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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Texas v. The Inclusive Communities Project, Supreme court decesion declares.“disparate impact” is a measure of discrimination.

 Folks, the city of Saint Paul has a tough legal battle ahead in defense of their acts of  " Institutional Discrimination"!
Good people have hardened their resolve over years of fighting institutional discrimination in the city of Saint Paul, we have been waiting patiently for this decision and now here it is. Civil rights activist will use "Disparate Impact" as a tool to defend the rights of the protected class in the City of Saint Paul.

Frank Sinatra said; "The End is near", I believe the end of Institutional Discrimination in housing is near.
I dedicate this song to Mr. Shoemaker, the landlords, and all of you fighting institutional discrimination. 

More Information on lawsuits here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a tremendous decision. But how could it even be close.

Bob G.

6:28 PM  
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