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Monday, November 12, 2007

Slavery is easier than citizenship!

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Anonymous NANCY LAZARYAN said...

Slavery is easier than Citizenship

A slave is much like a pet dog. He does the bidding of his master and in exchange is given a warm house, food and a place to sleep.

We have given up our Citizenship for the comforts of slavery.

I once was an employer, so I speak from personal experience.

If I were to employ a person for $15.00 an hour, the actual cost to me would be about $1000.00 per week. There are many hidden taxes and costs that the employer pays, that the employee is not aware of.

The employee does not “take home” $600.00 for 40 hours of labor. He may get $380.00 “after taxes”. But then he pays for taxes at the gas pump, taxes when he purchases and real estate taxes if he owns a home. In truth, he gets only about $200.00 of his own money. Now, the employer paid $1000.00 for his labor, but the worker only gets $200.00.

Who is the slave? Who gets 80% profit from the labor of the person?

And what do you get for 80% of your labor? You get to pay for the “war”. You get to pay for the people that don’t want to work. You get to pay to educate the children of the people that don’t want to work, and pay for their food, shelter, heat, electricity and anything else they need.

You get to pay for people being denied their rights by the corrupt political officials that you voted into office. Or, you didn’t even bother to vote. When your 12-year old car breaks down and you have to park on the side of the road, do you get a free ride home? Of course not, you get your car towed and have to pay more money.

The “masters” that take 80% of your income, they get to drive new government cars that are kept in top-notch repair, so that they can write you a ticket for not properly signaling a turn while you are traveling down your (their) road.

All the money that you paid in taxes at the gas pump was supposed to be used to repair the roads. Instead the bridge on 35-W collapses because, the money taken from you wasn’t really for the roads. The masters just needed to tell you this, so they could get your money.

The dollar is collapsing, the housing market is in the toilet, the food shelves are running out of food and energy prices are through the roof.

Soon, the pet dog will not have a warm place to rest. The masters have no worries, because the slaves have been properly brainwashed and will not revolt.

Because as every good slave knows, it is easier to just endure, than decide to act as a Citizen.

…by Nancy Lazaryan

7:53 AM  

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