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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More and more Minnesota renters just a heartbeat from homelessness


Blogger Bob said...

And in the city of Saint Paul there is an agenda to remove the lowest rung of rental properties.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Bill Dahn said...

Dave Thune is head of St. Paul Re development and the money flow with in, is his plan to get rid of all the landlords and the city have control of all housing in St.Paul?
and have their tight buddies in Ramsey County that will make peoples life a living HELL if they speak out about anything!

As I spoke out about a bad job done on my home at 256 W. Morton St.,
On July 14, 1998 I was threaten by Eric E Ayen M.A case manager of Ramsey County Community Human Service Department by phone,
He said to Me.
Quote >> If you don't Shut Up about the insulation installed by Ramsey Action Program aka Community Action Program that I would be put in Anoka State Hospital, and that is a mental hospital.
I speak out at dirty government every day, and over the years of pointing the finger at St.Paul and crime with in city government I had to go and prove 7 or 8 times that I was mentally competent.
This is how St.Paul and Ramsey County use their power and your money to shut people up about any issue.

This is one of the ways they can and well shut the mouths of the people.
But Bill Dahn sign up for Governor after that phone call and 5 days later Jesse Ventura and Dean Barkley was at my door bribing me to change political parties!

Bill Dahn

Thank You Bob Johnson for
A Democracy, so we know the truth about government.

7:45 PM  

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