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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jay Benanav for Ramsey County Judge?

An anonymous poster left a comment suggesting Jay Benanav may have made some judgmental errors concerning his marriage and family. I'm asking this poster if he or she can elaborate on this issue?

1. What is the issue?
2. How long ago?
3. Is this an undeniable fact?

I am concerned because Jay B. Claims "no amount of code enforcement is enough" this is clearly one significant error in judgment and something like the accusations of this anonymous poster if true shows a pattern of making judgmental errors.

If these accusations are true it is a sad day indeed for our City with Jay B. being on the City Counsel and all. And to think he wants to sit in judgment of others.

A number of the comments posted here start with "Bob said" at the bottom of the post is the original author I re-posted these comments. Like I said in a post I deleted my blog over frustration concerning a number of issues.It's been a rough couple of weeks. I hope you all understand.


Blogger Bob said...

Saint Paul Pioneer Press

February 27, 2004
Section: LOCAL
Edition: City
Page: B1
Memo:St. Paul City Hall

A woman who caused a ruckus in Jay Benanav's City Hall office Wednesday night was a former campaign worker with whom the St. Paul City Council member had been having a romantic affair, Benanav and the woman said Thursday.
Rachel Goligoski, 39, said she was upset about the prospect of seeing Benanav at a precinct caucus next week when she smashed a picture frame and threw a potted plant at him during a confrontation in his third-floor office.

"I'm not a disgruntled citizen," Goligoski said, discounting a phrase that a city official used Wednesday to describe the incident. "I'm a disgruntled ex-lover."
Benanav on Thursday acknowledged having had an affair with Goligoski but declined to discuss the matter in detail. He and his wife, Lucy Kanson, issued a statement to the Pioneer Press.
"This is a very personal matter that we are dealing with together, including getting help for the last two months," they said. "A mistake has been made, and now we are working jointly to put it behind us for the sake of our family."
Benanav, 52, represents the 4th Ward, which includes several neighborhoods in the western part of St. Paul. He fell 403 votes short in the 2001 mayoral race with Randy Kelly.
Goligoski, who is unmarried, is a landscape designer and a founder of the Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace.
Wednesday evening's scene was the buzz of City Hall on Thursday. Staffers and Benanav's fellow council members wondered about the identity of the woman who damaged the office and what her motivations were.
The incident disrupted a series of public hearings in the council chambers, which are across a hallway from a suite of council offices. Police are investigating the matter as a case of "criminal damage to property," a misdemeanor when the damage amounts to less than $200.
Officer Paul Schnell, a police spokesman, said officers would typically issue a citation in such cases. The crime carries a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail. No citation had been issued by Thursday night.
"This case is not going to the top of the pile," Schnell said. "This is not a huge case."
Goligoski said she met Benanav a year ago while organizing an antiwar event. She said Benanav later asked her to become his campaign manager. She said the two began a romantic relationship during the campaign.
"All throughout the campaign, the things we did so often seemed social and I felt guilty, like, 'How come we're just having lunch and not discussing the campaign at all?' And looking back, we were dating."
Goligoski said the affair ended in early January after a messy scene at her home with Benanav and his wife.
"He said he wanted us to get married," she said. "He wanted to spend the rest of his life with me."
Goligoski said she went to City Hall on Wednesday to ask Benanav not to attend the caucus in the precinct where they both live. She said she became angry and pushed and kicked Benanav. She said Benanav lunged at her during the confrontation but did not strike her. She said, however, she suffered bruises during a brief scuffle and is considering filing an assault complaint.
"He came after me and I was just shaking," she said. "I picked something up, I don't even know what it was, like a little globe, a paperweight or something, and threw it and didn't even come close and smashed the painting. And I said, 'Do you see how this is going?' "
Goligoski was arrested April 2, 2003, during an anti-munitions protest in Edina at the headquarters of Alliant Techsystems. She was later convicted of trespassing.
Goligoski also said she was cited for trespassing a month earlier during an antiwar protest at the Twin Cities office of U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman. The charge was later dismissed, she said.
Robert Ingrassia can be reached at ringrassia@ or 651-292-1892.

2 Photos
Jay Benanav
Rachel Goligoski

11:33 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Jay B. is a government official who is doing work for the public good. I realize he may have not used his head when he did what he did behind his wife's back. But lets cut him some slack! He is only human. Police, Fire, City Council, Mayor, Inspectors--They all make mistakes-sometimes these mistakes may get a little out of hand. We all make mistakes. While Jay B. may not be my choice to be a judge, he still is only human. However, I'm sure his wife didn't want to hear that at the time. Lets all face the fact that City, and State government positions are never filled by the brightest people. This is precisly why they are in government. They can't survive in the private sector! Jay B. is just an average person. He is nothing special. He will talk out of both sides of his mouth if he has to.

Posted by Dave T. to ademocracy at 8/19/2006 11:31:08 AM

11:44 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

quoting dave t. "Police, Fire, City Council, Mayor, Inspectors--They all make mistakes-sometimes these mistakes may get a little out of hand. We all make mistakes."
Here are some definitions of the word mistake: fault, error, blunder.
So if fault is another meaning for mistake, the meanings of fault consist of: liability, responsibility and these words can spell disaster as in lawsuits, judgements, death, destruction.

My mistakes seem pretty minute compared to what this author will have us believing. Misspelling a word is a mistake! putting all who are in city positions under one umbrella of a great body of government just doing their job and creating a faux pas is ignorance. In order for something to be a mistake you have to admit, amend and change it and sometimes you also PAY!!!!! for it.

Posted by Anonymous to ademocracy at 8/19/2006 01:35:56 PM

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benanav a Judge? HA>>>>LOL>>>>>>with allmost dailey complaints about the city's lawless housing inspectors and tons of mail and phone calls comming in to complain about it also, Jay just looks the other way and does nothing.

When it comes to his city employees he is OK with them breaking the law, but now he wants to be a Judge and uphold the law as it pertains to the rest of us?

You are not getting my vote buddy. I think you would be an embarrassment to the Court.

1:08 AM  

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