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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is this really affordable housing!

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Blogger Bob said...

St. Paul Downtown / Offices being converted to affordable housing
But Renaissance Box, 1 of 3 projects, is opposed
Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 09/21/2007 11:50:39 PM CDT

While condo construction in downtown St. Paul has come to a near standstill, several plans for low-income apartments appear to be producing a new kind of housing rush.

At least three developers are aiming to convert vacant office space into affordable rentals. Work on the Commerce Building began last week, and plans are on the drawing board to redevelop the Minnesota Building and the old Renaissance Box.

Developers of the latter two projects are competing for more than $850,000 in low-income tax credits, a financing piece essential to secure several million dollars in private investment. The city's Housing and Redevelopment Authority will consider the proposals Wednesday.

The two initiatives are similar, offering a way to fill historic buildings sitting empty. The proposed apartments would primarily target tenants who make roughly half the median income.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, St. Paul's median income for a four-person family is $78,500.

The various redevelopment efforts show the growing demand for affordable housing, developers say.

But some North Quadrant neighbors are fighting Central Community Housing Trust's plans to build 70 units in the Renaissance Box building, a failed community hub that closed two years ago. The opponents say they have enough low-income housing complexes in the area, some of which they say are poorly managed.

City Council Member Dave Thune, who represents downtown, said he,
too, cannot support the Ren Box proposal, primarily because it didn't allow for retail on the ground floor. Plans call for relocating two first-floor businesses, the Sibley Bike Depot and a community theater space. Built in 1915, the structure was once home to the O'Donnell Shoe Factory.
Thune added, "I am disappointed they didn't push harder to make it artist housing."

Gina Ciganik, vice president of the housing trust, said property-management consultants have advised that retail would struggle at the tucked-away Ren Box location. The developers say they need to relocate the bike depot and the theater to make room for underground parking.

"We're trying to strengthen the market by getting rid of vacant buildings," she said. "Let's get people in here - that's what will support retail."

A city staff report recommended granting $854,000 in tax credits to the Minnesota Building project. It favored the project over the Ren Box, primarily because the Minnesota Building is closer to a transit corridor.

But some community members, including the downtown district council, wish the tax credits would go to the Ren Box. Even the two would-be ousted organizations, the bike shop and Gremlin Theatre, have written letters supporting the redevelopment.

Bob Spaulding, a member of the neighborhood's CapitolRiver Council, said he was impressed by the housing trust's willingness to work with the community. Even before Central Community bought the building in 2006, it had met with neighbors several times to share the latest plans, Spaulding said. "The Central Community Housing Trust came to us early on, and we had a role in encouraging their presence in the neighborhood," he said.

Laura Yuen can be reached at or 651-228-5498.

Minnesota Place and Minnesota Vista

46 E. Fourth St.

Partners: St. Cloud-based Sand Cos. and Amherst Wilder Foundation

Description: 137 efficiencies and one-bedroom units in the Minnesota Building. Development would target tenants who make 30 to 50 percent of median income.

Renaissance Box

509 Sibley St.

Developer: Minneapolis-based Central Community Housing Trust

Description: 65-70 units of efficiencies, one- and two-bedroom units for people making 30 to 60 percent of median income.

Commerce Building

8 E. Fourth St.

Partners: St. Paul-based CommonBond Communities and Sherman Rutzick and Associates

Description: 55 units of affordable housing on the top six floors of the Commerce Building. Later phases call for developing the lower floors.

Timeline: Construction began last week and should be completed by next fall.

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob.
keep speaking for us that are not heard by this government that keeps using our tax dollars to make developers richer.
Bill Dahn


10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consider that folks in Public Housing Probably make less than
$25,000 per year, now thats low

But I bet they wont rent to these
folks !

They call it affordable housing,
not low income housing !!

Jeff Matiatos.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like Bob said, $850.000 in
tax credits ?

How about the MILLIONS in incentives to build the I 35
bridge ?

You think any of the workers building that bridge will see any
of it other than their salarys ?

No way, its going into big cheeses
pockets !

Jeff Matiatos.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you mean Bill Dah when you say "using our tax dollars?" You don't pay any tax dollars, you're a freeloader. You're one of the people they are talking about when they refer to people sucking the resources out of the government...just like that insulation loan you got and then got your ass burned with bad shit. You got what you deserve you fucking parasite!

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right Jeff, and the "Big Cheese" are donating handily to the current City Council members. Don't believe me, go to the Ramsey County Elections site and look at the financial contributors and you'll see that it is not the ordinary middle class or blue collar people contributing money. You maqy also nbe interested in how much money comes from Unions, DFL organiazations, and "out of towners" looking to make an investment in our Council members.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Bill Dahn said...

Anonymous said...
12:03 PM

Bother parasite.
We all pay taxes in some way or another. You must be one of them people that I and others are pointing out the idea that some people are making BIG Money though their friends on the city council.
Who do you feel you are in life,
maybe you are some one that might lose big if someone investigate you and you companies?
Maybe you are less then a person then I?
You could be working for RAP, Thune, or one of the Dem-O-Rats and their Unions that run St.Paul

Were you always GREEDY or just scenes government subsidy or tax break you are getting , that made your companies wealthy?

Bil Dahn

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the city is still trying
to recover from jobs and buisness loss of the Brewery.


5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Brewery received money so the Methanol fuel would be developed.
The smell of the brew they were making called F-85% Gas-a-hal.
that was fine until the black shoot was making Chris Coleman's snow black in his yard across the river.
So at that time he did something about the company.
He promoted it in the 1999, when he ran for ward 2 seat he wanted and won.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about giving the Bike shop
and Gremlim theatre some of that
incentive dough for being booted
out ?


6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the plans for the Sheriffs Annex along the bluffs ?

Wern't they supposed to be converted into housing ?

Why cant the city finnish that before they take on other building
projects ?

About those apartment units along the river, hope they got flood insurance.

One of Norm Colemans projects.

Jeff Matiatos

6:33 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

JEFF! You struck me with lightening!

I have be saying for better than a year and a half we should turn that old jail into a rooming house for the WORKING poor. Then the building would be earning the city some dough.

Indestructible rental property!

Giving the working poor some dignity to be able to pay for affordable housing. Relieving us tax payers of the burden of subsidising their housing.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks 6:08


6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right Bob, more Public Housing for
low income folks, Federal subsidys
paying the rent with tenant contributions from their income.

Why wait ???

Jeff Matiatos.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, I dont think the city cares
enough to make such prime realestate availabe to working poor.

There plans were to convert it into
condos for the well off because of the view.

Only two options here.

Or three, let it sit and make no revenue.

Jeff Matiatos.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re Elect Thune!!

8:27 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Your right about the condos Jeff. Only, the developer was going to raze the structure and rebuild.

The building isn't very old and the tax payers paid a lot of money to have it built. It is the property of Ramsey County. I think the City of Saint Paul leases space from the county in the building. Chuck or Eric probably know better than I do.

I wasn't suggesting anytime in my post we subsidise any housing for the working poor. I supported my son when he was very young on $10 an hour without assistance. In a perfect world a non educated no skills individual could pay his way on $10 an hour with no assistance if they had affordable housing.

I do recognize the value of the river front veiw.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


So the develpors bought the building to tear it down ?

Thats alot of money down the toilet
when you also factor the cost of the new jail !

Now I see why taxes are so out of control, the city is irresponcible in the way it disposes of tax payor property.

The tax payors own all property in the united states, the government
agencys just operate them.

Is there an oversight committe regarding disposale of these properties ?

For what it cost to build them,
I sure would like to see the city
gets some dough back and recommit it elsewere.

Jeff Matiatos.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Matiatos, speaking as a woman, I like your clear common sense. If you ever choose to run for office, I would be available to assist in writing your speeches and coordinate your attire and dress style.

Bob, the city doesn't want to give low income and in their words the "bottom of the barrel" any kind of dignity because they don't understand that that is the basis for crime. A small bit of money thrown in the right direction could change a few people's lives and that would in effect change others. Rather like a chain reaction. In the end times "men's hearts will grow cold". I don't see any colder than what's out there now. I will include woman in that verse as well, Lisa Martin and Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!!

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the jail site. I think the county had a developer, who ultimately backed away from the project when the condo market went bad.

Here is the deal folks the reason why you are seeing all of the sudden interest in building "affordable housing" is that there are some subsidies available. Nobody is able to sell anything in the current market. This isn't just in Saint Paul or in Minnesota, it is a nation wide problem. So, anyone in the development or construction businesses are interested in building units, so they are competing for those limitted dollars.

I agree with Bob 100% that there isn't any truly affordable housing anywhere. When you use the federal standards of affordability based on a percentage of the local market, that means that you are selling or renting to the people who are in the 30% to 50% of median. That doesn't do any good for the people Bob is concerned with the ones in the bottom 10% or 20% they can't afford what is considered affordable!

No good answers for you Bob. Greater minds than mine don't appear to be fixing it either.


Chuck Repke

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Harold s. said...

Ok, I will vte for tunes.

Led Zepplin !!!!!!!!!

Harold s.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Harold s.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Repke you should know about the condo market that went bad.Didn't the one you developed end up being a complete failure?

Eastside Maryland Resident

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:19 Its a nice looking building though, isn't it? Looks a lot better than Lou's.

Sooner or later they will all sell. I don't think my partners will be crazy about doing another project with me. Remember, I structure these deals so that the private developer has both the up side and the down side of the deal.

Right at the moment there are more down sides than up. Life has many risks, real estate development is one of them...


Chuck Repke

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Housing is affordable if 5 working illegals live in " 1 " three bedroom apartment.
The working poor has no where to live.

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck if the city is so concerned and loves section 8 and minority tenants why doesn't the city buy the units and house them?

Give them a year and the units will look like the slumlords units you and the city always talk about and condemn.

And another thing Chuck I'm sure you didn't slip away from the deal without a loss.Which means the tax payers of St.Paul lost because we know where you get you money to do business.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:46 If you live on the East Side you are welcome to sign up to be one of the neighborhood board members that direct my actions in the neighborhood. At NENDC (the non-profit that we are talking about here) I work for a board of fifteen neighborhood residents and business members. The area that they are trying to improve is the East Side north of 94 East of Johnson Parkway.

So, they have developed a home improvement loan program that takes federal tax dollars and makes them available to low to moderate income home owners to do home repairs. We also do small business loans to businesses in the area using either federal tax dollars or local sales tax monies. We also use some of those federal tax monies to acquire property for redevelopment (bought the old closed grocery store that was where these condo's now stand).

So, yes, it is "your" tax money that goes into these rehab projects but it is also the tax monies of everybody else in the neighborhood. So, ask your neighbors where they want their taxes to go (because they are going somewhere). If they live near White Bear Avenue, their neighbors have steered their tax dollars towards...

27 condos
A new dental clinic
A new vet clinic
Three barber shops
A chiropractor
A furniture store
A bar and restaurant
An accountant office
At least 100 home owners

For less of your money than one mile of road the Governor will build in the suburbs Bush spends in two seconds in Iraq.


Chuck Repke

9:21 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

You go get them Chuck!

Except for Bob and couple of other people - this blog is filed with comments by the illiterate or uniformed directed at the closed minded, one-sided people that they themselves criticize.

If they really meant what they said they would step forward and join a District Council, Non-Profit Board or other citizen commission that actually decides what happens with money from the government.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Harold s. said...

Thats uninformed Jonathan !

If we all stepped foward like you
say, we would become part of the credibility crap that you belong to.

Harold s.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Harold s. said...

Another thing Jonny boy, if Bob really felt the way you do about
most people tuned in here, he would
probably ask us to get the hell off
his blog, not yours.

Bob doesnt need your approval or
your ours, he has proclaimed his neutrality fool.

Harold s.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Harold s. said...

Tell me where I can join a non profit board,citizen commission,
or District Council that I can JOIN
where anything I had to say meant a hill of beans to the credibility
crap already running this city ???

Your ambitions Jonny boy are just dreams man, just dreams !!

Harold s.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We may be illiterate and everything else you want us to be so you can look down your nose at us, but we know right from wrong and we are not going away until there is a change. You see Johnathan....unlike you, we are fairly happy with ourselves and "what" we are and we don't put the importance that you do on being better than someone. We are even OK with being wrong sometimes, we we not born perfect and don't want the boring lifestyle of being perfect like you. However, we are not going to tolerate civil rights violations and the corruption that your type says is not going on by the current city leaders.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck whats funny is not anything you talked about helped landlords who offer affordable housing to minority tenants.These landlords may take a pass on making their houses Gucci looking for the neighborhood so they can keep rents affordable.Most all landlords are for profit Chuck.The profit margins are thin and when you start feeding money into neighborhoods and small businesses and don't offer it to private landlords(small businessman)you start squeezing them out and the housing goes with it.

So non profits like yours may make the neighborhood look all fine a dandy but really the low income minority tenants are the real losers.

How about giving money to landlords to make their properties look nice for the neighborhoods as long as they keep their rents affordable?But wait thats not giving the neighborhood groups what they want!And we all know what that is, the minority low income tenants out so they do have to have their kids and themselves associate with them.

Chuck I see through you.

East side resident

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THE ST.PAUL POLICE IMPOUND LOT, apparently it will become the new edition to the St.Paul Air Port.
Why are they excavating the land east of the impound lot.
This land is between the river and Concord St.
This parcel of land runs down river for about a mile, and part is in South Saint Paul.
They must need more storage hangers for all the planes that comes with the new town that will be called The Bridges Project that will be build west of the Down Town Air Port.
St. Paul developer Jerry Trooien
The old sang,
, the rich get RICHER.
Did anyone hear about the need to replace the Lafayette Bridge, they would need a new bridge so they can put in a new exit and entrance ramps need for the New Down Town St.Paul.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tO 8:05

You forgot to mention all the money the city has invested downtown over the last 15 years without a penny going to landlords. What have they got to show for it? A ghostown and as you say.....the landlords have left in drovesand they took the minority and poor people's housing with them. You really made things better Ms. Lantry, but for who?

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bob - I just heard a report from a landlord neighbor of mine that the city is now excercising a new tactic in their discrimination against the poor. They are giving landlords criminal citations to go to court because of the tenants overcrowding of the apartment. How can the landlord be responsible for who the tenants decide to let move into the apartment? This sounds like a great deal, make the landlord afraid to rent to a certain class of people because the city will tuen him into a criminal copmplete with record and all, then the landlords won't rent to the people the city wants to chase out of here!

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

Look here, we have a huge illegal
immigration crisis in this country,
thanks to the u.s. Government.

We have to house these people and the Bush administration ordered certain magor cities, including St.Paul, to take in huge amounts of muslims and other middle easterns as refugees.

Its the price we pay for oil interests and because there are not many politicians willing to
vote against a tough immigration policy due to voting reasons.

Look, with all these extra tenants
schacking up, if the landlords would force lease compliance, the overall rental occupancy rates would increase and that means more people paying their share, more landlords filling vacancys.

Unless they want to sleep outside.

Gets cold here in Minnesota.

However, its the Governments fault
for permitting overpopulation of
illegals who need a place to sleep,
so landlords shouldnt have to pay a dam thing.

Jeff Matiatos.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Landlords cannot enforce compliance. The landlord doesn't have any rights, the tenant has them all. Only thing the landlord is good for any more is to be everyone's scapegoat!

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

Your right 10:14, when the city code nazis cant peg you with any
more work orders, they try to get you another way.

They know that until you go broke,
you will keep paying their price
until you your forced to leave
and then a new landlord comes in behind you and the cycle starts up

Do you agree with this analogy ?

Jeff Matiatos.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

I dont see how a citation for over occupancy would stand up against the landlord if he has no knowledge of the over crowding units.

You should see a public housing lease, their leases violate the law because it gives the PHA the discretion to rent to more persons
than is permitted under the fire code.

Jeff Matiatos.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, so much insanity so dificult to sort through. First off I have worked with several rental projects for low income tenents on the East Side. The largest one being working wiht Real Estate Equities to consolidate all of "Superblock" back into single ownership.

One huge issue we have had in my side of the East Side is the number of large complexes that have been sold off building by building. That one huge apartement complex was build by one company but had been sold piece by piece so that at one point there was 32 buildings and 23 owners. The crime rate was the worst in the City because if a landlord would give a bad tenent the boot odds are he would move into the building next door. It was ugly. So, I was involved in the meetings with the owners and tenants and new owners and the city, took over two years to do the deal.

And I'm sorry Jeff but you have been listening to too much right wing radio. The federal government doesn't order the cities to take imagrents, legal or illegal.

And, give it a rest folks. Landlords can evict tenants for having more people live in the building than allowed in the lease. Yes, I know what a pain in the ass it is to evict someone... I own rental property too, but don't pretend that you have no power at all, its just a pain.


Chuck Repke

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off Repke, landlords cannot just go evict these tenants. The tenant gets a free legal aide Attorney like your girlfriend to go to court and make all sorts of Bullshit about the condition of the apartment, which was caused by the tenant incidently, then they use that as evidence against the landlord to not only get the sympathy of the judge, but also some kind or rent refund as well. How does the landlord prove they are over occupied? He says they are and the scummy lawyer says they are not and the court would believe these tenants if the tenant told the court the sun was made out of cheese. So the tenant gets to stay and now the landlord has a bad relationship going with a tenant that up until the overcrowding allegation he happend to have a good relationship with that tenant. So how you supposed to prove it Chuck? The landlord can't do bed checks, and if you could, then that scummy lawyer would be right back at your neck with discriminations charges if you are not doing it to all of your tenants. If he suspects overcrowding and says something about it the tenant always says the person is just visiting from out of town and they have only been there 2 days and they are leaving. Then a new vistor shows up from out of town!....or the old one has been there 2 months instead of 2 days. LANDLORDS HAVE NO POWER CHUCK! This is a very liberal city that wants to give everything to everybody and when it comes to landlords, everyone hates them because of all the BS the political hacks like Eric and you have posioned their minds with. The landlord is in a position of your damned if you do and damned if you don't. So tell me where the "Power" is Chuck. The landlord can't throw them out....the tenant and neighbors alike complain and then the city railroads these landlords through a "rigged" court that they themselves rigged, and the landlord has not right to a jury trial, no right to an extension of time to even get an Attorney, (that he has to pay for) and there doesn't have to be any proof offered against the landlord......just hearsay and allegations. Don't tell me landlords have any power at all, your full of shit and you know it. The scenario you describe works well with people with jobs and something to lose, but not with the lower income crowd who have nothing to lose and everything to gain and have a free Attorney right there every minute helping them invent the lies and telling them what to say.

Do you really think it is right Chuck for an honest hard working man that's 62 years old and worked his ass off all his life and not broken any laws to now have a criminal record attahced to his name for the actions of some renter who has too many people living with them? Your disgusting Chuck?

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff I think you are wrong in your assumption that the criminal ticket will not stand up. The city makes the landlord responsible for everything the tenant does. Comparing PHA to private landlords is like comparing apples to oranges because the landlord does not have his own police force to go there and maintain order. When the landlord wants the police at his building, the city closes the building down and does their "code compliance" routine as the property is now a "problem property." Also, the city refuses to inspect PHA properties when they get a complaint. THey have the attitude that it is above the law and they close the file without doing anything. They also do not make PHA properties into "problem properties," and they do not condemn them and make the renter move out under any circumstances.

You are also misinformed about the new landlord coming in and the "cycle starts up again." The old landlord had a lot of equiyt in the property and could lower the rents to whatever he had to in order to keep a tenant in the property. When the new landlord comes in, he comes in with a $200,000.00 to pay and he is not going to take the chance renting to the low incomers. For one they can't afford what he needs to get for rent and for two, he doesn't want the grief from the city like his predecessor.

Your are right about them wanting to keep you broke though. That's the plan.....the code compliance they make you do forces you to spend so much money that you have to raise the rents to cover it, and if you wind up broke,.....all the better, then your out of business.....then someone new buys.....then they get the poor and minorities out of the neighborhood. Neat plan huh Jeff? Don't believe it? Don't take my word for it, go talk to any lanldord who rents to low income people.....the real low incomers, not the people making $40,000.00 a year ones that Repke boasts about helping. I'm talking about the families that make $15,000.00 and under. Those landlords will ALL tell you they are having trouble with the city, and it is NOT about code violations, it's about renters who call the police on each other or who irritate the neighbors in such little ways as having the wrong color skin and a dfiferent culture. I'll buy you a free lunch for every landlord you can find that says this is not waht's going on the city today and has been for the last 5 or 6 years.

12:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Matiatos. at 10:41 PM.
"Right on Jeff"

Overcrowding, is a way for the illegal to save up many American Dollars and send some back to their country.
Then with these Hmongs living 13 or so in one apartment, the cooking they do and they dismantle the smoke detectors and then the "Land LORD's" are blame for their deaths when the place burns down.
These people get all these food stamps, and spend almost nothing on their meals and they find some one to cash these food stamps in for U S Bucks.
They send money back to their country, so "more" Hmongs can come to America.
The song comes to mind, "Coming To America"!
A combinations of thoughts, America is getting poorer as our money leaves our country.
People have no memory of how good our country was doing, right before the Vietnam War.
Then after the war, our government told us that the Hmongs were our allied's.
Our government bought all these Hmong and Vietnamese refugees to our country, then our countries economy started to bottom out.
Just like in their own country they breed like rats.
The emotion's of the people with a brain, are asking themselves and others what the hell is happening to America?

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

I cant ever see a landlord lowering the rent because property taxes keep the rents either moving up or the landlord has to keep pace with zazi citations and other overhead .

Do landlords profit so much that they can make a decent living ?

I doubt it, they probably have other jobs to.We need them if not to give the poor working class and middle of the line small familys a
choice because some cannot afford to get into a home of their own.

I see landlords as performing a service .

Though a landlord could avoid to some degree, the problem of being in court,if they are vigilant in
making sure there are no people
living in the building that dont belong.

Yes, the Government lets these people come into this country illegally and without first deciding where they will all live.

When PresidentCarter let in all the cubans in the late seventies, did he have housing set up for them ?

When the vietnam war was over, did we build the asian folks homes in anticipation of there entry ?

No,the u.s. Government knew that we would take them in and we would
let the chips fall where they may.

The rental subsidies that went along with the decision to let them in, benifited that sector of the economy.

Landlords today face the same problems they faced back then, only this generation of local Government is reacting different
and is using the landlord as a scapegoat for the cities inability
to control the influx of illegals and refugees.

Jeff Matiatos

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck I remember the super block displacing a lot of low income minorities.Didn't Sara Anderson (low income tenant advocate) disagree with the handling of the situation?

So one owner came in that the city could push around and displaced the low income minority tenants.So where did they go from there?Yeah Chuck into other neighborhoods and their behavior continued.You just pushed the problem to another part of the city.Way to go Chuck.

Chuck we all see right through what you are saying and the city is trying to do.Thats fine,own what you mean.Its when you try to put wip cream on horse shit when I get upset.


7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, now here is where you guys drive me crazy, its damned if you do, damned if you don't...

I personally agree that it is often a pain in the ass to evict problem tenents and those that violate their lease by having to many people in the unit, but not always. It doesn't excuse you from not trying... (now I will get beat up for being anti poor people).

As to Superblock no we worked with the Community Stabilization Project and made sure that the buildings were done so that none of the families were displaced. There were units available for them to move into as each unit was repaired and the buildings still take low income tenents.

Where the low income advocates beat up the organization that I work for was in 1997 before I came. It was the Phalen Village town houses that were built on Clarence and Maryland. I was still at City Hall then. There two or three apartments were demo'ed for owner occupied town houses (some built by habitat).

So, when we were involve in Superblock we brought in the low income advocates at the start.

Jeff turn off Rush L and Bill O they are hurting your head. The federal government doesn't do things like find places for people to live before they immigrate here.

Ellis Island, streets of New York, good luck was the tradition. So, why would anyone expect that the feds would do anything else for the Cubans or southeast asian immagrants? It has been on the social service networks of local communities to show compassion. I don't think the fed's have ever seen it as their job.


Chuck Repke

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now we can see that St.Paul never had compassion for people living and working here.
St.Paul don't care about the people that has worked to keep America free, these illegal do not have to go and fight for our country.
Remember all the Asians that Randy Kelly brought to St.Paul for tax payers to support.
Now he was a true Democrat.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

Chuck, really,I dont listen to Rush or Bill O.

I do listen to Twins games though
on 1500.

Matter of fact, I turn those guys off.

I dont subscribe to any party affiliation.

You show me a good plan, and I will vote for ya.

But I know it doesnt work that way,
ie. promises, promises.

The Government does make available places for these people, but their inability to accept the realities illegal immigration and the lost jobs to Americans and so forth has also created a shortage of housing causing these other wandering illegals to shack up.

Is this the fault of landlords ?

When section 8 is suspended and we have long waiting lists to get into remaining public housing units, these people start shacking up in the very homes that are the target of code enforcement .
Another opprotunity to soak landlords for money and take the attention off the Governments responcibility for creating the problem in the first place.

These landlords sometimes are put between a rock and a hard spot.

In the name of humanity, you cant just throw them into the cold says the housing court, because housing court Judges to understand the problem, or do they ?

Landlords do not profit from overcrowding in tenant units, they
are a pain in the ass for a landlord and not a penny is made off them.

We have had public housing since
the 1940s Chuck.

The difference is, 65 years later we have all these illegals,wars and conflicts like vietnam, cuban crisis, somolian crisis and this overwhelming guilt that we
should pay reparations in return for whatever, and just give them a free pass as either illegals or others who are tax exempt .

This is the pity that is thrown back in the face of a landlord in
court for not being able to fix the problems created by the Government.

Hope things are a little clearer to you Chuck .

Jeff Matiatos

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff you just don't get it do you? Tell me how the landlord is going to be vigialnt and make sure the place is not overcrowded. What you say is just "feel good bullshit" so you don't have to take stand one way or another. Tell me can the landlord be vigilant and prove someone is living in an apartment that shouldn't be. When you can answer that, you are going to be very rich becaus landlords will pay through the nose for your know how.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

I was a caretaker for 3 landlord /
homeowners in St.Pau, and part of my job was to know and report what the hell is going on in the building.

I collected rents, made repairs and so forth.

Its different if the owner of the home is the sole watch dog for the home.

He or she cant be there all the time.

You issue leases to your tenants
and compliance of it is yours and theirs.

Nothing feel good about it.

Remedy, get youself a building caretaker to manage the building
for you, it may be cheeper in the long run paying them to tell you what the hell is going on in your building instead.

Its your choice.

Jeff Matiatos.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Well, every once in a while the true nature of the beliefs of these people on here come out. Let me try to regurgitate some of this bile so far:

1. Low Income + Minority= crime problems?
2. Hmongs do not understand what its like to be American and take all of the welfare and send it back to Southeast Asia?
3. Poor landlords. They are only trying to help minorities and the city with its racist agenda is breaking their balls.

That's about it, right?

1. This one is so insulting and an old card I can't address it.
2. Colossal ignorance abound here. Please read on the history of the Hmong or talk to a real Vietnam Veteran and not your buddy who poured drinks at the VFW.
3.I asked about any specific black families that are victims of this allegation and in a month, I have heard nothing. Once again, slumlords and poverty pimps are using the poor for their monetary gain.

Eric M.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Matiatos
9:47 AM

Thank you Jeff.
You said in one comment, what everyone here in St.Paul has been trying to say.
You are doing great work in speaking for the people and landlords, remember landlords are people too.
This Blog is here for the people.

Bill Dahn

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

Your welcome Bill.

Jeff Matiatos.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Sharon Anderson said...

No 55 will have the Oprah Show with (Sicko) Michael Moore today 27Sept07
Bill Dahn and Sharon Scarrella-Peterson-Anderson both rendered HOMELESS: Been there Done That
To Evict Tenants without Just Compensation, is heinous violations of our Life,Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness Hey DreamCatcher Dahn, Your writings improved Big Time

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you know and what you can prove in a court of law with a liberal know nothing judge that wants to bend over backwards to give renters every benifet of the doubt they can are two very different things Jeff. So now I should hire a property manager also huh? Who's gonna pay for that? Maybe I shouldn't even bother doing any work at all on my buildinds.....maybe I should just hire it all done huh? The tenants won't mind paying higher rents to cover it will they? As long as I am at it, maybe I should hire a security company too. I have a btter idea.........maybe I should just get out of the business and let someone else worry about providing housing to those people. You sound like every other liberal jerk think you can solve all the problems, but with someone elses money and you don't know squat about what your talking about or what it takes to run a rental house, not alone a bunch of them.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

Maybe you should get out of the buisness because you dont seem
like a buisness man.

Jeff Matiatos

3:38 PM  
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

I've sat back and said nothing, reading all the idotic comments.

NO ONE has addressed the core, root, of the problem. EVERYONE wants to put blame on someone else.

The people in St. Paul want the "government" to fix all the problems that THEY created.

Go right ahead, watch your communities and your city collapse.

The people in St. Paul do not want to know what created the problems
...because they will have to face themsleves.

Nancy Lazaryan

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric Said: 3. Poor landlords. They are only trying to help minorities and the city with its racist agenda is breaking their balls.
-I say: Eric what the hell have you done for the black community?

And if theres tons of landlords out there making millions of dollars off black low income people where are they Eric?Yeah the cities full of rich white landlords taking advantage of black tenants.

Actually Eric if that was the case why is there commercial after commercial about housing discrimination on the radio?I know landlords that wouldn't touch the black clientale with a ten foot pole because they destroy properties like animals.

Eric instead of shooting your mouth off here to a bunch of so called slumlords why don't you teach your kind how to live in society like people not animals!I really don't see a bunch of white guys running through the streets of St.Paul and Minneapolis shooting up neighborhoods like the black community.You should be ashamed of yourself.But I bet thats someone elses fault.

Black men should stand up and change the way your race behaves.What does it take another innocent little girl to get shot in the head?A damn SHAME!!

Do your job and quit preaching to me!!


10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy,dont say anything and stop reading and your problems will

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am with you Ed.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous eric said...

Take it easy O'Reilly.
I didn't talk about any race white or black- except to ask where are the minorities who these landlords are defending. I mean there are thousands of families in Saint Paul, you got to have at least a dozen to show a pattern of discrimination. Besides, I have not pointed the term slumlord to just white ones as I can think of two black ones that own shitty rental property and several asian ones with multiple violations on their duplexes and apartments. Slumlord is an equal opportunity term.

I've done a shitload of outreach and uplift within "my community" and will do more. Putting up my laundry list of activities and accomplishments, yet again won't do anything here. I really don't need your pat on the back. As a matter of fact, I'd rather you not touch me at all.

What I can use is you to pipe off some more like you did. With people like you, you don't need others to point out racism and ignorance(and probably inbreeding). They only have to point to you.

Serial murderers, child rapists, cannibals and child killers in America are way more apt to be white males than black. Just look at the news over the last week and tomorrow. People who steal millions from the elderly are more apt to be white men too.

So, when are you going to tell 'your kind' how to act in civilized society?

Kinda dumb isn't it.

Eric M.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy Lazaryan said...

NO ONE has addressed the core,
root, of the problem. EVERYONE wants to put blame on someone else.
watch your communities and your city collapse.

Nancy the problems is in the inside trading, one way or another.
People from the beginning of time have tried to get things done, and were turned away.
It not the people, its the dictators that controlling the government.
When we bring honest gripes against the government to court, they say it has no merit.
The Judges are dirty and the lawyers that might take your case are just trying to become some thing up the latter, like a Judge, Mayor, Governor, President. -- Maybe a (council person)
They play ball with the other side and not help their client win their case.
We have to stand and fight our own fight.
We can't trust the system.
If you trust the system, why are you trying to make a change on what they did to you?

Bill Dahn

PS and I am not mad at anyone in life.
I love what the government lied and said from the beginning that my house was fine.
I would never met Jesse, Norm, Skip, Wellstone, Pawlenty, Thune, Chuck, Chris Coleman and all the judges and lawyer I met.
So I just want to say "Hi" to all thou's slimy people again from,
Bill Dahn

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric its not racism its the facts bud!!The estside and north minneapolis doesn't look like it does because of white canabals and rapist.And if you look to our jails whose filling those up?Anybody want to throw out some statistics on blacks being incarcerated for our buddy Eric?Every race has problems but the african american race has big problems and if you want to compare white rapist and blacks then that just shows why we have a problem in the black community.

My point was I've had african american tenants and I'd say 90% tore up my properties like animals.And if you'd let landlords chose who the could rent to based on the statistics of who tears shit up then you'd see a lot of blacks sitting in the homeless shelters.The cash or money oredrs they bring to us each month(when they do)is not worth the problems they bring.So don't give me your bullshit talk when you say landlords are the preditors.

Case and point.I understand what the city is doing Eric you my friend don't.All this code enforcement is a ploy.Yep a ploy.And if you want to label anyone as a racist it would be the city of St.Paul.They know who tears housing up and cause crime in the city.Once again look at the eastside,north minneapolis,new orleans,chicago,LA,etc.

The problem in society is the black youth and if you can't reconize it and own it then you will never change it!

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last post was from Ed.Oh and wake up Eric the problem is right under your nose.And if you don't see it do you want to take a walk through the city?


7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric thinks there is not problem at all. In fact Eric thinks that just because the Feds are not investigating, there is no merit to what people who don't even know each other have been saying for years now. What Eric doesn't realize is that the Feds don't ell you when they are on to something and often times when they are they just sit back and let the palintiffs do all the work and dig up the evidence and then when it is at the end of it's course they step in and say "we'll take it from here." Another thing you don't realize Eric is that someday there is going to be trial and all these black tenants you say don't exist are probably going to get paraded in front of a jury to tell their stories about how city of St Pual officials came into their homes without "Search Warrants" and against their wishes. You also seem to think that all these landlords just used and exploited poeple for years Eric and I am wondering what you are going to think when this thing is all over and you finds out through court testimony that these tenants actually like their lanldords and wanted to stay in the houses that the city threw them out of. I think you're going to look pretty foolish pretty quick Eric because you don't have a clue as to what's really going on the city and the number of people that are lining up to testify in favor of the people bringing these lawsuits.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Trying to stay calm...
OK 8:38 first.

You're right, I'm not going to believe much of anything these people are saying until I see some action on behalf of the court, or the victims testifying. Until then, its the same promise we've been hearing for a year- "its about to all come down and the city will be in real trouble."

Let's say that i am of little faith. Don't worry about me, its not me you have to convince.

Eric M.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

You keep bringing up the word racism when I haven't talked about it. I think its your inner asshole coming out.

You still don't make sense.
If everything you grammatically butchered and misspelled is true, then wouldn't you be on the side of the city that's trying to rid us of all of these people, according to the lawsuit?

If I am to beat your argument, pick a side and stay there.

Your anger is very similar to the loser stench of that Frogtown guy a couple of weeks ago. Is that you Froggy trying to pull a fast one on us? Be honest, its alright, you're among friends in here (not me).

Eric M.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got it Eric. This is where it shows how phoney the law suits are. It doesn't take two minutes of listening to these guys complaining about tenants before racist crap spews from their mouths.

The City's requirement that they manage their property well is claimed by them to be an assault on the poor and minorities. And how is this the case? Because, following their logic, their properties are in such bad shape only poor minorities would live their. I mean when you think about it, doesn't that already say something about what they think about poor people of color?


Chuck Repke

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if it is just about race Repke, if these guys are just spewing out race stuff when they talk about the class of tenants......tell me where in Hughlandl Park, MacGroveland, Merriam Park or Como that they are renting houses? Tell me the name of 1 landlord who rents in those areas to welfare people with incomes less than $15,000.00 a year.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are just playing word games Chuck. You know full well what these people are really saying. Don't be dishonest with us Chuck or we may not like you any more.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner, was asked about freeing the slaves. He wrote, and if you would like me to post the actual quote, I will:

That the slaves should be freed...but before that happens, the slaves need to be educated in the concept of Citizenship and the responsibilities of beening a free man. Jefferaon made certain that his slaves were educated, then they were freed.

The situation were are in today with the black communities in crisis is because the white folks did not listen to Jefferson.

It is a problem created by white people.

Before the Civil War, the states controlled the immigration...a person became a Citizen of the state, and thereby part of the United States.

After the Civil War, NO STATE wanted the freed slaves as a Citizens of their state, and so the federal constitution was changed to allow the freed slaves to be federal (not state) Citizens.

Had the white community embraced and educated the freed slaves in Citizenship, we would not have the crisis today.

And it will only get worse, as illegal immigrants come in waves, for the sole purpose of financial gain...with no intent on becoming part of the nation as true Citizens.

I was married to a "black man". The white community did not accept us and actively worked at destroying us.

The racism of the white community will destroy this nation. It is grounded in fear and watered with blame. Its roots are deep and we will never overcome the power of racism until we take responsibility to educate ALL of our people in the duties and responsibilites of Citizenship.

Again, people, wake up. Stop blaming others for the problems in your community. If there is racism, then YOU change it. If your neighbor needs to learn how to be a Citizen, then you show them, through love and patience..and YOUR example, of how Citizens bring a community together.

We have problems, left to us by our forefathers. If we do not fix these problems, it will only be worse for our children and grandchildren.

The government is not going to fix these problems
...only you can do fix them.

Nancy Lazaryan

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tell you the negros have problems. their underclass is havin babys to get a welfare raise. no daddys at home. selling drugs. dreams of being pieces of gang banging shit. pants sagging like they shit their pants.
open up that old jail and lets lock em up!bringing my property value down. next time i catch one those worthless bastards breaking into my garage im gonna shot his ass with my desert eagle.


10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy, your a ding bat like my wife. whitey took the blame long enough for these worthless bastards behavior.


10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Eric talk about grammer.Yeah lets talk about grammer.Well maybe not you'll just think its racist.But I will say this not many blacks can talk da eglish langwedge as yallno.Hodup dough I gots to use da baffrom.

Ok I'm back.

Chuck shut up!!I'm not on anybodies side here.I don't get targeted by the city because I've raised the bar on my application process that minorities can't reach.So in a nut shell due to my application process I don't rent to any blacks.But I can see why the city targets landlords who do.I don't agree with it,but we'll see what the lawsuits do.

I give any landlord credit who rents to minority tenants.Its a hard way to make a living.

This would all be fine if the city would come out and say they want to get rid of the gang banging,pant sagging,animals that tear up property out of town.Instead they target the landlords who rent to them and shut them down.

How do I know this?Because my properties look the same as some that get tageted.The only difference is no black tenants in mine.

So Chuck I really don't care what happens in the suits.And Eric if you want the black community to stay where they are keep doing what your doing.NOTHING.

Me? I'll just keep myself clear of gang bangers,pant sagging,section 8,etc.

This way I'm not on the cities hit list.


11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya know Nancy.......I don't come here to haver some pompus bitch lecture me on responsibility. Reading your shit is like living at home with my parents again. We have a subject here, why don't you try to stick to it?

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That what I be sayin.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

There is something called the Law of Nature.

Even if you don't believe in gravity, which is part of the Law of Nature, you are still subject to gravity.

Anonymous at 12:41, I understand why your parents kicked you out of their obviously don't want to listen to TRUTH.

Now you, and everyone else that want to "ignore the Law of Nature" will suffer the consequences.

So be it, and when the shit lands on your head because you didn't do the work that is necessary.... you will complain and blame everyone else, when, in fact, it was your own damn fault.

The white man imprisoned the black man...took away all sense of family and community from an entire race of people...and then just "released" these people.

The blacks were not welcomed into the states. They were penniless, landless and shunned from the "respectable" white neighborhoods.

They had no education and no moral training. If there were ever IDIOTS, it was the WHITE people that freed the slaves without educating them and bringing them into the nation as Citizens with equal standing.

There have been "black leaders" that worked towards creating stable black communities. But as these communities gained wealth and became "middle class" the response of the white government was to flood these neighborhoods with heroin...and the black leaders were shot, along with the white leaders that were helping them...anyone remember the 1960s?

Now, we are left with the mess that earlier generations created.

So, "whitey" put up or shut up. We have blacks, yellows, reds and browns living in the country. We either teach them how to be Citizens, BY OUR EXAMPLE, or we leave an even greater mess for the next generations.

Oh, I forgot, the white folks don't know how to be Citizens...guess we're all f--ked.

Nancy Lazaryan

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Eric said...

For the record, I have put more hours in the community than some who are paid. Aside from a stint as a civil rights commissioner, I volunteer with a couple of non-profits that focus on responsibility and self sufficiency. Doing nothing is not exactly what I'm about. Looking for credit for it is something i don't need.

Ed, I was thinking about the black families around me, aside from one, the other six could buy and sell you. So, I'm curious as how you 'raise' the bar to weed out minorities. But, we all own our properties so we wouldn't need to deal with the likes of you. Only those with a limited choice due to poverty unfortunately have to deal with your kind.

You mock people that don't speak language well yet, you seem to have trouble with the elementary components of it.

(I'm still wondering where all of these 'protectors' of civil rights are when you spew your bigotry bile on here. They are in the same place they were for years when people complained about the shit-shacks they (you) rent out to people.)

You must think that most black people a) rent and b) are stuck at a poverty level which by your own admission limits their choice. Many of us do not need a damn thing from little men like you except, maybe to die off so that this country can progress ahead.

By the way, to raise your rent in order to price out a race is illegal but, as impossible to do as it is to prove.

You really are an idiot but, a good representative of this landlord group. You and your foul-minded friend 'Froggy'. I'll give you two credit for not hiding your real thoughts.

Nancy, don't let these imbeciles rock you. Your big mistake on here is posing an argument that makes people have to think, or challenging these do-nothings to get off their ass and involved.

Besides, they're not use to their women having a voice or even all of their teeth. You scare them.


7:26 PM  
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

I just wanted to say two quick things:

"Ebonics"...isn't that an amazing thing? The blacks have the whites thinking that they don't speak English, when, in fact, the blacks are Bi-lingual..they actually created their own language.

And if you actually "got to know your pant-sagging neighbors" will find out that they do know English, and will use it when it suits them...but they also have their "own" language"...heck, it's amazing...the Latinos have Spanish (another "European" language), but the American black people created their own language.

Damn smart.

Point two:
Eric, I've lived in those shit-shacks myself. Not because of the color of my skin, but because I didn't have enough money for a nicer place.

There are always going to be shit-shacks, but how we act when we live in those shit-shacks will determine whether we stay there, or move to "better quarters".

Nancy Lazaryan

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy, ebonics is just an excuse for these people sounding like they are mentally retarded. they wionder why they can't get a good job when they go for a interview and talk like they got shit in their mouth. Another thing. I part of these slumlords here eric,,, get thes4e low income rentak crack houses off my street and i wont have a problem.


10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i should of said i aint part of these slumlords here. i lost my glasses today i can't hardly read now.. I told the slumlord on my block to fix that hole up and rent to some decent folks with jobs for more rent. been 2 years and that house aint gettin any better.


10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess I agree with 12:41. It used to be fun here, but not any more. If I have to listen to any more of this BS from Nancy about saving the world I think I'll throw up!

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ERIC SAID:For the record, I have put more hours in the community than some who are paid. Aside from a stint as a civil rights commissioner, I volunteer with a couple of non-profits that focus on responsibility and self sufficiency. Doing nothing is not exactly what I'm about. Looking for credit for it is something i don't need.

I SAY:Thanks Eric but it hasn't helped .We need more people like you!Thugs still shooting up neighborhoods and standing on the corner with sagging asses.

ERIC SAID:Ed, I was thinking about the black families around me, aside from one, the other six could buy and sell you. So, I'm curious as how you 'raise' the bar to weed out minorities. But, we all own our properties so we wouldn't need to deal with the likes of you. Only those with a limited choice due to poverty unfortunately have to deal with your kind.

I SAY:Now if I said, "buy and sell you"to you Eric that would be racist right?So lets not use that buy and sell term.Thanks.And since you always ask these landlords for tenants harmed by the city why don't you tell me 6 black families that could buy and sell me.(sorry to use that term again)And Eric if they did buy me would they put rims on me?How about a sub woofer in my shorts.

YOU SAID:You mock people that don't speak language well yet, you seem to have trouble with the elementary components of it.

I SAY:You're the one who brought it up first and I had to bring you back to reality with they way blacks talk.

ERIS SAID:(I'm still wondering where all of these 'protectors' of civil rights are when you spew your bigotry bile on here. They are in the same place they were for years when people complained about the shit-shacks they (you) rent out to people.)

I SAY:If they are such shit shacks aren't the black community smart enough to walk away and not rent?Thats the problem Eric blacks for years haven't been able to take responsibility for their actions.

ERIC SAID:You must think that most black people a) rent and b) are stuck at a poverty level which by your own admission limits their choice. Many of us do not need a damn thing from little men like you except, maybe to die off so that this country can progress ahead.

I SAY:The first part of your statement is true the second I don't agree with.Me personally wants the black community to step up to the plate,take responsibility for their action and become a product of society.

ERIC SAID:By the way, to raise your rent in order to price out a race is illegal but, as impossible to do as it is to prove.

I SAY:To obtain a mortgage theres standards.Thats why black ownership is nill.Are you saying I can't have standards for rental?
1 Need a job atleast 6 months.
2 Make 2-1/2 times your rent.
3 No UD's The last 4 years.
4 Reference from previous landlord.
5 No Section 8 or subsidies.
6 No criminal backround.
I have found that the people making it past all these areas of the application process are not of color.So thats my fault right?The city ask us to screen better and I do.So now I'm the bad guy.

ERIC SAID:You really are an idiot but, a good representative of this landlord group. You and your foul-minded friend 'Froggy'. I'll give you two credit for not hiding your real thoughts.

I SAY:The truth is in front of your noise bud!Drive through the eastside and north minneapolis.It might wake up your sleeping common sense.


9:53 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

I'm black. I'm from Chicago. I live on the East side. I'm active in my community. I have a couple of college degrees. I take care of my family. I own my property. I pay my taxes. I have black neighbors all around me that can say the exact same thing right here on the East Side. Come around sometime and look. We live north of Maryland and East of Payne, right around the Phalen Gold Course and Park.

You need to get out more, the world is changing.


11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric what did you think on John Edwards (DEM) when he said the black man will all be in jail or dead if they keep living the way they do.

Ed I think you were right.

-not Bush

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric I am wondering about something. You say you are from Illinos and I lived in Illinois also and am aware of several of the corruption scandals there where the city was targeting minority people and got sued and lost for it. What I am wondering Eric is if you remember if the people there when that happened were in as much denial about it happening as you and others are about it happening here?

Also, do remember a comment made by the Feds in the Elgin deal where they said they have been seeing this type of discrimintory behavior in Minnesota as well?

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont expect Eric to answer that George.

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Eric said...

Edwards said exactly what Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Thomas Sowell and others have been saying. As a race, we need to make some serious changes. On the local level, we have a lot of community activists and everyday people changing things. Edwards also has a record of trying to help foster change and leadership. Edwards was not being a racist asshole. Edwards was the first Presidential candidate to openly talk about the two Americas and how its killing our (America) future.
Ed is the worst kind of racist- he actually thinks he has nothing against people.

I sure wish Bob would being a chickensh** and speak up. What Ed needs to realize is that there are blacks all around him who are doing the right thing and he's got no right to make blanket statements about an entire group. Those statements would include half of Bob's own family.


8:31 AM  
Anonymous Eric said...

I didn't say Illinois, I said Chicago. You suburbanites have to get it together.

The suits in Chicago that was carried out by the Feds were Just. The difference is that the tenants as a whole (class action) were the plantiffs. They had a clear history of discrimination in Chicago by public and private housing entities (that would be you slumlords as well as the city). Chicago also had minorities on the highest levels of government and business who grew up in those conditions as well as some of the very attorneys who first started the case. It was impossible for the city and landlords to cry foul.

Don't worry, its not to late for the this suit to take the right angle. Maybe when you parade all of those tenants in the courtroom and they tell their story, we'll get the truth about the conditions that you provide and charge money for.


8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric I think you are misunderstanding what I'm saying.I am saying what Edwards is saying but in a different way.Edwards saying that all blacks will either be in jail or dead is also a blanket statement.All means everyone even you,right? So don't label me a racist.Because I'm not.Are there sucess stories in the black community?Yes,but far to few and we need more.

I speak the truth and look at the statistics.I'm sorry if you can't see the black community self destructing.

Look at the incarceration rate, education, prenancy rates, single mothers, subsidies,blacks on SSI,and so on and then ask the question as a whole how is the black community doing?

Its not a rip on blacks or Bobs family Eric so quit trying to play the race card.Its time the black race starts taking responsibility for their actions and become products of society.Its time for the good blacks to stand up and say enough is enough.Its time the black community says good bye to Sharpton,Jesse Jackson and guys alike.These guys are playing victim and haven't done a damn thing but hurt the community and race tensions.

But I will say one thing though.Its pretty tough to do that when the democrats keep throwing program after program at the black community to keep them down.


9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric you should be happy someone offers housing to blacks.So let me get this straight anybody who owns rental and rents to blacks is a slumlord?

You are a complete fucking idiot.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric it seems as if you are racist against whites from what I hear.


9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I notice Eric talks out two sides of his mouth.One minute he says the black community is thriving and the next he says it needs help.You don't have to be black to comment on the black community and your not racist if you do.

I don't think landlords wouldn't be targeted as much if it wasn't for minority tenants.And that my friends is racism by the City Of St.Paul.

Home Owner

11:33 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Now I'm racist against whites? OK, whatever.

George, you and Ed are great examples of why there will never be a serious conversation on race in America. Unbelievable.

Ed, you played the race card. You. You. You. Period. You must be on some psychosis drugs because I've asked you twice why are you bringing race into your woes. You ranted about blacks and your property and how you don't even rent to them. SO the question becomes, who side are you on? The city, who the slumlords claim is racist, or the slumlords who think that blacks can only afford their shit shacks to live in.

I think its a class issue that you guys take advantage of the poor,many who happen to be minority. You couldn't do what you're doing to people with education and options.

I will type slow for your simplistic mind. Read carefully.
There are many problems in the black community as a whole. As a whole, there are many advances in the black community compared to one generation ago. Currently we have a whole group of middle class blacks who were not present a generation ago as proof of that. There are still many issues that are uniquely ours that need addressing. Anyone, black, white, yellow or red can be a part of those solutions.

Is that clear enough Dipshit? Whenever I read racist crap like I have on here specifically from Ed (blacks are animals and renting to blacks is asking for trouble) and Froggy (ditto plus they wear their pants around their ankles), I feel obligated to point out the any of us who are not part of that persona. If you can't understand that, then simple logic does not compute.

None of the above is written for the idiots that have been defending racist attitudes on here. They won't get it, soon it'll be on me again. It's written for those who still know how to think and observe.


1:25 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Ed, George, and Froggy,

Put down the Fruit Loops and pick up some Bran. You're sounding a little crazy and are full of shit.


1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Eric what your saying about Chicgo kind of sounds like it was OK for the tenants to sue "as a whole" but here in this case you seem to think it is wrong for the landlords to sue for the same thing. The landlords do have the same rights as those tneants ya know. Why the double talk Eric?

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the landlords bringing the lawsuits were black landlords, Eric would singing an entirely different tune. I think you are predjudice Eric.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least that Ed guy calls it like he sees it, but Eric....well....he's a different bird. He thinks it's OK for black tenants in Chicigo to sue as a class when they have been wronged, but not white landlords when they get hurt. Sounds kind of predjudice to me.

3:28 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Because the landlords are NOT being discriminated against!

You voluntarily got involved in a business that was already being regulated by the city. You weren't born a landlord, or forced to become one. You chose to go into that business. Once again, a business that was already regulated by the city- like every other business in the city.

For years, you were able to pimp as much out of the system with as little input as possible until your only clients became those with no choice. The city steps in and says clean up your act, you all cry foul and discrimination.

You have no right to operate a business, any business. That's an option that you chose with the understanding that the government enforces the rules. Simply because they didn't for years, doesn't mean they can't start now.

That's your problem and that's why your 'suit' on civil rights violations won't go anywhere. I now understand the point is to keep the city in the courts more so than win anything.

Any of you who agree with the likes of Ed, have shown your true colors and if its this easy here then, the most green attorney representing the city will be able to have you laughed out of the courtroom with your "discrimination" claim.

"Slumlords, the new protected class of citizens"- whatever.


7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric get it straight slim.I happen not to rent to blacks because they can't make it past the application prcess.Doesn't anybody remememeber the city wanting us landlords to screen better on the application process.

Now I'm a racist for telling you they way it is.

1 my properties don't get tore up.
2 I don't bring criminals into neighborhoods.
3 my rents always paid on time.
4 racist neighbors don't call code police on me because of my class of tenants.

This is what the city forced me to do to stay in business.Its fuuny NHPI doesn't bother me.

So stick a sock in it Eric.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last post is Ed.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are addressing me Eric, I want you to know that I am NOT BRINGING ANYLAWSUITS, so I would appreciate your not referring to lawsuits as being mine. I find it interesting that you think landlords have no rights and that they are not being discriminated against. They have rights Eric through their asscoiation with your people that you seem to want to refuse to stick up for in your quest to defend the city's actions and thereby just keeping the illegal treatment of your own damn people going full speed ahead.

With your summation that some of us have no right to run any business and that we have "pimped" money out of people for years just shows your ignorance and stupidity, but more importantly reflect the attitude of city leaders also, and that is precisely why those lawsuits will prevail. To you guys the ends justifies the means and if you have to break the law doing it, so what right Eric. I think your disgusting. In fact you are a nothing. You don't stand for anything but your misinformed viewpoints. Bye the way, owning rentaql property IS NOT a business and the IRS says so. It is an investment Eric.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Matiatos said...

I think Eric should go into the buisness himself and see exactly what these landords are saying.

Have you ever been to housing court
Eric to witness the favoritism thats being played out on behalf of
tenants that SHOULD be evicted ?

PHA evicts its tenants all the time,and is usually wins in favor of eviction.

When the average LANDLORD goes in,
alot of times they lose.

Ever wonder why ?

The Courts discriminate against landlords.

Jeff Matiatos

8:59 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

The hell with it, you people contradict you own arguments. You don't have to worry about the city beating you. I'll thank you for not putting words in my mouth or thoughts in my head that aren't there. So, in my own words for the fortieth time I'll tell you what I think.

1. As landlords your rights are outlined by city regulations. You knew it when you went into the rental business.

2. As people you have different and bigger rights when it comes to property ownership that over ride some of governmental intentions.

3. I do not have a hard time believing that there is some biased enforcement done by individuals. That bias seems to be based on slum- excuse me, landlords who have meager units.

4. I am aware that the city has had discriminatory practices in our areas, such as contracting and employment. Council member Montgomery got on this and worked with the City to come with an enforceable policy that was win-win for all. As a former civil rights commissioner, I also witnessed discriminatory practices in policing, housing services, and some businesses. I was part of the solution in those cases.

I just haven't seen any evidence of that being the case in this case. You guys have yet to present it. I asked who benefits. Who benefits will tell us what's really behind this particular case. If its the tenants who benefit with a better regulated industry and compensation for the injustice - then I'll stand corrected on the intentions of this group. If its the landlords (which is what I was told), then it is exactly what I said. Another method to pimp the poor for your own benefit.

5. These comments are aimed specifically at the lawsuit which claims that the landlords are victims due to the city's conspiracy to purge the minority families out of city. I only assume you used them because that's how you get a civil rights case going, and saying the city is trying t break the landlord business sounds as crazy as it would be.
If you, any of you, bother to read any my posts you wouldn't have to make up shit about me. I did try the rental game with a nice town home in Maple Grove. It was horrible and not very profitable and I sold it. See, I didn't like the headache, or having to clean up damages by the tenants (white ones in my case), so I said the hell with all of this and sold the place. Haven't looked back at all.
What did you say earlier about the guy who wouldn't invest time in hiring someone to maintain his properties?

To Ed, George, Froggy and their Friends,

With gentleman like yourselves looking out for me and 'my people', happy times are sure a coming. Yes sir. No better friends than you, can the black race have. Sho 'nuff. I jess wanna say fuck you. Fuck you very much.


12:15 PM  
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

I understand your frustrations, and the basis for your arguments.

But what about my situation with the City?...and if you have read the evidence and the depositions, the City was (is) "out of control"
...they are operationing OUTSIDE of the restraints of our constitutions and our statutes.

I wonder if you would please comment on what I said about Jefferson, and the need to educate the slaves before freeing them into the nation.

From my experience with
"street blacks" and "upper class" blacks, I have found a great deal of hostility between the two groups.

Eric, you know the frustration of being a landlord, and having your property ruined by someone that you allowed to use your property. I don't think you were "pimping" your tenants...nor do I think that the "other landlords" have been pimping. Pimping is a form of enslavement.

Coming from Chicago, and being part of the black community, you MUST know of the influx of minoritites, mainly blacks, from Chicago and Detroit, because of Minnesota's generous welfare system.

This influx of massive numbers of minorities (blacks) coming to Minnesota for OUR welfare programs has devistated the previous "tolerant, yet strained" relations between the black and white races.

"Minnesota Nice" has turned into "Minnesota Mad" as black people, MANY of who are in gangs have moved into the state...and have brought with them an aggressive attitude and an agenda to take over certain territories in the City for their gang.

One of the most difficult challenges I faced in bringing the children out of the gangs was having them understand that what they were taught about white people was not true about me.

Once these children knew me, they wanted me to meet their parents. And when the parents spent time with me and undertstood that I was not some white pompous bitch, that I did not judge them, they allowed me to instruct their children in moral behavior.

The landlords are NOT the reason that the "welfare blacks" from Detroit and Chicago came in droves into the state.

It was because of our government, setting up a system by which it was profitable to have children out of wedlock. One of the family's that I knew had a mother with six children. She was not married, and her mother was on welfare.

The entire clan moved to Minnesota...Grandma, mom, aunts, uncles...over sixty people. They were all in a gang and set up shop in So. Mpls.

This particular mom was a crack addict. One of her children was five years old and mentally and physically disabled because he was a "crack baby". They lived next door and I went over to visit one day.

I knocked, the door was open and I put my head into the house, yelling,"Hello."

In the front room, the living room there was no furniture. In the middle of the floor was this disabled five year old boy. He was the only person in the home.

He crawled over to me and climbed up into my arms. He wore a soaked diaper, and he was completely covered, head to toe in urine.

I won't go into detail of what I did, but I took care of him.

The mom was on section 8, had all of her utilities paid, received a social security check because her son was disabled,got food stamps (which she sold for crack for $.50 on the dollar at the local convenience store).

The family also got 100% free medical, but mom never took the kids to the doctor.

I calculated that the mom received over $3500 of benefits, every month.

I fed these children, every
day, took them to the doctor and was honored and privileged to be a part of their lives and to be allowed to teach them that caring and loving for others can change lives.

I got my reward by knowing the love that bound me to these children, I don't need or want a "medal".

There is a reality that we must face. People have come into this state to use and consume the money that we have paid for our welfare system.

These people are here, because of a welfare system that WE created.

We either DEAL with it, and TEACH these people to be part of our communities,
we completely overhaul the welfare system that we created, or we just sit back and watch the mess get worse.

I remember one winter day, when the mail wasn't delivered and the welfare people hadn't gotten
"their" checks. It wasn't a pretty scene...lots of gunfire that day in the neighborhood.

Whatever "we" decide to do, we must consider that there is a whole "class" of people that have been trained to use the government programs and to take control of the streets with their gangs.

I find NO FAULT in what this "class of people" have done.

This "class of people" are still PEOPLE. They hurt, love, bleed, question and dream...just like all people.

They are "disenfranchised" from this nation and from the "opportunities" that we so proudly proclaim are available to people in this country.

And they are smart, intelligent people.

For they have created a method to take money from the government of the people that have excluded them...and they have organized to take over the neighborhoods.

Until the WHITE people understand that the slaves were freed without educating them in Citizenship, the WHITE people will never do what is necessary to solve today's problems.

There in NO GOVERNMENT PROGRAM that will change the attitude of white people towards the "lower class blacks".

The government already screwed us by freeing the slaves, without teaching them Citizenship, and then the government destroyed the middle class black communities by flooding them with heroin in the 1960s.

Wake up folks, if you or I were a black person, we'd be pissed.

Instead of bitching about the problem, and blaming everone...why can't we come up with some solutions?

I've spoken to the people on this blog of what I did, and that is a statement of fact...not necessarily the solution.



We are dealing with PEOPLE, and how would YOU want to be treated if you were locked into a system of welfare and gangs?

Nancy Lazaryan

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what country you think you are living in Eric, but my rights are outlined by the Constitution of the United States, not bogus city regulations that are politicized and used to advance agendas. Maybe you are willing to give up your rights to this scummy city, but most of the rest of us are not! What planet are you living on man?

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric you might want to read the lawsuits before you start shooting off your ignorant mouth.
Discrimination is only one part of the lawsuit.Maybe you should read it and listen before you get it shut with the facts.

Someone who knows

7:59 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Why do I bother to try and be clear when numbskulls come along and still screw it up?

Go back and read number 2. I never insinuated that.

You go back and read number 5. I spell out which lawsuit I'm addressing. I have not addressed the other parts of the lawsuit because of what I said in number 3.

These are the Freedom Fighters?

9:03 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Nancy, to answer your question a bit (this just isn't the place to have a real conversation):

1. Perseverance
2. Delay of gratification.
3. Self Respect.

Every single shackle you named that's and anchor can be shed by teaching those three things. You alter your method of teaching depending on with whom you're addressing. In other words, teens, pre-teens, kids, and even adults in my community need those three things. It helped me get through a tough school system, that was designed to fail, without falling for weaknesses or easy excuses like gangs or drugs.

Its not easy and most won't want to hear it.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummm....yes Eric, that would be the correct term...."FREEDOM FIGHTERS!" Not such a good deal for you huh Eric? Your little empire is about top start crumbling.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Nancy Lazaryan said...

Can any of you boys put away the testosterone for even FIVE minutes?

PEOPLE..white, black, green, yellow, red..
whatever color...will ORGANIZE for POWER.

The gangs organize for power.

Self-government is the PEOPLE organizing THEIR power.

Those freaky white boys that dismember genitals, sever this as a display of their power.

And now ...people participating in this blog are "setting up camps" in oppossition to each other.

How do we "overcome" these gangs that unite (and the freaky white boys) so that their power can rule over us?

It is so simple, but one of the hardest things that a MAN, with testoterone can do.

It is what your mothers, girl friends and wives have been nagging at you.

Find something that we can agree upon, something that we are ALL willing to put effort into building.

Every person wants to be safe in their homes.

Can we start with that?

People can't be safe in their homes when gangs (street gangs or
"government" gangs) are vying for power.

Before I get into my "mommy talk" to the about YOU put down the hostility and THINK.

Nancy Lazaryan

12:42 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

NO ERIC, no chicken shit here. I thought you knew me better than that. I am busy with up coming events.

I think everything being said here by Ed, George, Froggy and others is very "Archey Bunker".

I will say having worked as a handyman in the past it is a common held belief in general among landlords that if you don't rent to "low income people" you won't have problem with property destruction and behavioral issues.

I do know landlords who have property in predominantly white neighborhoods, and they will not rent to black people due to the prejudice of the neighbors who own homes around their rental properties.

I see our social ills more in terms of poverty vs race. Race becomes a scape goat. A label.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

I see Nancy responded to my first post I deleted.

To clarify..

I had mentioned the henious crimes committed by OLD white gangs in Saint Paul.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Love Kpop said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:05 PM  

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