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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cliven Bundy Supporters Open Can Of Worms On Harry Reid!

This story is the perfect opportunity to call, and expose, BS on the mainstream media. It's time to get the public out of their "twitter" mentality and have us all do just a little bit of work to look into the REAL details of this situation. So, here's the homework assignment... research the BLM and how they handled themselves in their losing court case against a suit ranchers filed against them years ago over this public land. Then look into their handling of the "endangered" turtles (make sure you use the keyword "euthanasia" in the query). Then look into Harry Reid's family involvement in an investment with a Chinese manufacturer of Solar Panels (5 billion dollar deal) to locate their facilities on the land, which just happened to be where rancher Bundy was the last holdout on BLM lands. Then, finally, dig out that old dusty copy of your Constitution and show me the section that enumerates EXACTLY what land the Federal Government is allowed to own.

There is a report by Vernon Bostick called Rangelands from June 1990. It basically states that the desert tortoise thrives in Cattle grazing areas because it eats the cow dung. No kidding! Like David Kieber says below, do your research to form an educated opinion. This dispute had nothing to do about the endangered tortoise. The BLM wanted to remove the cattle for the utility size solar plant.

My comment-
I seen an interview with Cliven Bundy's son in which he stated they corralled over 100 cows and put a rock about the size of a tortoise in the cows path at the gate, they opened the gate and herded the cows through, not one cow stepped on the rock. As an old farm boy I know cows are very careful not to step on anything that could throw them off balance.


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