fixed, he would call the landlord, but they do not do that in most (not all) casesbecause fixing the house is not the issue. They call the city code guys or some advocate because they cannot (or don't want to) pay the rent, or as a way to retaliate aginst the landord because he is over there trying to make the renter abide by the lease agreement with tespect to some of the issues of trash, tenants behavior, etc., or in some cases the landlord had started Court Action to remove the tenant for lease violations. Then all the Government resources come out to create all kinds of documentation for repairs (usually caused by the tenant themselves)for the renter to use in court to show why they should not have to pay the rent.

Now if the neighbors or the city happen to not like this particular renter because they have had the Police to their house too many times, they are of the wrong ethnic variety, or the Police suspect them of crimes that cannot be proven, then the city gives them a little extra attention to make sure they are removed from the neighborhood. I don't need to bore you with these details though because you have seen this before in your own neighborhood right Mr. Hatter? Remember?.....the place where they raided the "crack dealing gang banging rental on the east side"? Was there a conviction in that action Mr. Hatter or was it just another "move the problem to someone else's neighborhood" type sham to make it look like the city is doing something about crime?

When our Policemen are shot down in cold on YOUR east side streets Mr. Hatter, what was the response to it? Was it to crack down on your "crack dealing gang banging" whatever it was you called them? HELL NO....that would make too much sense and cost too much money. The response was for the city to have the Polce and Fire Departments out looking for tall grass and torn screens!

And let me inquire about this if you will: what did you and your neighbors do to make the neighborhood better when you lived there Mr. Hatter? I would venture to say that this problem happened over time and that it did not just spring up one morning out of the blue when you were out for your morning walk. You and your neighbors hide like the cowards you are behind your locked doors and just hoped it would get better. Perhaps you thought someone else would take care of the unpleasentries that you are either too lazy or to cowardice to address. Then when things really get bad you probably had some city bureaucrat come out to one of your neighborhood meetings to pass the blame off on someone else.....most likely the property owner. Since non of us are responsible for anything any of our own problems anymore and we all like to blame others for our problems, this probably made sense to you, and since non of us want our property taxes raised this was also a cheaper way to deal with it rather than assume the cost of Police, Courts, Incarceration, Social Workers, and heaven forbid the city leaders would have to deal with accusations of racism, etc. The results were also much more immediate.

When none of those things worked out and the problems got so out of control that it was unbearable, you sold your house and ran for safe ground, and now from the saftey of your new home and your elitist attitude as crutch, you have now figured it all out. Bob is a weirdo, you do not have to read any reports that were researched by people with more facts and resouces than you, all the facts and trends abut homeslessness are already known to you, property owners just naturally do not want to fix their property, you know for a fact that none of the other City Coucnil people have the same code violations that they sit in judgement of others for, and your crystal ball tells you that all the victimized children of the displaced people will be OK wherever they happen to wind up, I must tell you that I think you have a lot of nerve to come and take shots at people.

You and your type are part of the problem not the soloution.

The city is busy chasing the the veteran landlords out of business, they have ignored the unintended consequences that may happen as a result of their actions.

There is a new breed of landlords comming to the city Hatter. Most of the new ones comming in do not have the expierience or the resources to operate these rental housing safely and efficiently. Their days are numbered.

Then there is another bunch who are far more dangerous and we are all going to pay for it. They are the "Mortgage Frauders". A high percentage of the rental housing being sold now are being sold to people who take out $50,000.00 to $75,000.00 on the day of closing and NEVER EVER go back to the property. Not even to collect the rent from the people currently living there! Foreclosures are going to explode in these marginal areas, and who do you think is going to pay? We all are!! We will pay through the nose with higher mortgage insurance, higher interest rates, decreased property values, lost tax base from demolitions, higher taxes as a result of all all the "free loading" TIF projects that replace all the once tax paying houses that were demolished,and ya know what Hatter? When the property values are all depressed, then the same guys they chased out of town today will be back buying the same properties again for pennies on the dollar, so tell me , what did we really gain with these failed policys and civil rights violations that you think (from the saftey of your new digs) are OK.

I'll be waiting as I am sure others will too for your answer Hatter.

In case you are not as well versed in this area as you are in acepting civil rights violations, perhaps you could talk to Rick Mons. He is another SPIFer know it all who happens to be a Realtor. I am sure he could tell you all about the Mortgage Fraud that is running rampant in the city.


3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SCORE keeper, I am very sorry for acting like a total bafoon's ass. I am ashamed for sucking up to the city and hope each and everyone whose lives were destroyed by the city can forgive my pompous attitude and my self-righteous display of terrorism.


4:33 PM  
Anonymous MAD HATTER said...

I posted under anonymous before. And I forgot to add that I'm now changing my name is MR. HUMILITY.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how much more of a flavor of disingenuousness could there be with this person. That just makes him worse!

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Chuck Repke said...

I am a complete idiot who has his head so far up Dave Thunes Ass I can see Kathy Lantry.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious Repke, who else do you see up there along with Kathy Lantry?

5:29 PM  

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