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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama St. Paul victory rally Tuesday night confirmed; GOP says bring it on

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Blogger Bob said...

Obama St. Paul victory rally Tuesday night confirmed; GOP says bring it on
By Dave Orrick and Jason Hoppin
Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 05/30/2008 10:23:53 PM CDT

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., spoke during a discussion on protecting homeownership in North Las Vegas, Nev., on Tuesday. (JAE C. HONG/Associated Press)
Mike Allen
We get 'em both?

Yep, the state of Minnesota — and the city of St. Paul — will not only host the McCain Republican coronation in September, but apparently also a big Obama Democratic victory rally on Tuesday.

Sen. Barack Obama will declare victory as the Democratic nominee for President at 8 p.m. Tuesday night in St. Paul, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak told the Pioneer Press this evening. It'll be free, open to all, and, organizers hope, big.

Of course, there is no way to know if he'll actually have the delegates in hand to secure the nomination Tuesday. But the symbolism is clearly there: Sources say Obama will declare victory at Xcel Energy Center — the same building where Sen. John McCain is expected to be nominated as his party's candidate at the Republican National Convention in September.
Tuesday's the night of the final Democratic primaries, in South Dakota and Montana. Rybak, who chairs Obama's Minnesota campaign, said Tuesday's event is not contingent on how Obama fares at the polls against his opponent Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"He is the nominee," Rybak said. "He will be coming here."

The Minnesota GOP reacted quickly, with party Chairman Ron Carey issuing a statement that attacked some of Obama's foreign policy positions. "I couldn't be happier," Carey said of Obama bringing the battle to St. Paul. And Matt Burns, spokesman for the Sept. 1-4 convention, said, in part, "We remain focused on planning the best possible convention - where Sen. McCain will share his positive vision with the American people."

Obama's campaign contacted the Xcel Energy Center to see if the arena is available, Xcel spokeswoman Kathy O'Connor said tonight.

"Nothing is confirmed yet ... but obviously we're very excited," O'Connor told the Pioneer Press. "We would be thrilled to host. If anything happens, we'll be prepared."

The choice of venue is a mischievous, aggressive way for the Illinois Democrat to unofficially kick off the general election campaign against McCain, a Republican from Arizona. The location gives huge meaning to the moment, with Obama likely to frame a tough case against his new opponent in the very hall where McCain will accept his party's nomination.

Rybak said the choice to give St. Paul a two-for was made by senior officials inside Obama's campaign.

"They looked all over the country, and we're proud they picked Minnesota," Rybak said. "It symbolizes how important Minnesota has been through this whole process and the Obama campaign."

Minnesota looks to be a natural choice.

No other state has voted as consistently Democratic in presidential races as Minnesota— even with the close races in 2000 and 2004.

Eleven of the last 12 Democratic presidential candidates carried the state. It last went Republican in 1972.

The news of Obama's visit has created a rapidly spreading buzz among political circles, as observers mull the possibilities of what could be a historic speech — the first black nominee of a major party launching his de facto presidential run — on the banks of the Mississippi River in the Upper Midwest.

Buck Humphrey, chair of the Clinton campaign in Minnesota, was contacted and said he needed to review the Pioneer Press story before commenting.

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


>>>>>>>>> "Ron Paul"! <<<<<<<<<<<<



7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary should have beat him.Us Democrats are in trouble with this sad sole.


11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This would be a good time to have a demonstration march / protest against the war .

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That would be 'soul' not sole (typical).

I assume you don't understand that winning way more states, more delegates, the popular vote and more super-delegates means anything? What about setting records in voter turnout, new voters and fundraising(umm, that would be historical fundraising numbers with small donations making up the bulk of his million and a half donors)?

Since as of tomorrow we will have all 50 states and four territories participation totals, (something else that hasn't happened in recent times), its conclusive.

John McCains total support in states where he was the only republican on the ballot is below that of Obamas when he was running against Hillary. So, If McCain can't beat him when the Democratic support is split, what is he going to do when its just one on one with Obama? Lose.


5:19 AM  
Blogger Sharon 4Anderson said...

Normally I would not post here, "but for" the media has failed to notiy the country that the St. Paul Central, Highland Schools are graduating thousands including family,friends,relatives at the same time as Obama is at xcel
Duly concerned for the safety and cost of the Graduates, nephew, familys etc.
to accomadate Ie: Obama .
Bus's from Sears for Grad ad Familys

Central has the best HighSchool Site in the nation, found at

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Eric one little stat that my girl will end with when it is all over is more delegates ELECTED in states that held primary elections.

She was never able to over come the 325 to 173 lead that Obama amassed in the Caucus States. The interesting Saint Paul connection in all of this is that the guy you did Obama's caucus state work (Steve Hilldebrant) started with the Jim Scheibel campaign.

So, Clinton wins total votes ever cast in a primary election for any human EVER. Clinton wins in delegates ELECTED by the will of the voters in primary elections.

Obama wins it total number of people that went to caucuses, total number of people who participated in the process (as long as you don't count Michigan) total number of delegates selected in precinct caucuses among those who can get out at 7:00 pm on a winters night and total number of party insiders that are given super delegate status.

So, that should be enough to put him over the top.


Chuck Repke

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright, you keep refusing to take a sip of the kool-aid, I'm going to have to pour it down your throat.

1. Some states have primaries, some have caucuses- because the name of the game is getting more DELEGATES not getting more primary voters.
A. Obama has won more Caucuses
B. Obama has won more Primaries
C. Obama has won more states (31)
D. Puerto Rico cannot vote for
for President in the election
E. Obama has won more pledged delegates.
F. Obama has won more super delegates.

2. I worked for Hildebrand and Paul Tewes (another local guy who is the National Field Director for Obama) back in 2005/2006. Another st paul guy has a company that does major ID and fundraising work for the campaign.

3. Counting all 48 states and the territories, Obama still wins. You seem to forget the states that hold caucuses- all had record turnouts)

4. Hillary was the presumptive nominee just six months ago. She was even winning 65% of the black vote. Hillary fumbled and dropped that ball all by herself.
A.It was her campaign that dropped the ball.
B. It was her husband that made comments that were easily read as racially negative.
C It was her lies about Bosnia and her 35 years of experience that brought her unbelievability ratings to the highest of any Democratic candidates.
D. It was her fundraising structure that went after major donors and tapped them out early, instead building a grassroots network of small time everyday donors who can give over and over. So, her campaign has basically been broke since March.
E. It was her campaign that decided to not put resources in Caucus states and then change their minds at the last minute after understanding the proportional allocation structure the party has.

I bring that last part up because I personally talked with her political director a couple of times a week and was in on the conference calls (I was a Hillary-ite up to December). They were dismissive of caucuses even after I informed them that the strategy of Obama is to go early into caucus states, hire local talent (instead of dropping people in the state) and maintain presence everywhere. When Clinton caught on to the importance of caucuses, it was too late. 35 years of experience.

You're right that Obama has done enough to get over the top, that's because he has run a pretty flawless campaign which is not easy when you refuse to take one dollar from federal PACS or lobbyists and your name is Barack Obama (as opposed to Barry O'Neil), you're black and people think you're a muslim)


1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to forget the states that hold caucuses-

No, I didn't forget them she got clobered there... that was my entire point.

I think what Obama has been able to do was amazing.

I do think that there will be an entire diferent approach to him from the media once they don't have Clinton to kick around any more. He has benefitted as being who the media saw as the alternative to Clinton and we have seen every slimey thing that the media could dredge up once again on the Clinton's.

It will be an interesting campaign and it will particularly be interesting to see if the campaign can make the transition from being an anti-Clinton campaign to a pro-Obama campaign. To this point they appear to just want to extend the anti-Clinton/Bush theme. At some point you would think that they will need to define Obama, or McCain will.


Chuck Repke

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where veer there's a political hack, you'll find Eric trying to kiss their ass!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spent over ten years as a campaign operative. I was a political hack. So, should I be kissing my own ass?


9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I do think that there will be an entire diferent approach to him from the media once they don't have Clinton to kick around any more. He has benefitted as being who the media saw as the alternative to Clinton and we have seen every slimey thing that the media could dredge up once again on the Clinton's."
Are we watching the same campaign?

Did the media dig into Hillary's religion?

Did she have to prove herself to be a non-muslim?

Didn't they media allow her to lie about 35 years of service?

Didn't the media allow her Bosnia lie to continue?

Did the media stuff words into Bill Clinton's mouth?

Did the media ever confront her on the lobbyists/Campaign Advisor who's past contracts included lobbying for trade deals she supposedly was against and advise companies on how to resist and bust unions, while she professes to support unions?

Did the media cover the health care dollars she took into the campaign while saying she was going to offer universal health care (which would severely cut into their profits)?

Did the media dig into the unlimited donations to the Clinton library and tie that to quid pro quo legislation?

The media, much like with Bush, dropped the ball on Hillary when she looked like the presumptive nominee (and Obama wasn't black enough for black democrats and could only muster 35% of the black vote). As much as she yelled about Obama not being vetted, it was her who was getting the pass. 100 million dollars in seven years.

The media let a woman who grew up in the suburbs, went to a private girls college (Wellesley), one of the best law schools in the world (Yale), work at one of the most estblished law firms (Rose), be first lady to a state for 12 years, fist lady to the country for 8 years and U.S. Senator for 7 years, worth over 100 million dollars, sell to the people that she is the working class candidate. They did not deconstruct that fable.

She's out and its three months overdue.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I won't get into the entire mess of yours because it is pointless if you haven't figured it out but the irony of these two comments of yours will get to you if you aren't totally blind or drank an entire bucket of the Obama kool aide...

"Didn't they media allow her to lie about 35 years of service?"

" first lady to a state for 12 years, fist lady to the country for 8 years and U.S. Senator for 7 years,"

Only the Obama campaign could successfully be able to claim that she didn't have 35 years of service to the county and then list the 37 years of service as a priveledge she had.

My head is still spinning with how the media has played this game while backing a guy who got to the Senate 3 years ago and that is just a simple small slimey example.

...and like I said to Eric three months ago, he and I'll be dropping lit for this guy in October after the glow of the Obama hallo has long left your eyes 10:41.


Chuck Repke

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"That would be 'soul' not sole (typical)."

Not so fast Eric.

Ralph likely meant sole, as in shitheel (typical Democrat).

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon said;

Normally I would not post here, "but for" the media has failed to notiy the country that the St. Paul Central

*Sharon, you think your to good for this blog? lol You are so full of shit there isn't a manure spreader big enough to distribute it!

Over the last few weeks I know for a fact you posted anonymousily no less than 3 times.

3:55 PM  

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