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Friday, December 27, 2013

Pioneer Press/ Landlords file complaint with HUD over St. Paul housing codes

Friday, December 06, 2013

Pioneer Press/ Ex-Landfall employee suing former officials for sexual harassment, wrongful firing... AND NOW THE TRUTH!

Read this article at first.LINK HERE In the past has censored my comments concerning the truth in housing, below is the comment I posted on this article at Hi All, I am disappointed Bob Shaw didn't tell the truth on this issue. Mr. Shaw is well aware of both sides of this story having spoke with several residents of the city. Bob Shaw wrote; At a raucous meeting in August 2012, council members fired the city attorney, giving him 90 days' notice. They also fired Arndt on the spot with no discussion. Arndt left City Hall that night by passing through a group of residents who taunted her and yelled obscenities. My response; Absolutely FALSE statement! When Colleen Arndt was terminated the resident expressed relief and controlled jubilence! No raucous, ONE person of over 80 residents at the meeting yielded a very minor snicker as Colleen Arndt got into her car. IT"S ON VIDEO TAPE, I have the tape. Colleen flipped residents the middle finger and got into her car and drove off at a very high rate of speed endangering children playing at the end of the street. The speed limit in Landfall is 10 mph Miss Arndt had to be doing over 40 mph, Ms. Arndt was cited by police. Bob Shaw's story would have the reader believe residence of Landfall didn't like Colleen Arndt because she was using her authority to clean up the city, THAT IS SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH IT ISN'T FUNNY Mr. Shaw and you know it! Landfall is a HUD funded community and must abide by the HUD rules. The former mayor was using Colleen Arndt to selectively target residents who helped the former mayors estranged girlfriend. selective targeting is a violation of HUD rules. Colleen Arndt also after bully residents with eviction offered to buy their home, some folks believe this is a violation of the HOBBS ACT. MS Arndt was caught with a hidden tape recorder threatening residents. Ms Arndt purchased 2 homes for the city and paid good money for what amounted to be condemned homes that weren't worth a buck. It cost the city over 30 grand to fix the homes she brought to Landfall. Colleen Arndt and I use to get into some heated late night email exchanges, in some emails Colleen is expressing her admiration of the former mayor of Landfall, how ironic she now claims he had eyes for her and she wants to be paid. Because of Colleen Arndt’s behavior toward residents the Mike Ciresi law firm decided to represent the former mayors estranged girlfriend in a federal fair housing lawsuit against the city. Ciresi's firm sent the city a letter of intent. If the lawsuit had been pursed Colleen would have been named in it. Fortunately for the city some resident’s of Landfall want justice not money. The residents of Landfall received partial justice when Colleen Arndt and former city attorney Shoeberg were terminated. The city took further steps to aide residents who were violated by Ms Arndt. and the former mayor. Our new mayor Jim Dumer was elected by a landslide, what does that tell you? Landfall is one of two mobile home parks in the nation that are incorporated as a city. No trailer park trash here, the city was nominated three years in a row as one of 100 of the best cities in America to raise children. The termination of city attorney Kevin Shoeberg and Colleen Arndt, and the landslide defeat of ex mayor Flash Fledbrugge was an exercise in patriotism at it's best! Sincerely, Bob Johnson Former city Council/ HRA board member Landfall MN. Civil/ Property Rights Activist, A Democracy Town Hall