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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pioneer Press/ Little Town Whole Lot of Controversy

LINK TO STORY HERE My comment at Greetings All. I am a resident of Landfall and I played a significant role in the termination of city attorney Shoeberg and park manager Colleen Arndt. over recent months I have read several article from different news venues concerning this subject and none of those articles had all the facts and some of the reporting is misleading. It was reported by Bob Shaw the crowd who sent Colleen Arndt off was an angry mob, this isn't the truth, I have a video of the entire meeting when Arndt and Shoeberg were terminated, the people in attendance were happy, jubilant that their oppressors were terminated, they were clapping their hands and whistling simular to what you would see at a baseball game when our team wins. The mayor of Landfall provided Shaw with this veiw of Arndts departure and other residents of the park told a different story Shaw printed the mayors lies, the mayor of Landfall has been caught numerous times lying he is a complusive liar, a convicted armed robber, and a suspected theft. Google "Colleen Arndt Eaton Mobile Homes" and you will see another reason residents have concerns over Ms. Arndt. As park manager she was extremely oppressive and demeaning to the residents and some city council members of Landfall, Arndt, Shoeberg and the mayor of Landfall are currently under investigation for criminal and civil rights violations. Mike Ciresi's law firm is representing some of the citizens of Landfall in a federal fair housing lawsuit against the city addressing the behavior of our mayor, city attorney and park manager. And for those of you who don't know who Ciresi is, he is the attorney who represented the state of Minnesota against the tobacco company's. I and many resident of Landfall don't take to kindly to the ignorant statements here. Landfall citizens are not trailer park trash! Our city has been elected 3 years in a row as 1 of the 100 best city's in America to raise children, no other city in the metro area received this award, we also have the lowest crime rate in the metro area. I am not only a resident of Landfall, I am the president of the NEW Saint Paul Globe newspaper. In November it is the intention of the Globe to print the truth concerning this issue. Respectfully, Bob Johnson Proud to be a resident of one of the finest city's in America!


Anonymous LilleNews_Kevin Shoeberg said...
Thanks for exposing City Attorneys Kevin Shoeberg
Keep the Truth out there

11:15 AM  
Anonymous REsident Bill Dahn said...

Update Resident Bill Dahn

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Bill Dahn said...

THREATS, Harassment and Coercion in Landfall Minnesota.
It looks as some of these commissioners aren't on top of what's happening,
this and other problems in Washington County and HRA Barbara Dacy not doing their job to protect the citizens of Landfall MN. a City HRA Attorney named Kevin K. Shoeberg P.A. in Landfall and His Close Friend Landfall City Manager Colleen Arndt, Mayor Greg "Flash" Feldbrugge three of the most under handed people Landfall ever seen and they were using their ABUSE of POWER to rid Landfall of a nice lady called Mary Mars, now because Barbara Dacy thought I "Bill Dahn" a candidate for mayor was lying about the condition of our cities government being so corrupt, but She allowed Landfall to go under maybe Shoeberg and her just might have some illegal deals under the table and Dacy and the rest of Washington County might all end up with one of the biggest law suits they ever seen in our life time.
No body cared if Mary Mars Right's were being violated by Shoeberg, Arndt, Feldbrugge to a point I took her and Ken Pheil to the U S Attorney and with a threatening tape of City Manager Colleen Arndt threatening Ken Pheil with eviction if he didn't turn in Mary Mars.
Mary Beth Mars ran for Landfall City Council until Shoeberg threaten her that HE would prosecute her if she didn't withdraw her name from the city council race.
SMRLS Law tossed Mary's case out for some BIG Law Firm to take pro-bono and BOBINS, KAPLAN, CIRECI, MILLER LAW FIRM grabbed up on it and now Washington County just might be Paying Out a Million or Two by the time this comes to a end,
is that how you see this Bill Pulkrebek...?
Shoeberg uses some unsavory Washington County Judges like Gregory G. Galler and Elizabeth H. Martin FIXED Cases to cover Shoeberg's "REAR" and its as DIRTY as any courts in the world.
Names change, but Judges don't, Judges are Just Lying Lawyers that become someone twerp in life.
I learned about Dishonest Judges in Ramsey County and one County is the same as another in Minnesota.

This is a old one >>> How do you know if the Lawyers and Judges are lying...? Their Lip Starts Moving...!
But it is true
Thanks goes out to Bill Pulkrabek, Barbara Dacy and Washington County for allowing HRA to cover their Butts and neglect people rights in Landfall when they Blew the Whistle on Kevin Shoeberg, Colleen Arndt, Mayor Flash Feldbrugge.

/S/ Bill Dahn

Bill Dahn
Sioux & Ojibwa
ECF:# P1291866

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Bill Dahn said...

The Mayor's ex girl friend
Mary Mars was ok'ed to live with Mayor Gregory "Flash" Feldbrugge for two years and she walked out on him in July 2010 for HIS Abuse and now this Landfall's Government is running scared for Threats and Bribes to get Mary Mars to "withdraw" her name for running for Landfall City Council Seat,
now we had a City of Liars, Crooks and Thieves from the Mayor "Feldbrugge,
City Attorney Kevin Shoeberg, Landfall City Manager Colleen Arndt and City Council are all guilty of Abuse of Power and neglect to provide safety to its people who complained about the three Crooked Ones they call City Leaders.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were plucking out the unethical city employees that were making life unbearable here for the citizens, in this little city
anyone that spoke out for Ken and Mary were chastised and possibly evicted from Landfall with a trespass on them to never set foot in Landfall ever again.
That is abuse of power and that was to much for Bill and Bob to endure, they got on top of that and had others doing then same.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The newspaper will be like a breath of fresh air, in an era of watered down media.

Bob G.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Folk's the mayor of Landfall informed me he is reading here.

Flash, (mayor of Landfall) jump right in here and tell the folks of this town hall your side of the story! While your at it tell us what you did with those appliances removed from city property.

Shoeberg, Arndt, same invitation to you, I'd like to go over ALL the issues with you.

Folks, when I heard there was trouble, I gathered support, like Paul Revere we paraded the streets of Landfall and shouted the alarm there was trouble in city government.
The good citizens of Landfall rose to the occassion and showed up in numbers unseen in the history of Landfall at numerous council meetings to support our police department and fairness in city government.

Our oppressers began a campaign of threats and retaliation against all of us who spoke out, they are very angry they couldn't force their will on the good people of Landfall for more time then they did. Now they want to punish those who striped them of their power. They claim they are going to sue the city, me, mayoral candidate Jim Dumer and others.

Flash, Kevin, and Colleen, you all better save your cash for the litigation against you from Ciresi's firm. The attorneys asked if any of you 3 had assets.

One by One by One! ;)

7:35 PM  
Blogger Love Kpop said...

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10:19 PM  

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