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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pioneer Press/ Justice Department's role in St. Paul's decision to drop Supreme Court case questioned


These people should be in jail!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pioneer Press/ Little Town Whole Lot of Controversy

LINK TO STORY HERE My comment at Greetings All. I am a resident of Landfall and I played a significant role in the termination of city attorney Shoeberg and park manager Colleen Arndt. over recent months I have read several article from different news venues concerning this subject and none of those articles had all the facts and some of the reporting is misleading. It was reported by Bob Shaw the crowd who sent Colleen Arndt off was an angry mob, this isn't the truth, I have a video of the entire meeting when Arndt and Shoeberg were terminated, the people in attendance were happy, jubilant that their oppressors were terminated, they were clapping their hands and whistling simular to what you would see at a baseball game when our team wins. The mayor of Landfall provided Shaw with this veiw of Arndts departure and other residents of the park told a different story Shaw printed the mayors lies, the mayor of Landfall has been caught numerous times lying he is a complusive liar, a convicted armed robber, and a suspected theft. Google "Colleen Arndt Eaton Mobile Homes" and you will see another reason residents have concerns over Ms. Arndt. As park manager she was extremely oppressive and demeaning to the residents and some city council members of Landfall, Arndt, Shoeberg and the mayor of Landfall are currently under investigation for criminal and civil rights violations. Mike Ciresi's law firm is representing some of the citizens of Landfall in a federal fair housing lawsuit against the city addressing the behavior of our mayor, city attorney and park manager. And for those of you who don't know who Ciresi is, he is the attorney who represented the state of Minnesota against the tobacco company's. I and many resident of Landfall don't take to kindly to the ignorant statements here. Landfall citizens are not trailer park trash! Our city has been elected 3 years in a row as 1 of the 100 best city's in America to raise children, no other city in the metro area received this award, we also have the lowest crime rate in the metro area. I am not only a resident of Landfall, I am the president of the NEW Saint Paul Globe newspaper. In November it is the intention of the Globe to print the truth concerning this issue. Respectfully, Bob Johnson Proud to be a resident of one of the finest city's in America!