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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Someone asked me to post a title letters to the EDITOR. After an experience in editing I have determined there is no such thing as an editor here. Thus> LETTERS TO ADEMOCRACY.


Blogger Bob said...

Nancy asked me to post this I thought this would be a good place for this-

Just wondering what everybody's thoughts are on the latest death in the community correction department? What kind of lame excuse will they come up with this time? I think it is time for some changes in the way problems are handled in the correctional facilities, death should not be a way to restrain anyone.

10:19 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

When I was a kid I was the definition of trouble!

I ended up in Totem Town. I was always in security lock down unit during my repeated journeys to the boys reform school.

I had what they called rabbit feet. (A yearning for freedom)

When I was at Totem Town there was several occasions all of us boys in the security unit were made to stand at attention nude for half hour, hour.Yes bunch of guys hangin with arms folded.

On one of these occasions a fellow inmate Jimmy Flishacker stated to the staff, "what are you some kind of faggot getting all of us standing here like this"? The staff grabbed Flishacker and threw him across the room. He landed at the base of a cast iron radiator. The staff rushed him and banged his head against the radiator. An injury requiring stitches.

If one was disorderly they would get a trip to DR (detention room). The detention room was 8'by 10' with a window over looking a roof with heavy wire mesh security screen on it.

There was a solitary toilet in the room that had feces and yearn over flowing the bowl and it had been in this condition for months.The stench was over whelming and the floor of the room was covered in vomit and waste.

If one were to run from the facility there was a reward for any inmate who could catch the runner. The reward was a weekend home. This practice was responsible for many assaults.

There was an academic point reward system to earn ones way out of security. One could do math and reading assignments for extra points. Gym class earned points also. Gym class also deducted points for not participating. If the staff had it in for someone they would match this person up in a boxing match that they could not win. It was either get your ass kicked or get minus points.

This was all over 30 years ago. You might wonder why it is still a significant story. It's significant because most all these people who once worked at Totem Town went on to be probation officers and other responsibilities in corrections.

Just 3 years ago Ramsey county was sending juveniles to Elmore Minnesota to a correctional facility called Elmore. There was many reported & documented cases of abuse in this private institution and yet Ramsey county still sends youth there.

Totem Town has changed. it is now an icon of what a correctional facility should be. They really help boys to over come emotional and physical abuse trauma. And they help them with the tools to become productive citizen.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think only perverts wind up working corrections, where they can act out their sick fantasies.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another example of lack of care in the ramsey county jail three years ago. When I was arrested right after having a seizure I was put in a cell, bottom bunk for medical reasons, one week later I was moved to a top bunk. I wsas afraid of the topo bunk due to my past experiances with seizures and stated the fact to the gaurd, the comment I received back was; you have been here a week now and haven't had a seizure get to the top bunk! Now, like I would know when I was going to have a seizure, The fall during a seizure from the top bunk in my opinion woulkd be a great danger to a person. The next shift had as gaurd that had more care for a persons well being and moved me. That just shows some gaurds don't care and are on a power trip. I have seen and heard people getting their ass beat by cops while they are in the holding cells. I was next to one the cops beat the shit out of him for mothing off while being in the holding cell, that kind of behavior from any law enforcement officer should not be tolerated. Someone yelling from a holding cell does not promote a risk of injury to anyone but themselves and that is inflicted by the law personel themselves. I think anyone you talk to thats every been arrested can tell you some horror stories. That is not the intention of what correctional facilities are suppose to be; not according to the constitution, nor the procedure and policy guides law officials are suppose to follow.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't anyone click on the site above. It is a trick!!!!

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't Chuck Repke employed through the corrections system?

8:46 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was asked about on a thread down a ways and I thought I'd copy it here also so that those who asked can be pointed in a direction to find some interesting things. Someone asked about the Watchdog Newspaper site:

It's actually and if you go to the front page of this site, you can click on the link. If you go to the May/June edition you can see the inspectors, who tried making off with the owners at 14 E. Jessamine's private property and an article about council members property tax rate/relief.

The March/April edition has the alleged "screwjack" pictures and other pictures of the inside of the home. It also has a story of how inspectors targeted an investment property on Carroll Avenue in St. Paul as it was being remodeled and ignored a dilapitated house across the street from it. The ignored house that had many code violations later burned and a man died. Inspectors were too busy giving right ups to the property investors. There intention was to cause financial burden upon the investors and didn't care about safety to the occupants of the building that burned. Look at the pictures, pictures don't lie. The house that they targeted is in very nice condition and a lot of time and money was being put into it. Look at the other house. Which house would you feel safer in?

2:37 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The city was retaliating against the guy across the street with the nice house. His name is Gallagher and his house was perfect. It was the bad house across the street that all the neighbors were complaining about. I think when he tied to come on eDem and say something they shouted him off of there like they do everyone else they do not like. To my knowledge he hasn't been back since.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

E-Democracy tried to talk me down to nothing when I was having issues with the city of St.Paul. Thats ok though, life goes on,I have what means most to me. I also have a few good things that came out of the city. The city might of torn my house down, but thank god for the court of appeals I got my son back(after $25,000) My son can't be replaced, my house can and will be. I also am greatful for Judge Smith and her substance abuse court, which made everything possible. I have my life back and my child. I must also state that when I finish college (grade average is A) I will be able to help others and their legal issues. Who needs E-Democracy most of them are to selfish for their opinions to count for anything anyway! We have Ademocracy where everyone is treated as one.

Nancy(formerly of St.Paul)

5:53 PM  
Blogger Bob said...




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