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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dave Thune speaks on City's behalf

From: "Dave Thune"
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 17:24:10 -0500
Subject: [SPIF] city budget and crime prevention
Its a foregone conclusion that the city will increase our police
department's budget this year.

The Mayor and City Council have been analyzing, shifting, and cost
now for several months to craft a budget for next year despite the
no-tax pledge of governor pawlenty which shifted the state's costs back
to cities, howmowners and businesspeople. Folks you didn't get 25 more
last year because the governor kept your money!

As we've worked to balance providing city services with the burden of
collecting property taxes, we are very close to finalizing our maximum
this wednesday.

However make no mistake, just adding police will not stop crime dead in
tracks. Parks and Rec programming, cooperating with our public
providing proper street lighting and ensuring good housing for every
in the city all enter into the mix.
Just so you know, we are revamping our services to provide better
service at
less cost in every city department. This will enable us to avoid
libraries and rec centers despite the governor. At the same time we are
looking at ways to add another 25 police officers to the budget giving
us a
department at its highest staffing levels in modern history.

The folks who are hyping rallies and calling for another 200 police
by 2009 are pandering to the fears of our citizens and playing media

By wednesday we will have set our max levy and will continue to work
adopting our final budget by years end. We will address public safety,
our rec centers open and make sure a firefighter or paramedic will
your call in minutes. We will do it responsibly and in an
spirit of cooperation between mayor and city council. We will not be
in double digits to do it.

dave thune
ward two

Dave Thune
Ward 2, St. Paul
More info:

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Blogger Bob said...

Dave is not understanding of the truth here. Fact, they got the 3% from the state. Coleman didn't spend it on what he should have, 25 new officers.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They can hire all the new cops they want to , but it is not going to make any difference until they understand that it is people that cause crime not buildings.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More Officers? VS. Better Programs?
The way I see it you can hire more officers to make more arrests, any city can do that. That is not the solution to crime, there will always be crime and as population grows so will crime. To control crime we need to take a look at where and why?(Problem Orientated Policing) Problem being the key ingrediant to this method, a problem is the basic unit of police work rather than crime,a case, calls, or incident. Working on all problems that are of concern or could cause harm. Look at high crime areas and focus on each problem, and work on a new and more effective strategy. Place a high value on new responses that are preventitive and work together with the community(Community Policing). As with all police dept. the goal should be a safer community, to acheive that law enforcement needs to work together with the community to build trust. Anticipate problems, promote prevention and create awareness to prevent crime. When police work together with a community it has proven to be the best tool to prevent crime in many cities. The way crime is handled in St.Paul has not to be very effective. Think about the situation from a private homeowner/landlords view; if you report a crime you take a high risk that it may be used against you at a later date to get your home condemned(problem property, police calls). Maybe there will be an arrest, the suspect goes to jail, gets back out. Problem: Now the suspect has learned more about being criminal, more ways of committing crimes while being in jail from the association he/she has while being locked up. Jail is not the answer, the answer is programs, programs, and programs, that should include long term treatment and safe sober housing. I already know the response $$$ but if you look at it compared to the cost of repeat offenders the programs will actually save $$$ in the long run. And no, programs are not going to work for everyone, but for the ones that do want a second chance at life the doors should be open. When you take someones home to reduce crime, what you are actually doing is making a family not seek the much needed help that should be offered, but instead make them feel forced and justified for committing a crime in order to get money to put a roof over their families head. What parent is going to leave their family with out a home? With 24 hours to get out and very little money what do you think they will they have to do to get the money needed for a new place to live? Crime will be the answer in most situations, where else can they get money in 24 hours? So now you have moved a problem and added tp the problem, what a system, better hire 300 more cops if this is going to continue, or the city could look at helping people and face the problems.

Nancy (formerly of St.Paul)

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Mr.Thune it looks like Pawlenty has forced the city to be fiscally responsible.He has forced you guys to choose between whats needed and not.But I still see the city spending money on foolish things throughout the city.Treat the cities finances like any other business or family,"if you have less money coming in you must cut your spending to keep the bills paid on nesessities."

The funny thing is that we let a guy who can't even keep his properties organized and clean is making decissions on how the city should spend the peoples money.

And Dave Thune I don't think you really give a damn for business.Look what you have done to the Bar business and the private landlord.


11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Law enforcement working with the community is a joke. What they are doing is getting the homeowner neighbors to be a snitch on the tenants, they allienate the tenants by telling them the neighbors are not going to stand for their behavior any longer (rather than tell them their actions are against the law), and then behind the scene and with the direction and blessings of the city council and the neighborhood groups they are working to close up the rental housing that is available to the people who the neighbors are predjudice against, and if you call the cops for a problem, they now take a look at the inside of your home, will questions your kids,etc; and if they see some things wrong they will notify Andy Dawkins with this little green card that now carry with them that instructs them what to look for, etc. This is not law enforcement, it is a nightmare. I would not call the cops for anything. They respond with an agenda, and it is not always to arrest someone or do the job that most people think should be doing. And now they want to hire more of them! For what? So they can close down more houses and make more people homeless?

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone is missing the point here. Dave come out with this post to "Saint Paul Issues and Forums" after the protest in the Rice Street neighborhood and after a strong post from John Krenik and a comment by our Bob Johnson to SPIF.

Are they shaking in their boots?

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, God has "HIS" eye on YOU.
You are not what you think you are.
Above the LAW
Chris, and Mary

8:28 AM  

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