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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Saint Paul Fair Housing Lawsuits/ National Housing Institute Is concerned about city housing practices.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read the story. He takes it three leaps forward. He links housing code enforcement to restrictive zoning practices and then claims you wouldn't be able to determine intent in either.

The difference here is that restrictive zoning codes can be proven to have disparate treatment. That the zoning code restricts a type of housing more used in a town by people of color more than non-minorities.

Enforcing the housing code to protect the people who live in the housing from landlords that are exploiting them or not giving proper care of their living conditions that is proven to not be disparate treatment being then held as disparate impact because it protects to many people of color is insane.

The intent isn't to restrict people for living in the house, it is to require the landlord to repair the house.

I would love to ask the author if what he trully wants is more people of color unable to get their landlord to fix their toilet... or more people of color unable to get their landlord to have trash service.

Because what this guy has forgotten or never knew is what it is like to be powerless. He has enough money in the bank to live where he wants to live and move if the landlord is an ass hole... some people aren't that lucky.


Chuck Repke

9:20 AM  

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