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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Saint Paul public officials housing lies perpetuated in local media!

More propaganda on housing issues linked below.
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  • Folks, the housing issue in Saint Paul is really not about the stereotypical slumlord who does not maintain his or her property, every city has slumlords however claimants represented by attorney John Shoemaker are not slumlords.
  • The city wants you to believe they are pursuing slumlords when in fact their hidden agenda is targeting low income rental property to rid the city of the underclass, "get rid of the nest get rid of the critter". Limit section 8 vouchers in the city, expand the access to suburbs like we have seen in Brooklyn Park and other out lying areas, increase the property values within the inner city through excessive, "ILLEGAL" code enforcement that exceeds state law so these homes are no longer affordable to low income residents.
    If you think I am wrong prove it, I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO A DEBATE ON THIS ISSUE!


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