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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Arndt vs City of Landfall/ HRA Settlement The Truth, Landfall an exercise in patriotism! By Bob Johnson

This topic is in response to the out of court settlement Arndt is receiving from the city of Landfall.
Pioneer Press story reporting settlement here..

In the summer of 2012 the Landfall HRA hired Ms Arndt to manage the park, Landfall is unique in the sense we are one of two mobile home parks in the nation that is incorporated as a city. The land was purchased from a private owner by HRA Washington County to help stabilize the availability of affordable low income housing in Washington County. Landfall is a designated low income community. This separates us from a private park in the sense we aren’t governed by a private owner, the city management and government must acknowledge we are bound by city ordinances, HUD rules and HRA policies that protect our rights as citizens.

We live in a small community and many people get to know each other, who is who and what’s going on kind of thing. To make a long story short Ms. Arndt was recorded and video taped violating residents rights, intimidating, threatening and in collusion with our ex city attorney taking malicious legal actions against anyone who opposed ex mayor Fledbrugge regimes malicious behaviors.
Some of the civil rights violations are, selective targeting- selectively targeting residents labeled “trouble makers”, residents who were vocal about the Fledbrugge regimes behaviors. Don’t be fooled the ex mayor and Arndt were and still maybe pals. I personally was threatened by the regime with eviction, physical harm, liability lawsuits, jail, and many of these threats were public. I was suppose to shut my mouth and not talk about their activities, of badgering residents out of their homes, selectively targeting residents with malicious legalities. There was to many stories of questionable housing practices, sales, and civil rights violations to list without writing a book.

The ex city attorney and Arndt the park manager were knocking on residents doors and badgering their way in to inspect a privately owned home, condemning homes. What city do you live in? How would you feel if the city attorney and what amounted to the city administrator (park manager) of your city knocked at your door requesting entry without a warrant? Ms. Arndt badgered resident Kenneth Phiel for letting the mayors ex girlfriend stay at his home. Arndt was on a quest to run the ex mayors girlfriend out of town and throw out anyone who helped her. Arndt said on a hidden recorder of Ken Phiels, "the mayors ex girlfriend smells like fish sleeping around the community" and she Arndt was going to evict “one by one” any resident who helped her. Then after badgering Phiel to move Ms Arndt offered to help Ken out and buy his mobile home. Some people feel this is a violation of the Hobbs Act.

Definition of Hobbs Act- (a) Whoever in any way or degree obstructs, delays, or affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce, by robbery or extortion or attempts or conspires so to do, or commits or threatens physical violence to any person or property in furtherance of a plan or purpose to do anything in violation of this section shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

Another resident was offered a dollar by Ms Arndt's associates for a home easily worth 10k. They started eviction procedures on Ken Phiel for housing the mayors ex for a short time. Fortunately with the support of the community the regime went one by one and Phiel was not evicted! Arndt selectively targeted our current mayor Jim Dumer when he challenged them at council meetings and later filed as a candidate for mayor.

The regime- Park manager Arndt fired, city attorney Shoeberg fired, Mayor Fledbrugge voted out by a landslide, city councilman Terry Kilby resigned, Councilman Ron Sanoski, seen the error of his ways and jumped ship to join the citizens.

These people were the equivalent of social terrorism here. At the city council meeting when Arndt and Shoeberg were terminated residents were very somber as if we were at a funeral (video taped). Residents weeped with relief and joy when they were terminated, it marked an end to oppression. Arndt was a dictator in a city where citizens exercise their rights, for many years she managed a private park and became set in her ways of pushing people around, she wouldn’t acknowledge we have rights. I don’t think she knew anything about HUD regulations or HRA policy, and she certainly didn’t give a hoot about civil rights. As she left the city in a tantrum she destroyed property in city hall raced out of the park  in her SUV over 40 mph in a 10 mph zone endangering children in the street.

Arndt makes all these claims about Fledbrugge sexual advances on her, I have numerous emails from Arndt sent late night around bar closing time expressing her admiration for Fledbrugge while she is threatening me. They were as close as two peas in a pod. We are left to wonder is there collusion?

Ron Sanoski said he did not pull a gun on Arndt, I believe him, resident Bill Dahn was in the office with Sanoski and Arndt at a time when Arndt and Sanoski were comrades, Sanoski brandished his .45 cal. handgun and made a vale threatening statement toward what Bill believed was himself, me (Bob Johnson) and another resident named Don Dunn, We were leading the “Concerned Citizens Group” established to investigate and stop the regime from violating residents rights. Ron Sanoski actually didn’t join the citizens until after he was selectively targeted by Arndt for challenging the regime he was part of, he then got a taste of the oppression he had been supporting.

Arndt peeked residents concerns, many resident started their own investigations we pooled our information, we had people tape recording the regime, We video taped them from afar and near. I did a back ground check on Ms Arndt and I found a landmark supreme court case in which Arndt was not held respnsible for allowing a pediphile who molested children to move into a park in Apple Valley she managed, the pediphile later molested several young girls.

The case: Arndt lawsuit 1996

GARDEBRING, Justice (dissenting). WROTE
I respectfully dissent from the majority's conclusion that adults, who are in a position of authority relative to children, have no obligation to act once they know the children are being sexually abused. While we may not be our brother's keeper, in a civilized society, I believe it appropriate that the law recognize that we may be our children's keeper.

Arndt received an application for a rental agreement from Willard Whittemore. During the application process, Whittemore told Arndt that several years earlier he had pled guilty to a charge of criminal sexual conduct after being accused of molesting several children at the trailer park where he then lived. Arndt approved Whittemore's rental application anyway, and in April of 1992 he moved into Eaton. During the summer of 1992 the four children, all girls between the ages of four and seven years old, began spending considerable amounts of time with Whittemore at his trailer. The parents were aware that their children often helped Whittemore in his garden, collected rocks with him, that he gave them treats, and that they visited his trailer nearly every day, playing, laughing, and singing with him.

In late July 1992, the children came to park manager Arndt's home and told her, in effect, that Whittemore had been touching them in an inappropriate sexual manner. Arndt responded by telling the children to tell their parents, but they did not tell their parents right away. The abuse continued for approximately another three weeks--until August 22, 1992, when S.B. told her mother about it, and upon S.B.'s mother reporting the abuse to the police, the matter was investigated. In interviews by police officers and medical personnel, the children reported that on more than one occasion Whittemore had touched and rubbed their genital areas, both under and over their underwear. Medical reports following examination of H.B. and S.B. were consistent with what the children disclosed. [2] In Whittemore's police interview, he claimed that the children made up the story of abuse to retaliate against him because he had stopped giving them treats.

I believe this case has been over turned to suggest we are our children’s keeper. Social workers, teachers, psychiatrist and other professionals are required to report child abuse when they hear about it. I concur with Judge Gardebring we have a moral responsibility and I think most people with reasonable minds would agree, Arndt displayed questionable moral behaviors in her past.
With all the questionable moral inadequacies Arndt expressed publicly here and in her past it was a burden the residents couldn’t bare.

Arndt has the city in a “catch 22”, the city’s residents are witnesses against Arndt, if the city had gone to court to defend against the case the city would of had to subpoena residents who were violated, exposing the city to civil litigation from residents. Fair Housing lawsuits are way more costly than a sexual harassment suit,

Mike Ciresi law firm sent a "letter of intent to litigate" to the city of Landfall on behalf of the mayors ex girlfriend for violating her civil rights. A letter of intent from this powerful law firm set the stage for a rough ride for the city had Fledbrugges regime held power continuing their onslaught of civil rights violations.