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Monday, August 21, 2006


I guess we have established Jay Benanav is an adulteress. I feel for his wife & children. What a terrible error of judgement. It will be a very sad day if he is elected to a Ramsey County Judge position sitting in judgement of others when he makes so many judgemental errors.

Jay B. also stated "no amount of code enforcement is enough".

The City has 4 Racketeering law suits against it. The policies that brought these suits about are errors of judgement. It seems arrogance is the dish served at City Hall.

Remember Lee Helgen stating "Good News 14 E. Jessamine Demolished".These people need to be held accountable for their arrogance, it is time for a change.

Please feel free to "Take out Some Trash" in the comments of this topic.We may elaborate further on the subject matter revealed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"TAKING OUT THE TRASH!" 0r "Digging up the crap!"

I'd like to explore the unanswered questions to these posts. Let's take this one and sweep it out from under the rug because it's really starting to stink:

Posted 25 May 2006 12:13 by Rick Mons

On May 24, 2006, at 10:15 AM, Bill Cullen wrote:

> 1) The landlord finally sends the law breaking tenant to a different
> landlord -- in a different neighborhood -- so they have the problem?

Seems like you're assuming that the tenant continues the illegal
behavior and that the second landlord rents to the tenant without any
references. If I were the second landlord, I'd want to know where
the tenant previously lived and name(s) of landlords -- and I'd make
a couple of calls.

I wouldn't refuse to rent to the tenant based on past behavior but
I'd structure my lease so that it protects me. I'd probably require
advance payment of rent and condition refund on the basis of whether
the tenant commits illegal acts. I'd also have an eviction clause
tailored for that type of situation.

> 2) The landlord is put out of business?

Tell me more. I'm not sure how you get from code enforcement to "put
out of business." Are you saying that the costs of compliance are
too steep for a landlord to survive given market-place rents? Or are
you saying that there's such a high incidence of criminal activity by
tenants that rentals aren't possible without criminal activity taking

> 3) The landlord raises their criteria to assure that families with
> even a
> small blemish in their rental history are never given housing again?

No, I wouldn't deny housing based on past acts. I would structure
the lease so that a recurrence of past acts that are illegal would
permit quick eviction with a penalty for such a situation.

> Your post begs the question: why would we treat illegal behavior as a
> housing problem? If the police (or neighbors) have evidence of
> illegal
> activity isn't the solution to arrest the criminal?

Yes. I'm not aware that arrests aren't made in situations like this
so maybe my understanding is incomplete or just wrong.

I guess there's a reciprocal question here: should landlords turn a
blind eye to their tenants' behavior when the criminal actions take
place in the rental property? Should the landlord simply provide
space in exchange for rent and turn a blind eye to effect of criminal
behavior upon the immediate neighborhood?top>


Anon asks:
okay, what's wrong with this author's mentality? pick an answer: governmental brain wash or just pure ignorance or just lacking in the brains department.

Does any one know how you go from code endorcement/condemnation to foreclosure?

And what about the blind eye to illegal activity, I guess if Andy Dawkins doesn't know what's going on at his building and that vagrants moved, without his knowing of course, and set up a toilet and make-shift shower right out in the yard no less, then we are all playing blind mans bluff. We could then say "do you want me practicing "law", (fill in your choice of occupations here) or do you wan't me being a landlord?"

And if the tenant doesn't continue the illegal behavior, what does he do? Get a job and buy a house because he is now upstanding and that arrest has taught him a lesson. What about the house, does it continue the illegal action after the criminal has been evicted? Maybe it was the house, I mean afterall look at all the haunted house movies on the boob tube.

And isn't the building arrested and condemned also, only it isn't set free like the criminals are who are busted and out dealing again the very next day via bail.

And where are these criminals going when they are tossed out of their condemned buildings after a drug raid has been performed? They aren't going to jail, at least not to my knowledge. If someone knows any more about this, please let me know.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Answers to Rick Mons answers:

1)Well Rick you better make a few more calls.Let say the tennant says their from a shelter or lived with a relative?Do you not rent to them.Some landlords won't even give a yay or nay on a past minority tennant based on the fact they don't want a lawsuit from SMRLS(southern minnesota regional legal services)on behalf of the past tennant.
Hey Rick there is no lease that protects the landlord in minnesota courts.And whats an illegal act?Do you have to be convicted for it.Or do you just evict because yo suspect and land up in court with SMRLS?
2)Using code enforcement to address behavior problems will put the landlord out of business for the fact that its not about the house at all and untill you stop renting to monorities that don't walk talk and act like the regular white person the city won't get off your ass!!And in some sections of town minorities are all that are available to rent from you.The city will attack a person whole potfolio of properties causing major strain and eventually putting you out of business.Then they hope you sell the house or duplex to an owner occuppy.
3)Lets face it most tenants have blemishes and behavior problems and thats why they rent.Everybody has a right to have a roof over their head and its the police and courts decision wheter its a jail or regular housing.Meaning if someone is doing something illegal PUT THEM IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!
Last but not least a question to everyone.Do you think city owned public housing has illegal activity happening and are they held to the same standards as private landlords?

10:36 AM  
Blogger Rick Mons said...

Sorry, but I use my name when I post here and elsewhere.

If you'd like to have conversation, you'll need to sign your name to the post.

I don't trust responses of those who hide behind the cloak of anonymity -- there's a lack of accountability.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, I guess everybody doesn't have anything better to do than come to your site. And Rick if I was at a social event, I would have no problem coming face to face with you. Inasmuch as we are in cyberspace, one can say what they want without having to identify themselves. This isn't a government run site. This site is of the people and for the people and if you wish to join in on the subjects that are discussed go for it. Don't make demands on the people using these sites. As I've already said most here are sick of the confines of government. Just get over it.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick Mons it was me Tim Ciani that answered 1-2-3 questions to you.I'll tell you this I have a lot of experiance in property rights and you might want to listen to my advice.What I'm saying is from the heart and me being a shraight shooter.All I ask is for honest government and equality.Something St.Paul is lacking-I get what the cities doing but then they need to be honest about it!!!!!!Period!!!!!!!

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that a Councilman who has sat through years of looking the other way while everyone in town is complaining about the city's housing inspectors violating civil rights like there is going to be no tomorrow, and this guy thinks the people should trust him to be a judge? HA! This guy can't even be true to his wife, why should anyone else trust him?

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Ciani!! If you would be kind enough to posyour email address here, I have some evidence concerning the illegal actions of NHPI that I am sure you and your people will be MORE than happy to get.

Concerned in the city.

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any information or pictures can be sent to me Tim Ciani at:

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the answer of PHP housing receiving a "blind eye":

Oh my gosh, when tenants who live there do "illegal acts", they take them away and re-rent the apartment without having to fix every little thing and they don't have to wait to get an inspection from Section 8 inspectors. I think they perform there own. If someone else knows please respond.

The chalk line could still be there and it's fine to re-rent again. The next apartment could burn and next door the tenants can go back in because it didn't damage theirs. They also defer their maintenance to a time when their funds are available to them. They don't fix things that go wrong and who do the tenants call to complain? There isn't anybody to call and if they do what are they going to do threaten to take them to court, do a rent strike, call SMRLS?

I'd like to know how is the overcrowding at these places. I know how expensive it is to rent and people with a large number of kids can't afford the rents for 3 and 4 bedrooms units. And where is the guy who just got arrested going when he's out, 48 hours later after posting bail. Probably back to the same unit or staying with another aquaintance from public housing.

What life would you landlords, former and present, be living if life would be that easy. No stress or tension? You could be home with your own families every night and not spending it patching and mending holes and tears caused by tenants. Wouldn't it be great! You could get to those projects on your rentals, well, whenever you have the money and time to fix it. Let's keep dreaming!

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick Mons a question for you.Do you think that PHA has the same problems private landlords have?(i.e behavior problems,property maintanance issues,etc.)And do you think private and PHA are treayed the same?Do you think all district council properties and non profits get a blind eye of inspectors?


9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick Mons is nothing more than the village idiot who is trying to look like more tha he is. I have some news for you Rick. My wife and I were contacted a few weeks ago by some investigator that is working on the awsuits brought ny the landlords. We turned over a tape recording to them that was secretly made between us and a code inspector, and I don't think the city is going to be too happy when they find out about it and its content. Your arrogance and ignorance against the property rights cause is going to come back to haunt you Rick.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, in all fairness to the poster's questioning of who Sharon Anderson is, I think educating people to what is going on would be beneficial to everyone. This person may have been overwhelmed by all the information of the site and then referring back to the Edemo site. The truth of what is going on is being buried by the very vocal city who get widespread coverage everytime it sneezes!

Here is a dangerous idea of giving the city even more power and I'm surprised ol' AndyRandy didn't think of it when he was writing the laws when he had the chance. This person also gets his info from the newspaper and I'm sure he's not talking about the Watchdog!

This was posted under the Feronia Avenue thread:

Posted 25 Aug 2006 02:33 by Tom Goldstein

I'm a bit late to the brief discussion about the Feronia Ave property, but I
continue to believe that city policy should not be to punish the building or
the architectural aesthetics of the community because of recalcitrant
landlords. Leaving aside the legitimacy of the complaints raised by the
property rights folks regarding 114 E. Jessamine, it does cause me some concern
about whether cities always do everything they can to save a structure, as
opposed to what's legally required. If the owner won't fix-up the Feronia
Ave. property, presumably because of a lack of funds, and the only tool the
city has at its disposal is a demoltion order, then the city should look to
create some other options that would make it possible for the city to make
the necessary repairs and then charge the costs to the property in the form
of a lien or as an assessment, the way that new sidewalks, sewers, etc., get
added to a property owner's bills. In other words, perhaps the city needs to
see if there are legal ways to expand it's enforcement options that don't run
afoul of the constitution or the case law as it pertains to what can be
construed as a "taking" in light of the new SC decision on eminent domain.

I realize that there are a few SPIF members who will rail against this possible
"expansion" of city powers, or like Mitch Berg, insist that city inspectors are
a bunch of nazis who issue work order after work order, never to be
satisfied, but it appears that in this particular case, at least what I've read
in the local papers, that the city has been very reasonable and patient, no
doubt due to Jay Benanav trying to broker a solution. What I'm suggesting is
that we need to find a way to go beyond that and not punish a historic building
(and the surrounding community) just because the owner didn't have the needed
money for repairs or wasn't willing to sell the property.

Tom Goldstein

I'm sure if people really knew the whole truth of the matter, they would be thinking differently.

This site could be cross-referenced with the Watchdog site and the Watchdog paper should have this site down in writing so the neighbors to these city officials and affiliates can go to this site for updates and other stories. If I received the Watchdog paper and I was neighbors to the mayor or coucil members, I would want to know more. Then these people can even post questions that they are afraid to ask.

I think it would behoove this site, it's participants and future citizens or business owners in the city in being mad aware of this site. Instead of handing out all those flyers for Edemo, do it for your site! Then we can refer back to Edemo site so they can see for themselves how it serves the city not the citizens.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, the above post should be posted on the Edemocracy comments thread.

11:48 AM  

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