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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Wanted – Black folks and Supporters, MEET WITH MAYOR COLEMAN

Wanted – Black folks and Supporters to SHOW UP!
Monday, August 6, 2012 - 6:30 p.m. SHARP!
Mount Olivet Baptist Church - Saint Paul – 451 Central Ave.
Come out and hold the politicians ACCOUNTABLE to supporting the Community and Economic Development Agenda of the Historic African American Rondo Community along the Central Corridor LRT Alignment!

MEET with: St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Ramsey County Commissioner Toni Carter,
Ward 1 City Council Representative Melvin Carter

 DEMAND Jobs for Residents, Contracting, the Restoration of Rondo’s Economic Engine, Saving Black Businesses, a Historic Rondo Commercial & Heritage District, Victoria/Historic Rondo as a Station Name, Affordable Housing + MORE!

 DEMAND Community Benefits & Protections, Demand Justice & Equity, Demand Accountability and above all DEMAND RESULTS!   Remember Rondo Don’t Get Railroaded

Hosted by: the African American Leadership Council, Black Ministerial Alliance, St. Paul NAACP, & the Preserve and Benefit Historic Rondo Committee

Need a Ride or more Information Contact: Veronica Burt - Cultural Organizer,, 651-774-5977, A’Bryana 651-202-3181 or Brian 651-260-9498

NOTE from Bob Johnson host of A Democracy Town Hall...
To get elected  Carter claimed he was concerned about gentrification of ward 1, however, Carters history on the council suggest he isn't concerned about anything other than his career.
Evidence in the federal fair housing lawsuits against the city of Saint Paul lead concerned citizens to believe the city willfully increased property values forcing low income minorities out of the east side and Frogtown.


Blogger amprotec said...

Dear Bob

Talking about Africa, It's really sad to see people are dying due to water scarcity, mal nutrition

If mass water tanks can be planted in water scarced areas, it will be great to see this


1:43 AM  

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