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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Powerline/ How Tom Perez traded Treasury money to protect a pet race discrimination theory

LINK TO STORY HERE For 7 years here at the town hall we have followed these lawsuits. There isn't any place on the Internet that has covered the history of this story like we have here, in the archives of this town hall you can find the truth. We have had the privilege of hearing both sides of the story year after year. All of us know the truth, and it isn't pretty. If you are a sociopath the city's illegal code enforcement policy's won't bother you until a code enforcement officer is knocking at your door, that's right your door, the city has pushed around landlords with very expensive code compliance's, they have a big code enforcement machine now and it's private home owners and business's turn to fork out the cash to improve your property beyond federal and state building codes. Andy Dawkins former head of what is now known as the Department of Safety and Inspections once said he wanted to get into every home in Saint Paul for a building code inspection. You may think your vintage home is in great shape, do you have lead paint under the multi layers of paint? Do you have lead pipes? Do you have updated electrical? Do you have an old furnace with absestos insulation or pipes ? How bout your roof, do you think you have another 5 years left to the shingles life, maybe the city of Saint Paul will disagree. The city requires you put up a $5000 cash performance bond and hire contractors. If caught in a code compliance with the city you will have to pay other fees related to the city's code inspections policy's, you will have to pay a $1500 vacant building fee, a $450 code compliance inspection fee, the list goes on and on. I seen a property owner abated $450 for 2 trash bags sitting next to a full trash can, the trash man was coming that day. For years the city has held community meetings on housing, what these meetings have amounted to is a propaganda tool to rope citizens into hating on their neighbors so they could gain support to "code homes to the max". What does all of this accomplish for the city of Saint Paul, raises property values giving the city a justifiable reason to raise your property tax's, forces out "those that have from those that have not", class war fare! The good news, there is people among us that will hold the city and federal government accountable, after all the power is with the people, through dissent we will humble our progressive politicians or vote them out.

Tribune/ Tony Bouza: A former police chief who testifies against police

Black conservative leaders sound off! Is President Obama anti-American?

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pioneer Press/ Injured Gem Lake retiree sues, saying he was manhandled over supermarket samples

I have heard wee man horror stories concerning Wolf Security company also. A security guard with Wolf chased a friend of mine around his car with a taser in Midway shopping Center because he didn't move his car fast enough. Neanderthal thinking wouldn't you like to take these wee men out behind the woodshed for a good schooling?

Tribune/ Insurers warn of sticker shock due to health care law's new taxes, requirements as it expands

LINK TO STORY HERE Obama sold his health care plan to working class America on the assumption insurance rates would decline. So far, I haven't seen one good thing come of Obama care.

Monday, March 11, 2013

OnlineMBA/ The Business of Guns.

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Friday, March 08, 2013

Popular Science/ .Should We Use Big Data To Punish Crimes Before They're Committed?

Saturday, March 02, 2013


Preferred Option In early 2013, the Gateway Corridor Commission wrapped up a Transit Alternatives Analysis Study (AA), spanning nearly two years, which reviewed numerous options to improve transit in the I-94 corridor from downtowns St. Paul – Minneapolis to western Wisconsin. After extensive analysis and considerable public involvement from business leaders and residents in the community, the Gateway Corridor Commission identified two options – a dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and a Light Rail Transit (LRT) line along Hudson Road from St. Paul to Woodbury LINK TO STUDY HERE