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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pioneer Press/ St. Paul couple facing eviction trashed apartment, charges say


Hi All,

As many of you know I was a contract handyman for many years, most renters never complain about damages to a rental unit until they get behind on their rent, then the landlord in their minds is evil for wanting the rent. I 've seen the descibed behavior in this story, and unfortunately landlords not only get screwed by the renter, code enforcement comes in and doubles the damages with over bearing enforcement.

Omar Walford,  and Tontay Johnson, you are SCUMBAGS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the landlord and any other tenants's living there. But how come this landlord permitted these slum tenant's from remaining to the tune of 3K owed rent ?? Don't know what the monthly rate of rent was, but 3K seems like at least 3 months worth. Unfortunatley, housing court is slow to act on behalf of landlords seeking to evict tenant scumbags who won't pay rent and often courts protect them. When a person signs a month to month lease, at the very least the landlord should have a legal remedy to forcefully evict a tenant in less than two months without a court hearing. Instead they make the landlord file in court to evict when it should be the other way around, the scumbag tenant, upon receiving an eviction notice should have to file in housing court to remain in the unit. But a month to month lease is a binding contract and a court of law must enforce the terms of that contract unless it finds the contract to be absurd or illegal. My suggestion to landlords is to put everyone on a month to month lease and review every six months for the possibility of making the lease at least a six month lease based upon tenant rent paying history and upkeep. Come on landlords, you can do better to manage your properties when it comes to dealing with the kinds of tenant's were dealing with here !! Real good landlords would have protected themselves better by starting them out on a graduating lease from month to month to perhaps 6 month terms. I have to question the judgment of this landlord but I feel bad for him alos as a victim of classless scumbag tenant's who wrecked the apartment. It's crimminal damage to property and they should be jailed !!

Jeff Matiatos

8:10 AM  

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