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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ramsey County / Nine vie for judge spot in primary

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Anonymous Pioneer Press said...

Field of candidates is mainly young, mostly male, and only two will go on to general election

By Emily Gurnon
Updated: 08/03/2010 11:28:29 PM CDT

Nine St. Paul attorneys are competing to fill the seat of retiring Ramsey County District Judge M. Michael Monahan, and voters will decide Aug. 10 which two will go on to the general election in November.

Only 1,839 votes separated the third-place candidate from the second in the race for an open judge seat in 2008.

Judicial races seldom attract much attention, but once a judge is on the bench, he or she holds tremendous power over the lives of thousands of citizens — and they're rarely unseated in later elections.

All but one of this primary's candidates are male. All live in St. Paul. The field skews young: Four of the nine are in their 30s. Judicial races are nonpartisan.

(Numbers for money raised and spent are through July 19).

Gloria E. Bogen


Occupation: Executive director, Legal Assistance of Washington County

Age: 53

Experience: Thirteen years representing low-income clients, with primary background in family law, along with landlord-tenant and debt issues. Serves on the St. Paul Board of Zoning Appeals.

Why I want the job: I want to improve public confidence in the legal system and the delivery of justice. I would make a good judge because I am calm, reasonable and easy to talk to.

Money raised/spent: $2,796/$3,982

Family: Fiance Chuck Repke

John G. Dillon

Occupation: Private practice attorney representing local cities

Age: 52

Experience: Has tried hundreds of cases involving domestic violence, violations of orders for protection and drunken driving. Experience in labor law, including contract negotiation and dispute mediation. Before law school, worked for eight years counseling patients in the University of Minnesota hospitals as a psychiatric assistant.

Why I want the job: I have the broad-based legal knowledge, skills and life experience required to be an excellent judge.

Money raised/spent: $6,885/$382

Family: Wife Maura White, two adult children.

Greg M. Gaffaney

(No website)

Occupation: Revenue examiner, Minnesota Department of Revenue

Age: 59

Experience: Twenty-four years with Revenue Department. Private practice before that in the areas of contract law, corporate law, family law, title searches and traffic cases. Broad life experience, including worldwide travel.

Why I want the job: I want to make sure that the courts take advantage of new technology. I want to run a courtroom with respect, fairness and impartiality. My years in private practice gave me a broad knowledge of the legal profession.

Money raised/spent: $0/$37

Family: Single, no children

Mark Ireland


Occupation: Founder, Foreclosure Relief Law Project

Age: 36

Experience: Founded the nonprofit foreclosure project three years ago. Serves as adjunct professor at Hamline Law School. Speaks locally and nationally on predatory lending, foreclosure and fraud. Six years as an assistant attorney general.

Why I want the job: There is a need for more judges with a legal aid, nonprofit background. There needs to be stronger advocacy for problem-solving courts such as those serving the mentally ill and juveniles.

Money raised/spent: $18,700/$13,003

Family: Wife Amy Schroeder Ireland, three children

8:47 AM  
Anonymous story continued said...

Stephen C. Kelly


Occupation: Attorney at Wick & Rowe, St. Paul, doing employment, property and municipal law.

Age: 42

Experience: Previously did civil and criminal law in private practice at Rosene, Haugrud & Staab, and Bannigan & Kelly, where he represented Teamsters Local 320. Clerked for a district judge in Dakota County for three years.

Why I want the job: I have the right temperament to be a judge. I am able to define the issues, see both sides of a case and bring people together.

Money raised/spent: $475/$16

Family: Wife Colleen Kelly, five children

Ed Matthews


Occupation: Senior associate at Fredrikson & Byron, Minneapolis.

Age: 36

Experience: Works on court cases in defense of manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in products liability and other complex commercial cases. Adjunct professor, William Mitchell College of Law; certified public accountant; ran against U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum for Congress in 2008.

Why I want the job: I want to improve the efficiency of the court system. Many cases are unnecessarily long and too expensive. Save police officers' time by scheduling their appearances more carefully.

Money raised/spent: $3,845/$4,385

Family: Divorced, one child

Trevor Stewart Oliver


Occupation: Attorney for Kelly & Lemmons in Oakdale and St. Paul

Age: 34

Experience: Serves as city attorney for several municipalities in Ramsey County, prosecuting misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors. Has also done civil work for the cities. Five years of experience with the Army JAG Corps.

Why I want the job: I can be a thoughtful judge who does his homework. I want to encourage effort on the part of the courts to move cases out of the suburbs in a timely manner, while expanding the specialty courts.

Money raised/spent: $10,359/$7,927

Family: Wife Kaela Meyers, three children

Tom Plunkett


Occupation: Solo practitioner, criminal defense

Age: 45

Experience: Solo practitioner for seven years; eight years with Dudley & Smith doing criminal defense and personal injury litigation. Former attack helicopter pilot in the Army, 20 years in the National Guard, concluding with time in JAG Corps.

Why I want the job: I like working with and helping people. I want to focus on veterans' issues, victims and making better use of technology in court administration to improve efficiency.

Money raised/spent: $9,394/$2,570

Family: Wife Chris, no children

Matthew Lawson Thornton


Occupation: Solo practitioner, certified arbitrator

Age: 36

Experience: Ten years as solo practitioner in St. Paul, with courtroom experience in civil, family and criminal law. Certified arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association since 2006. Associate attorney with a small law firm before beginning solo practice.

Why I want the job: I have what it takes to serve the public and do what's right on the bench. I have significant courtroom experience, and I will help improve the system's fairness and efficiency.

Money raised/spent: $0/$5,163

Family: Single, no children

8:47 AM  
Anonymous From the bowels of Saint Paul Issues and Forums said...

From: Chuck Repke Date: 12:33 UTC Short link

_Ramsey County / Nine vie for judge spot in primary - TwinCities.com_

Well, attached is the story from today's Pioneer Press on the judge's
race. It is frustrating how space limitations restrict stories like this to
just a few words. With that, of course when you are supporting one of the
candidates it is what words that are missing that absolutely drives you

In Gloria Bogen's resume the missing three words "attorney 28 years,"
would have been so nice to have been seen in the story. When four of your
competitors are 34, 36, 36 and 36 years OLD... it would have been so nice if
the Ppress would have had enough space for those 3 little words. Now, I
know, what they did say, "thirteen years representing low-income clients" (her
current position) is still longer time practicing law then four of her
competitors...but, when your candidate was practicing law when half of the
field were practicing their multiplication tables it just gets you when half
of her career is left on the editor's desk...

Just My Opinion Not Those of My Employers Past Present Or Future (or
anybody else that has ever met me)

Chuck Repke

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck give it a rest.

You and your wife have made a lot of money off the backs of the little guy for way too long.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, you have to wonder about any candidates running for Judge that is paired up as either husband and wife or fiance, to another who is in bed with or works for city and local Government.

Chuck Repke and Gloris Bogen ?

Judge Gregg Johnson and Sue Haigh ?

I just don't like the trend !!!!!

Jeff Matiatos

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Governor Tim Pawlenty and Judge Mary Pawlenty.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did i hear that dave thune is backing gloria e. bogen for ramsey county judge?
this is a democrat town and county now and we don't need friends of the city council becoming judge to help cover cases that are against the city or county government.
jesse ventura appointed a women to judge as he was governor and in 2003 jesse call her for a favor of shutting up bill dahn and my friend leslie davis while they were protesting jesse at tpt ch.2 in st.paul.
what leslie davis was always saying that all this was caused by bill dahn's house and the insulation that ramsey action program installed in dahn's home in 1996.
come back on this chuck.
can we trust gloria or is she like susan geartner.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like Ireland and Chuck's wife.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gloria was Dave Thune's campaign manager/ treasurer. Gloris is Chuck Repke's wife. Chuck was Dave Thunes council aide and right hand man. Chuck and Dave Thune are like brothers.

11:09 PM  

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