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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

St. Paul City to take on HUD housing bias cases

HUD let the wolves loose in the chicken koop! The city is currently being investigated for not following HUD rules (Newell vs City of Saint Paul). Read this letter from HUD to mayor Coleman LINK. There is also a major federal fair housing lawsuit against the city on it's way to trial (Magner vs Gallegher) involving disparate impact, gentrification of minorities from Saint Paul neighborhoods and HUD money.
This move by HUD is irresponsible and leads many to ponder the reasoning behind this irrational action..

The United States of America ex rel. Fredrick Newell vs. City of Saint Paul, Minnesota [Case No. 09-CV-1177] federal False Claims Act lawsuit

Scheduled for a motion to dismiss hearing this Friday (6-15-12) at 9 a.m. in Federal District Court in downtown St. Paul, 316 North Robert Street, Courtroom 7C before The Honorable Donovan Frank.
More information here

Friday, June 08, 2012

Pioneer Press/ Aaron Foster still must pay $6M to children of slain Barbara Winn, judge says

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Feds say Ferguson raids netted cash, handguns

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Expolsive Update in the Saint Paul Fair Housing Lawsuits. HUD money and misconduct.

Hi All,
After doing some research I have formed a theory of circumstances leading up to the city's decision to pull out of the supreme court hearing Magner vs Gallagher. For you legal beagle types of the town hall, here is a bone for study,

False Claims Act Complaint and Demand For Jury Trial
"United States of America ex rel, Fredrick Newell plaintiff vs City of Saint Paul".CN 09-SC-1177 (To summarize this case Newell is blowing the whistle on the city of Saint Paul alleging the city fraudulently acquired HUD funds for a number of years.)

With sufficient evidence to proceed with Newells case on February 9, 2012 the federal government dropped representation of this black businessman (Newell) and let him fend for himself against the city of Saint Paul, the following day the city withdrew from Magner vs Gallagher.

Many of you are aware there is great controversy over the city backing away from the supreme court hearing in Magner vs Gallagher.

It is my opinion the city used Magner vs Gallagher as a bargaining chip to persuade the federal government to drop the Newell case. If the city had won Magner vs Gallagher the Obama Administration would have lost a valuable tool used to sue mortgage companies over disparate impact.

It isn't over for Newell and his faith based organizations. One attorney of 3 representing Newell is Thomas Heffelfinger. The city is still facing the loss of millions of dollars over this case. The city is still at great risk of losing millions of dollars in the fair housing lawsuits.

It looks like we have dirty birds in government attempting to cover up the misappropriation of your tax dollars folks.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Pioneer Press/ Limits on student rentals near St. Thomas get thumbs-down